Chapter 494 - Collecting Spirit Origin Stones

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Chapter 494: Collecting Spirit Origin Stones

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Collecting spirit origin stones

Lin Mo replied. He did not plan to return yet. There were thousands of spirit origin stones in this area alone.

Regardless of whether there were any in other places, he was going to take everything here.

The spirit Qi gathered and condensed into sword Qi, and Lin Mo killed the few poisonous scorpions that came to stop him.

The system space began to collect the surrounding treasures. At this time, he only hated the fact that the area covered by the system space was too small.

The area was huge, and Lin Mo had to collect it three times before he could take everything.

There were more than 3700 spirit origin stones in total, which was equivalent to 370 million medium-grade spirit stones.

He didn’t expect that he would get such a huge sum of money in such a short time.

However, the price he had to pay was obvious. His right shoulder and left leg had been hit by the Scorpion’s stingers and were poisoned.

Fortunately, he had the God devouring body, which could easily swallow the poison. It didn’t cause him any trouble.

However, the injuries on his body were inevitable. Moreover, he couldn’t stay any longer. If he continued, he was afraid that he would really be left behind.

After flying back up, Lin Mo returned to damask’s side. He frowned when he saw that damask was severely injured.

It was not a good thing to be injured at this time. It was very likely that he would die Here.

don’t worry, aunty. Help me get out of this place first. This is dangerous, but it’s also an opportunity. Lin Mo chuckled.

He casually took a spirit pill and was pulled out by Qi Luo.

Although the sandstorm was very troublesome, the damask was an expert of the ninth heaven after all. These poisonous scorpions were very afraid of her, so they could only pursue her from a distance.

“You’re taking too much risk. You know, I just felt the aura of a demonic beast of the ninth heaven.”

Qi Luo reproached. The Scorpion’s nest was too dangerous, yet Lin Mo still dared to rush in.

“By the way, what is that crystal? is it referring to your adventure?”

After flying for an hour, beautiful silk finally brought Lin Mo away and asked curiously.

She could not see very clearly, but she could feel that Lin Mo seemed to have taken away all the crystals below. Otherwise, he would not have been so seriously injured.

this is a spirit stone. It was used as currency in ancient times.

Lin Mo laughed happily. There must be more places like this. Even if he did not find the Holy Fire spirit stone, it would be worth it.

“Spirit origin stone? I’ve never heard of it …” Beautiful silk shook her head. She had read many ancient books, but she could not remember this part of history.

that’s not important. What’s important is that one Spirit stone is equivalent to ten upper-grade spirit stones.

Lin Mo laughed. He had earned 370 million medium spiritual stones from that trip.

“It’s that precious?” Damask was slightly surprised.

After a short moment of daze, beautiful silk became slightly excited.

Lin Mo’s current predicament was that he did not have enough resources. Although he had earned a lot of spiritual stones, he had to use them to run the purple Moon Palace.

A lot of construction, training of disciples, military, and so on all required spiritual stones.

Therefore, there were very few things that could be used for Lin Mo’s cultivation. Now that he could find such a treasure, Lin Mo’s realm could be raised by another level.

that’s great! Let’s not go look for the Holy Fire spirit stones yet. Let’s get some more spirit origin stones. Said damask with a nod.

She also believed that there were more spirit origin stones in this place.

However, he would have to enter the Scorpion’s nest again, which was a little dangerous.

“Let’s not go in too deep first. Let’s go look for the Scorpion nest.” Lin Mo heaved a sigh of relief when he saw damask agree.

He was originally worried that beautiful silk would think it was too dangerous and would not agree to this.

Now, it seemed that his worries were unnecessary. As long as he could obtain enough spirit origin stones, he would be able to break through.

However, although he and damask had made up their minds to break into the Scorpion’s nest, they did not blindly charge in.

These poisonous scorpions were all very powerful. If they were surrounded, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Let’s stop with the transfer spiritual array first. Fortunately, we have prepared enough and have enough materials to set it up.”

Lin Mo said. He took out a pile of materials and refined the formation flags with damask.

After placing the transfer spiritual array in a safe place, the two of them flew across the desert and suppressed their auras, allowing the poisonous scorpions to attack them.

After traveling through the desert, they were attacked in less than half an hour.

However, it was not a Scorpion this time. Instead, it was a white lizard at the ninth sky of Nirvana realm. It was extremely powerful.

Even the damask would find it difficult to defeat him.

Especially since this was its home ground. The fire element here was rich, and it could help it replenish its energy at any time.

On the other hand, although beautiful silk’s fire attribute had become stronger, she still had her water attribute. She was being suppressed here instead, and her combat strength was reduced sharply.

Fortunately, their goal wasn’t to deal with the lizard, but to find spirit origin stones.

While the damask tulip held the lizard back, Lin Mo successfully made his way to its lair and discovered that there were Spirit Source stones there as well.

“A total of seven hundred and thirty …”

Compared to the Scorpion nest, it was a little rare, but fortunately, there was no danger this time.

After collecting all the spirit origin stones, he met up with damask. As soon as he appeared, he was attacked by the lizards.

The White lizard bellowed, and flames filled the sky as it attacked Lin Mo.

It had also noticed that while it was fighting with the woman in front of it, this person had taken all the treasures in its nest.

“We got it, let’s run.”

“That was close. The demonic beasts in this illusionary realm are all very powerful …” Beautiful silk heaved a sigh of relief, feeling as if she had escaped.

“This is a natural treasure land, we can’t waste it.” Lin Mo licked his lips.

There were not only poisonous scorpions in the desert, but also many powerful demonic beasts. However, there were more or less spirit origin stones in their nests.

In the days that followed, Lin Mo and Mo Huanxi escaped death several times through the teleportation formation and the kun Peng wings.

During this period of time, he had naturally obtained a large number of spirit origin stones. Moreover, there were a few times when he couldn’t escape, so he could only fight with all his might and kill the demonic beasts to obtain their inner cores.

Ten days passed quickly. Lin Mo and beautiful silk rested in a cave.

During this time, they had gained a lot. They got a rank 1 Earth Class inner core, which was a level 9 Dragon lizard.

It had a powerful bloodline and abhorred evil. After Lin Mo had stolen its home, it had followed its aura and come all the way here for revenge.

In the end, damask was injured. She had to take a source energy pill to recover and kill the Dragon lizard.

However, this also made Lin Mo and the others wary. They cleared all traces along the way to not expose themselves.

we’ve obtained a total of more than 27000 spirit origin stones, which is equivalent to 2.7 billion medium spiritual stones. Unfortunately, there are only a few of them in each location.

Lin Mo was a little dissatisfied. Although this number was a lot, it was still far from enough.

Lin Mo had estimated that he would need more than 10 billion middle-grade spirit stones for this breakthrough.

Moreover, he would need a huge amount of spiritual stones to stabilize his realm after the breakthrough. He would need to prepare 20 billion medium spiritual stones to break through.

Otherwise, his life would be in danger if he did not have enough spiritual energy during the breakthrough.