1156 she was so angry that she lost her mind

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bai shixun was stunned.

even though fang ziqian had never been friendly to him, she would still try to control herself due to the difference in their status.

it was the first time he had seen such a strict attitude.

while he was still in a daze, fang ziqian had already picked him up on her back and began to move towards the end of the alley with difficulty.

the two of them were very close to each other. it could even be said that they had never been so close before.

bai shixun’s firm chest was pressed against fang ziqian’s back, and he could smell the faint fragrance of fang ziqian’s hair.

if it was any other time, bai shixun would have laughed out loud if fang ziqian allowed him to be so close to her.

but now, he could not smile at all.

“little qianqian, put me down …”

“little qianqian, let me go. the hostage that the assassins wanted to take was me, not you. you can escape …”

” little qianqian, i’m really touched that you love me so much. however, there’s no need for us to die here, right … “

“little qianqian …”

” shut up! you shut up! didn’t you hear me?! “

the veins on fang ziqian’s forehead popped out when she heard bai shixun’s endless talking.

initially, in order to conserve her energy, she had already made up her mind to ignore whatever bai shixun said.

however, who knew that bai shixun would be so long-winded, and the words he said were getting more and more shameless!

who was going to die with him here?

” if you say one more word … ” fang ziqian said through gritted teeth.

bai shixun was excited when he heard the beginning. ” how is it? if i say one more word, you’ll throw me down, won’t you?”

fang ziqian glared at him coldly. ” no, if you say one more word, i’ll run out myself and tell the killers that i’m here. i’ll let them kill me! “

bai shixun did not dare to make a sound.

even though he felt that fang ziqian was just saying those things out of anger, he didn’t dare to take the risk. what if she really lost her mind because of him?

seeing that he was silent, fang ziqian snorted coldly and continued to move forward with the man on her back.

because of the burden behind her, her speed was several times slower than when she was running.

moreover, bai shixun’s weight on her back was getting heavier and heavier.

this showed that although second young master bai was very stubborn, his body’s condition could not lie. he was already on the verge of collapse.

fang ziqian’s heart was filled with anxiety, and she used all her strength to move forward.

“faster, faster! fang ziqian, you can do it, you can do it!”

she prayed silently in her heart, hoping that the assassins would come back later so that she and bai shixun could get out of danger.

however, it turned out that she was really unlucky.

just as the two of them were only a few hundred meters away from the other end of the alley, a piercing light suddenly shone from the entrance.

immediately, the killers ‘voices were heard.

“there’s a small alley here! this location is too well hidden. we didn’t even notice it just now!”

” i remember now. we just lost them in this area. they must have run away from here! “

“hurry up! let’s hurry up and catch up!”

fang ziqian was shocked and ran forward with all her strength.