1154 i'd rather believe that there are ghosts in the world than believe that man's mouth!

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“so what if i lied? i’ll just pretend that i was bitten by a dog! it’s not the first time i’ve been bitten by a dog anyway!”

fang ziqian took a few deep breaths before she managed to calm down. she glanced at bai shixun and said stiffly.

“alright, since you’re fine, let’s quickly find the exit! those assassins have left for so long, but they didn’t catch up with us. they must have noticed that we’re hiding. they’ll probably come back soon. we have to hurry and find a way out …”

fang ziqian finished her sentence quickly and turned to leave.

she really did not want to see bai shixun anymore!

in her eyes, bai shixun was a complete liar, and she … she had never been so stupid in her life!

she would rather believe that there were ghosts in the world than to believe a man’s mouth!

however, after fang ziqian had walked forward for a few dozen meters, she did not hear bai shixun’s voice.

the corners of her mouth twitched. she really wanted to leave and never come back.

however, when she thought of what master bai had asked her to do, she stopped in her tracks. without even looking back, she said, ” “bai shixun, why are you pretending to be dead? hurry up and get up, hurry up and leave! if we delay any longer, we’ll really lose our lives!”

however, bai shixun still did not move. instead, he let out a few heavy gasps.

“little qianqian, you … come and pull me … pull me up … i really … really can’t get up …”

fang ziqian didn’t believe his nonsense at all, and her lips curled into a cold smile.

“bai shixun, stop pretending! do you think i’ll fall for it a second time? your injuries aren’t that serious at all, and you’re still in the mood to take advantage of a girl? can’t you walk anymore? hurry up and get up! stop playing!”

“no, i’m … i’m really … cough cough cough …”

bai shixun started to cough non-stop.

fang ziqian couldn’t take it anymore when she heard him continue his act. her last trace of patience was exhausted.

she sneered, ” if you like to act, then act there. i can’t be bothered with you. i’m leaving! ” if you don’t want to follow me, you can continue squatting there!”

with that, she turned around and left.

this time, even though bai shixun kept calling out to her, ” little qianqian, wait! ” she did not turn around.

did he think she was a fool?

would he still believe that bai shixun was seriously injured and had lost too much blood?

she had believed him!

fang ziqian’s stomach was filled with resentment. she walked quickly along the alley, silently drawing circles and cursing bai shixun in her heart.

this shameless scourge!

when they returned, she would definitely resign! it was useless no matter what master bai said!

she walked forward for a few minutes before she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

the surroundings were too quiet.

the alley was very deep, and it grew darker as they walked. the environment was already scary, but now, it was so quiet.

fang ziqian was brave enough to not be frightened.

however, she suddenly thought of a problem … bai shixun!

bai shixun did not follow them!

was he crazy? in order to lie to her, he actually stayed in the same place when the killer was likely to return soon!

was he tired of living?

no, no matter how shameless bai shixun was, there was no reason for him to joke around with his life!

could it be that … he … he was really injured and couldn’t get up?

fang ziqian recalled the smell of blood in the air. it couldn’t have been fake!

her expression changed, and she quickly turned around and ran back.