Chapter 2786 - The True Features of the National Beast

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The vainglorious Eight-Headed Serpent with supreme demonic aura was terrified and restless, like a mouse being chased with a rod. The National Beast from the Kingdom of the Fallen Beasts had not only crushed it, but it had also trampled its willpower.

Mo Fan looked up at it. But the National Beast was in a mysterious kingdom and still wasn’t clearly visible.

According to Pang Lai, the National Beast had once appeared in China. It was at a higher level than the Black Totem Snake.

Although the Eight-headed Serpent was severely wounded and the three totem beasts had laid the groundwork, there was still a long way to go to actually kill it. But the National Beast had slayed it effortlessly!

The Eight-headed Serpent could not escape. Mo Fan was both shocked and curious about this majestic creature.

The National Beast did not really show itself. Instead, it merely used its ancient dimensional force through its eyes to kill the Eight-headed Serpent. If they managed to summon the National Beast to this world fully, wouldn’t it be strong enough to kill the mastermind villain, the Black Claw Emperor itself?

It was an Emperor. Even Pang Lai had never expected it to be an Emperor-level creature.

Over the years, Pang Lai had been searching for a Supreme Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of the Fallen Beasts. With his piety and perseverance, he finally reached a mutual consent with the National Beast, and it had agreed to fight for him.

Pang Lai felt as though all his dreams had come true.

The National Beast was high and mighty. It was mysterious and unpredictable. It had granted his wish and destroyed the enemy before him.

If they really wanted to make it descend to the world and fight the war, decades of sincerity, perseverance, and hard work were far from enough.

The Eight-headed Serpent was dead. And it could not be resurrected. Its heads were scattered in different directions. It still looked as ferocious and hideous as ever, even in death.

Its body, sliced to pieces, was strewn upon the mountain valley. Everything was covered in blood. The blood flowed in rivulets down to the ground and soaked the earth.

The Ocean Demon troop was terrified. The powerful Eight-headed Serpent was killed, and they did not have the courage to enter the valley.

With the help of the National Beast’s majesty, Mo Fan carried the frail Pang Lai and hopped onto the back of the Black Totem Snake.

“Hurry up, let’s go now!”

The Silver-Blue Valley City had turned to ruins. The Black Totem Snake glided through the city and escaped along the waterfall. Without the Eight-headed Serpent, the Ocean Demons could not stop the powerful Black Totem Snake.

The Ocean Demons did not expect the least likely penetrable direction to become an escape route for the two humans. The scattered Hunter Dirty Demons smelled Mo Fan and Pang Lai and chased after them.

However, these sneaky demons could not escape from the Green East Sea God’s eyes. The Green East Sea God choked them to death as they chased after Mo Fan and Pang Lai.

The Ocean Demons lost track of Mo Fan and Pang Lai. Hawaii was densely forested and surrounded by plenty of islands and canyons. As its archipelago rose, the island was estimated to be 20,000 square kilometers. Even though there were many Ocean Demons, they could not possibly cover entire Hawaii.

“I have some knowledge about healing. Let me take care of him,” Song Feiyao suggested.

“Okay. Please save him.” Mo Fan sighed. “This old man… What’s the point of showing off? He could have gotten himself killed by his own Summoning Element magical power.”

Pang Lai had fainted. He had exhausted all his energy. Fortunately, the National Beast had not really shown up. Otherwise, he could have died even before he successfully cast the spell.

Regardless, what mattered most right now was Pang Lai to live.

Mo Fan was about to ask Little Loach to absorb the Eight-headed Serpent’s Soul Essence or Soul Remnant when he heard a familiar sound.

He turned around to see Night Rakshasa standing behind him. It tried to pull Mo Fan’s sleeve with its claws. Unfortunately, it was not tall enough to reach him even on its tiptoes.

Mo Fan crouched down and picked it up. “We’re fine and alive. Where’s your master?”

Night Rakshasa broke itself free from Mo Fan’s arms. It made some gestures with its claws. Its silver whiskers moved.

Mo Fan did not understand what it was trying to say. He summoned Apas.

Apas liked Night Rakshasa. But when Night Rakshasa saw her, it raised its hackles.

“Don’t tease it. It’s urgent!” said Mo Fan.

“It said its master asked it to leave the team to come and find you,” said Apas.

“Jiang Yu must have been worried about us. Don’t worry. Pang Lai is exhausted and wounded. But I think he will live. Lead us to the rest of the team,” said Mo Fan.

Night Rakshasa shook its head. It did not want Mo Fan and Pang Lai to return to the team. Mo Fan was puzzled. ‘Did something happen to Jiang Yu and the team?’

Night Rakshasa rolled its eyes and drew on the soil with one of its claws. It drew several stick figures that looked like humans with hats. Those were the Royal Mages.

Night Rakshasa made one particularly hideous. It even added fangs. It poked it with its claws.

Mo Fan understood what Night Rakshasa was trying to express even without Apas’ help. The hideous man that it had drawn was a spy!

“Did Jiang Yu discover this?” Mo Fan asked.

Night Rakshasa nodded.

“He doesn’t know who the spy is, so he asked you to come and look for us?”

Night Rakshasa nodded again.

“Have you found the location of Commander Hua?” Mo Fan asked again.

Night Rakshasa nodded yet again.

Mo Fan was shocked. So, the Ocean Demons were not the ones who trapped them with the blood-stained glove…

The reason the Ocean Demons surrounded the entire mountain valley as soon as they found the glove was because someone inside their team had informed them!

‘Who is the Ocean Demon’s puppet? Are they being controlled by the Godly Horde Prophet? Even the Royal Mages could be infiltrated by the Godly Horde Prophet?’

Night Rakshasa drew a scroll on the ground.

“The scroll that can cure Commander Hua is still with the Guards of the Four Directions?” asked Mo Fan.