Chapter 2785

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Certain lives might look insignificant but are respectable.

Some people might not stand out among the crowd, but they shine brighter than a meteor star in times of darkness.

Pang Lai’s admirable personality was the reason Mo Fan decided not to leave him here alone.

“Old Pang, it’s your choice not to accept the Forbidden Curse and risk your life at an old age in order to ensure the younger generation’s survival. But since I’m here, I’ll ensure that you survive this ordeal to live a decent life,” said Mo Fan to the sad Pang Lai.

Pang Lai noticed that after the destruction of the Eight-headed Serpent the totem beasts had made a way on the mountain valley for them. The path had not existed before. Pang Lai was moved. His gratitude overwhelmed him. This was the first time in thirty or forty years that he felt such fire in his heart.

He was old and had made up his mind to sacrifice himself. But Mo Fan’s words had awoken something in him. His words made Pang Lai feel like he was back to his old self: an enthusiastic young man who gave his all without compromise!

“I-I am the Chief Royal Guard, the strongest Summoning Element mage in China. Why do I even need a young mage to ensure I can live peacefully in my twilight years?” said Pang Lai.

He did not require Mo Fan’s help to help him live his life peacefully. He wanted to earn that life on his own.

“It has replied to me. Mo Fan, cover up for me. You’ll get to witness the majesty of the Semi-forbidden Summoning element magical power!” Pang Lai took a deep breath and radiated a solemnity as befit a Chief Royal Guard.

Mo Fan looked behind and saw the Stingray King and Purple-haired Female Demon army standing in the way to the mountain valley.

“Good!” Mo Fan nodded. ‘Let’s fight them together!’

Mo Fan turned around and confronted the vast Ocean Demon troop that charged toward them. He was ablaze. He grinned with a little bit of madness encased in the flames.

The flame-soul shadow behind him was like an indistinguishable throne. Mo Fan allowed his Divine Flame to fuse with Little Flame Belle’s power. The blazing flame spread like a crimson army and wiped out the Ocean Demons at the mountain valley.

Although Mo Fan was tiny and incomparable to tidal waves, his blazing flame was as tough as the wall under the ocean that wouldn’t collapse no matter how strong the wind and waves hit!

Meanwhile, Pang Lai focused on casting his spell. Three greatest totem beasts fought before him while Mo Fan covered his back. Pang Lai was no longer depressed. He had the calm and the courage of an old mage with forty or fifty years of magical experience.

“Each Summoning beast has its own thoughts. Regardless of whether they were as big as a dragon or as small as a rat, sincere communication and power suppression are the keys to the Summoning Element. You must let your Summoning beast sense your majesty and sincerity simultaneously,” explained Pang Lai as he opened a portal. Mo Fan realized that the portal was so complicated that he could never ever imitate something like this without experience.

“Each land inhabits a legendary creature. Some of them are long forgotten, some are buried beneath the earth, and some have earned enough respect to be recorded in the books.”

“The book is called the “Kingdom of the Fallen Beasts! Over a decade ago, I tried to summon a Fallen Beast that had sunk into deep sleep. It remained quiet like a statue and ignored my request. But I never gave up communicating with it.”

“Perhaps my sincerity moved its heart, or it was tired of my nagging, it decided to fight for me.”

Pang Lai described all this to Mo Fan in high spirits. At that moment, Pang Lai did not look like an old man. Instead, he looked like a man with indomitable will. A man who could summon even a Fallen Beast.

Pang Lai had only summoned the Fallen Beast in his middle age. He had not given up improving his Summoning element magical power. Perhaps this was the day he was preparing himself for.

“Fight for me once!” Pang Lai said proudly.

Pang Lai was the only man in the country who was able to summon a Fallen Beast from the Kingdom of the Fallen Beast. Although Mo Fan was the only audience to witness his power, Pang Lai still felt incredibly proud.

“It calls to me!” said Pang Lai in joy. “Mo Fan, thank you for reminding me of my own passion. How I wish I was forty years younger and fighting side-by-side with you. Nonetheless, it’s an honor to fight alongside you.”

Pang Lai was like a mentor teaching Mo Fan the true art of casting the Summoning Element spell in all its glory. As a friend, he also shared his cultivation difficulties over the years.

He hated growing old. He cursed at it. He felt powerless and hopeless as he aged. But it seemed that aging was not something that was absolute.

While age took its toll on his body, it could never extinguish the unending passion in his heart!

He was like a mentor, a friend, and a student. Mo Fan had taught him not to be afraid of growing old.

“Ancient Magic Portal—National Beast!”

Pang Lai’s beard fluttered. His body glowed with vitality. He looked majestic. He looked like a God standing guard over his country!

A black abyss swallowed the surroundings. Soon, the Silver-Blue Valley City became a part of the black abyss. Humans could easily be sucked into the depth of the black abyss.

A pair of eyes slowly opened from the bottom of the black abyss. It was staring at the Eight-headed Serpent from another Dimensional Plane. It was also staring at the vast Ocean Demon troop covering the mountain valley.

An ancient godly profile appeared in the night sky. The view of its profile was hazy, but it godly eyes were visible. The eyes grew bigger until it filled the entire abyss.

The entire Silver-Blue Valley City became dead silent as if time had frozen and not even sound could travel.

By the time everything resumed its order of motion, Mo Fan was shocked to realize that the severely wounded Eight-headed Serpent was being sliced.

The Eight-headed Serpent was so terrified that it attempted to escape the deadly gaze with its remaining body. However, the three greatest totem beasts blocked its way.

The Eight-headed Snake roared in fear and agony. Before this, it was still fighting without any intention of retreating but now, it tried to escape as though it could see its own inevitable death. It tried to flee but its multiple heads had different opinions. They all tried escaping in different directions…