1155 chapter 1159-shut up!

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before fang ziqian could run back to her original position, she heard a low groan in the dark.

“bai shixun?” her heart skipped a beat as she whispered.

the heavy breathing stopped for a few seconds.

immediately, bai shixun’s exasperated voice was heard, ” “fang ziqian, w-why did you come back?”

fang ziqian didn’t answer. instead, she pounced on him and started searching his body.

“bai shixun, you’re seriously injured, aren’t you? why didn’t you say anything just now? you … you even did that on purpose … do you want to die?!”

bai shixun furrowed his brows and placed his hand on fang ziqian’s shoulder, trying to push her away.

however, before he could use his strength, fang ziqian’s little hand touched the wound on his back, causing him to gasp.

“heavens! you’re seriously injured! so much blood!” fang ziqian’s voice was filled with obvious panic.

bai shixun gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. when he opened them again, his tone had changed again.

“i say … little qianqian, why did you come back in such a hurry? are you really afraid that i’ll die? i’ve said it before, you may be ignoring me on the surface, but you actually love me very much in your heart, right? tsk, tsk, i guess i’m lying here to see how much you love me. you really didn’t disappoint me … haha …”

“if you love me so much, why did you push me away just now? come, let me kiss you again …”

“you …!”

before fang ziqian could finish her sentence, she swallowed her words and her expression changed.

bai shixun smiled evilly. ” that’s enough. stop pretending. you won’t look like one if you keep pretending. i don’t like pretentious girls … hey, what are you doing?! ” fang ziqian!”

bai shixun’s words stopped abruptly.

with her eyes wide open, she watched fang ziqian’s movements under the dim light.

she leaned forward and grabbed bai shixun’s shoulder. she wrapped his arm around her body and bent down. then, with her back facing up, she stood up and tried to carry bai shixun on her back.

however, her strength was obviously not enough.

after exerting a few times, she finally managed to drag bai shixun up.

bai shixun’s voice changed. ” fang ziqian, what are you doing? put me down! what are you thinking? you can’t carry me, put me down!”

after running for so long, he actually felt that he had lost too much blood and his running speed was getting slower and slower.

if she continued to walk with fang ziqian, she would only slow down.

so, he had deliberately provoked fang ziqian and tried to drive her away!

the main target of the assassins was him, not fang ziqian. if they split up, fang ziqian would most likely be able to escape.

since fang ziqian hated him so much and had been teased by him, it would be strange if she didn’t run.

however, bai shixun did not expect that fang ziqian would return after a few minutes even though she had left in anger.

not only did she see through his disguise, but she also insisted on carrying him and escaping together.

“little qianqian, i’m serious. you … put me down! if you take me with you, you’ll also die! you don’t have to accompany me and take this risk. you … you should leave! after we escape, we’ll send the news back to china …”

fang ziqian gritted her teeth and used all her strength to support him.

at the same time, she turned around and glared at him. ” shut up! “