Chapter 331 - Enjoy It

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Chapter 331: Enjoy It

On the way back, Qu Xue talked to her biological daughter and paid little attention to Qu Ru.

Qu Ru felt very upset, but she also knew that her status was inferior to Qu Rou’s.

Just as she was in a bad mood, Fu Ying called.

Qu Ru was shocked, but in front of Qu Xue and Qu Rou, she couldn’t answer Fu Ying’s call and could only reply with a message.

Soon, Fu Ying replied. There was only a simple message containing the address and time of their meeting.

“Alright, I understand,” Qu Ru replied.

The time was set at eight o’clock tonight. Qu Ru thought to herself that when she found out who wanted to kill her, she would definitely think of a way to kill that person first.

At eight in the evening, Qu Ru arrived on time.

‘???? ????s? ???????s ?? NovelBin. ?o? ????.’,

When she reached the hotel room, Fu Ying was already waiting for her.

“Where’s the video? Did you bring all the backups?” Fu Ying asked coldly when he saw her.

“I’ve brought them all. Can you tell me who that person is now?” Qu Ru asked anxiously.

Video backups could be copied at any time. Qu Ru said that she had brought them all, but she might not have brought them all. Fu Ying had no way of knowing if she was lying or not.

Fu Ying knew Qu Ru very well, but he wasn’t anxious.

“Do you know why you were able to return to the Qu family?” Fu Ying asked.

“Because I’m from the Qu family to begin with. Isn’t it normal for me to go back?” Qu Ru replied irritably. She hated it when others mentioned her identity as an illegitimate daughter.

Fu Ying smiled and felt that Qu Ru was very stupid. “You were able to return to the Qu family only because you still have the last bit of value. Your aunt, Qu Xue, has severe kidney failure. Don’t you know?”

“What? How did you know?!” Qu Ru was shocked.

“I found out from my investigation. You’re a mobile kidney source for her. She wants you to recuperate so that she can successfully obtain a kidney from your body in the future. But with your condition, if you donate a kidney, what’s the difference between that and death?” Fu Ying said calmly.

Qu Ru didn’t expect that the person Fu Ying was talking about was actually Qu Xue. She was the only person in the Qu family who treated her well.

Although Qu Ru didn’t have any affection for her aunt and was purely using her, she felt afraid when she thought of Qu Xue coveting her kidney.

Would she be thrown away after taking the kidney because she had lost her last bit of value?

“Are you here to sow discord?” Qu Ru didn’t believe it. She felt that there was nothing wrong with Qu Xue’s health.

“I’m here to ask for the video. I said that if you give me the video, I’ll save your life.” Fu Ying looked at her coldly. “You’re the only person who is a successful match with her. Now, do you understand how much Mo Rao suffered back then?”

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

It was Mo Rao again! Qu Ru felt jealous and resentful.

“How do you want to save me?” Qu Ru asked.

“I naturally have other kidney sources. Hand me the video and I’ll give you the donor’s information. As for how to convince that person to donate to your aunt, that’s up to you,” Fu Ying replied.

“Alright, I’ll give you the video now!” Qu Ru placed a USB flash drive on the table without even thinking.

She continued, “I’ve already destroyed the other videos. This is the original.”

After Fu Ying picked it up and put it in his pocket, a dark look flashed across his eyes. As he looked at Qu Ru, he suddenly smiled. “You haven’t eaten dinner, right? Coincidentally, I’ve already ordered food. Let’s eat together.”

Qu Ru was very surprised. Why was Fu Ying suddenly so concerned about her?

However, she was indeed very tempted to have a meal with him alone. Sitting together and talking about the past might be able to salvage some of Fu Ying’s feelings for her.

After Qu Ru sat down, Fu Ying raised the wine glass in his hand. “Cheers. I wish us a happy cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.” Qu Ru didn’t think too much about it and finished the wine in her glass in one gulp.

Just as she was about to play the emotional card with Fu Ying, she suddenly felt that something was wrong with her body, especially her abdomen.

And she felt a burning sense of desire.

“Fu Ying, you drugged the wine!” Qu Ru stood up in fear.

“When you drugged Mo Rao previously, didn’t you taste it yourself? You only realized it now?” Fu Ying smiled wickedly.

Just as Qu Ru was about to leave, the door of the private room opened again. A few burly men walked in and looked at Qu Ru covetously.

“Enjoy it.” Fu Ying left after saying this.