Chapter 493 - The Currency of the Ancient Era

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Chapter 493: The Currency of the Ancient Era

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At this moment, Lin Mo had already left the starting ground with beautiful silk. After embarking on their journey, they discovered that the fire elements here were extremely dense.

what a pity. If Xiaodie could come here for closed-door cultivation, she might be able to obtain a heaven-defying fortune. Damask sighed.

Strictly speaking, she and Lin Mo were not suitable for this place.

This was because this place was filled with the purest fire element, and there was no other power.

The most suitable one would be Xiao die’s extreme fire attribute.

However, Lin Mo also knew that Xiao die could not be brought to Saint burning valley, or it would cause a commotion.

He knew that once Xiao die’s talent was exposed, she would be pursued by countless people and might even lose her life.

Even the people of Saint burning valley would make a move.

“If we keep going, we’ll reach the desert. There are demon beasts hiding there, so we have to be careful.”

Lin Mo said. The vegetation in the vicinity had been reduced, and most of them were dead trees.

There was even some dust in the air. They were close to the desert.

“Lin Mo, don’t force yourself here. If you encounter danger, you can’t fight.” Damask warned.

Previously, people had mentioned many times that this place was dangerous, and even immortal-foundation experts didn’t dare to be careless. She was worried about Lin Mo’s safety.

Although he wouldn’t die, his soul would be severely injured.

Even with the help of elixirs, it would take some time to heal. This would delay Lin Mo’s cultivation.

“Thank you, Auntie. I know.” alright! Lin Mo replied and flew into the distance with beautiful silk.

The sand and dust in the surroundings gradually increased. At the end of their vision, they could even see sand all over the sky being swept up by the strong wind, forming a sandstorm.

Looking at the endless desert around him, Lin Mo frowned slightly. He could vaguely sense danger approaching and felt a little uneasy.

At that moment, Lin Mo and damask simultaneously sensed that there were demonic beasts hiding underground.

Dust flew up from below as a huge iron Pincher flew out and attacked Lin Mo.

A light yellow scorpion that was a thousand feet long appeared under the sand.

A sharp poisonous thorn also attacked, heading straight for beautiful silk, not allowing her to support Lin Mo at the first moment.

“What a strange demonic beast. I’ve never seen it before.”

“What a tough defense.” Lin Mo was shocked.

His sword attack was not weak. Normally, it should have been able to cut off the pincers. He did not expect that it would only leave a few sword marks.

“Bastard, you’re looking for death.”

Damask’s furious voice was heard. She grabbed the poisonous scorpion’s tail and stabbed her with the poisonous thorn, but it did not Pierce her palm.

The next moment, its body was pulled up by the beautiful silk, and the glorious sun spear pierced through its head.

Nbsp; pained cries rang out as the Scorpion struggled, but its life force was continuously weakening.

Soon, it died, and a large pool of dark green blood flowed out. It was extremely stinky.

A pale yellow Pearl flew out from the Scorpion’s head. It was burning with a weak flame, which was very strange.

this should be an inner core. Judging from its grade, it should be level 8 of The Spirit Level. Not bad, you can refine it. Beautiful silk nodded.

This demonic beast was at the eighth sky of the Nirvana stage. Logically speaking, the inner core produced by it should be better, but it turned out to be at the same level as it.

From the looks of it, it wasn’t a very powerful monster beast. Perhaps it had relied on the mysteries of this place to grow to its current level.

Just as the damask finished off the demonic beast, another series of neighing sounds came from the bottom of the desert.

It was the Scorpion’s screeches from before. The ground below trembled as demonic beasts emerged from the desert.

“This is an entire race.” Lin Mo was shocked.

Moreover, what surprised him even more was the strength of this group. Every Scorpion was at least at the fifth sky of Nirvana realm.

Among them, there were more than a dozen level eight beasts.

A muffled sound rang out, and golden light bloomed from below the desert. Terrifying figures appeared one after another, surrounding the two of them.

“Something’s wrong, let’s go.”

Lin Mo grabbed damask’s wrist and spread the kun Peng wings on his back. He unleashed his speed to the maximum and flew into the depths.

The desert below him kept shaking. The danger of this place was beyond his imagination.

Not only were these scorpions powerful, but their numbers were also shocking. There were probably more than a million of them, which made his scalp tingle.

When he fled with the damask, the poisonous scorpions were also in pursuit.

A strong wind blew, and the sand on the ground was swept up. These poisonous scorpions spat out a pale yellow gas that fused with the sand.

A sandstorm appeared in the surroundings, rapidly attacking Lin Mo.

Below them, the poisonous Scorpion also shot out its poisonous stingers in an attempt to shoot Lin Mo and the other man down.

The damask also made her move, killing some of the poisonous scorpions that wanted to fly up and attack.

The situation was not optimistic. The sandstorm had already surrounded them, and Lin Mo immediately felt the surrounding space gradually stabilizing.

These sandstorms could even seal off space and trap them here.

“Lin Mo, look below.”

Suddenly, damask pointed down and discovered something unusual.

The sand and dust on the ground were swept up, revealing the nest of the poisonous scorpions below, which was densely packed with many eggs.

There were young poisonous scorpions inside. In addition, there was a kind of crystal stone below that contained a lot of spiritual Qi.

“Aunty, hold on. I’ll go down and take a look.” Lin Mo’s interest was piqued, and he decided to go down and give it a try.

“No, you stay, I’ll go.” Damask was shocked and wanted to pull Lin Mo back.

However, it was too late. Lin Mo controlled the kun Peng wings, and no one could match his speed. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the Scorpion nest below.

Many poisonous scorpions saw that someone had barged in and launched attacks one after another, not worried about hurting their young.

In reality, even with so many eggs, not many of them could successfully hatch. Hence, they were not worried at all and launched a deadly attack to capture Lin Mo.

However, he didn’t know what it was. He put it into the system space and waited for the system’s response.

[spirit origin stone. There was a period of time in ancient times when it was used as a substitute for spirit stones and was used as currency. It contains rich energy and is comparable to ten high-grade spirit stones.(Can not be auctioned)]

A single spirit origin stone was comparable to ten superior-grade spirit stones. One could see how much spirit Qi it contained.

Moreover, this was only one. Who knew how many were buried in this boundless desert …

“This is a treasure land.” Lin Mo was overjoyed. If he could obtain a large number of spirit origin stones, he might be able to break through to the 7th Sky of Nirvana stage.

“Lin Mo, how are you?”

Beautiful silk shouted anxiously from above. She had only gone down to retrieve a crystal. Why did it take so long?

“Aunty, I’m fine. Please help me for a while.”