1153 something's not right about this!

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fang ziqian suddenly became nervous. she reached out to bai shixun’s chest but did not dare to push him hard for fear of touching his wound and hurting him.

she could only pat his face lightly.

“bai shixun! bai shixun!”

the only reply she got was silence.

fang ziqian’s tears were on the verge of bursting out. her head was buzzing, and she kept thinking about bai shixun’s confession.

when she heard bai shixun’s breathing getting fainter and fainter, fang ziqian was so excited that she could not care about anything else. she lifted bai shixun’s face with both hands and kissed him on the lips.

bai shixun’s lips were a little cold due to the excessive blood loss, but fang ziqian was still clinging to him tightly.

she did not know why, but she felt that bai shixun’s scent made her feel very comfortable.

the last time this man forced a kiss on her, she clearly felt like she was bitten by a dog!

fang ziqian’s thoughts were in a mess and her emotions were complicated. she pressed her lips against bai shixun’s without moving or looking at him, so she did not notice the glint in the man’s eyes.

after a while, fang ziqian suddenly felt a warm, wet sensation on her lips.

before she could figure out what was going on, the man had already turned the tables on her. he bit her lips directly and kissed her forcefully.

the simple kiss quickly turned into a french kiss.

fang ziqian was confused.

however, this kiss lasted for a long time, and she gradually understood.

this matter was not right!

‘didn’t bai shixun pass out? didn’t he lose too much blood and was about to die? why was this kiss so aggressive and so proactive?

also, wasn’t poking a certain part of her body a little too disgusting?

fang ziqian snapped out of her daze and opened her eyes. she placed her hands on bai shixun’s chest and pushed him away …

“what the …! it hurts …! you’re trying to murder your husband!”

” bang! ” bai shixun fell to the ground with a loud thud. at the same time, he let out a cry of pain.

fang ziqian’s face was twisted in anger. ” bai shixun, how dare you pretend to be injured to lie to me! go to hell!”

bai shixun gasped for breath for a while before he managed to hold back the pain and spoke again, ” “little qianqian, you … how could you be so cruel? we were so passionately entangled and kissing just now, and you want me to die now? even the black widow is not as cruel as you!”

“you, you, you … you still have the nerve to say that!” fang ziqian was so angry that she was about to vomit blood. ” you’re obviously pretending. you lied to me … you lied to me … “

“what did i lie to you about? let’s hear it, alright?” bai shixun’s roguish laughter could be heard.

fang ziqian was about to explode on the spot.

her originally fair little face was now flushed red, like a red apple.

she was really fooled by bai shixun’s acting skills just now. she thought that he was really going to die. she had a stroke of genius and … she took the initiative to kiss this stinky man …

he did not expect that this was all bai shixun’s plan!

no matter how much she had calculated, she had never expected that second young master bai would still be tricking her at this time!

when she heard bai shixun’s confession just now, she recalled the feeling of her heart beating so fast. she recalled the entanglement, uneasiness, fear, and emotions in her heart …

fang ziqian felt like she had been f * cked!

she must be out of her mind to believe that bai shixun truly loved her!