Chapter 1224: Bunch of Trash

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Chapter 1224: Bunch of Trash

“Se… Senior Xi Yue, can I… can I join too?” A pale young man walked out of the crowd.

Hexi quickly recognized the young man. He was from the Huang Medical Branch too, and he was an acquaintance.

It was the young man who helped her processed the herbs when she was refining the blood healing pill some time ago.

The young man’s face was still pale at this time. He walked up to Hexi anxiously, lowered his head and said, “Senior Xi Yue, my name is Fang Yuan. My 2 friends and I are willing to join, but… our cultivation is only at the Meridians Stage later stage. Moreover, except from refining some low grade medicinal pills, we can’t do anything else. Senior Xi, can we join too?”

Hexi looked at the 2 people behind. Indeed, their cultivation and their roots were only average.

However, she didn’t care about their cultivation at all because she could complete the mission on her own. Now all she lacked is the number of people.

So she smiled, “Okay, welcome to join.”

Fang Fun was stunned for a moment, then there was a hint of ecstasy in his eyes.

But Fang Yuan’s friend stepped forward and pulled him, then they said to Hexi anxiously, “Se… Senior Xi Yue, we can join, but if we can survive, can you promise us 1 thing?”

Fang Yuan had an anxious look on his face. He wanted to pull his friend back, but the young man’s expression was firm, and he was less nervous. He said, “Senior Xi Yue, Fang Yuan has blood deficiency since young. No matter what medicine he takes, it is useless. The blood healing pill can relieve the pain, but it increases the fire poison in his body. Senior Xi Yue, I… I heard that your medical skills are very high, can you cure Fang Yuan’s illness?”

“Blood deficiency?” Hexi smiled and said without hesitation, “Okay, no problem.”

Without a trace of hesitation, she promised decisively.

Fang Yuan’s body trembled heavily, and tears were rolling in his eyes, “Senior Xi Yue, can my illness really be cured?”

Before Hexi could speak, Zhang Yi rushed over and boasted, “Student Fang, don’t worry. Brother Xi Yue’s medical skills are amazing. My illness is much weirder than yours, but Brother Xi Yue only uses half a month to cure it. Your blood deficiency is not a terminal illness, so you must be fine!”

Fang Yuan nodded heavily when he heard the words. His friends also showed looked joyfu;.

Qian Dazhuang and others on the side also heard Hexi’s conversation. Qian Dazhuang couldn’t help but grab Jin Zeyu’s hand and said in a trembling voice, “Boss, did you hear that? They said that Xi Yue’s medical skills are very high… “

Jin Zeyu’s eyes lit up, but then dimmed again. A bitter smile emerged on his mouth.

Hexi no longer hesitated and immediately submitted the inscribed jade slip to let the officer register the mission.

The students on the side whispered gloatingly, “See, it’s a whole team of Huang Medical Branch. If this kind of team can complete the heaven-level mission, that would be a miracle.”

“Yeah! No matter how powerful Xi Yue is, with a group of Meridians Stage trash, what can he do! He will only drag himself down. Hahaha…”

Tu Yonghao looked even more sullen. He gave Jin Zeyu a cold look, waved to the person behind him and left.

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