Chapter 2789 - Night Rakshasa’s Fury

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“Salan is nothing. She hid behind the public curtain and used those frail and useless people as sacrifices. Even though she had the numbers, the world was never lacking in human population.”

“I, on the other hand, am going to kill Hua Zhanhong. He is the top-notched Forbidden Mage and commander of this country. The country wouldn’t suffer many losses if an entire city of people were killed. But if Hua Zhanhong is killed, people in the East Coastline won’t be able to hold back the Emperor of the Ocean Godly Horde.”

Jiu Ying was absorbed in his plan. His silence and humiliation over the years were all worth this moment alone. Salan would soon be forgotten.

The other Red Cardinals liked to spread evil and their stupid ideology, but Jiu Ying was different from them. He could not recruit disciples on a large scale like Salan and the other Red Cardinals due to his identity that was bound to the Supreme Pontiff.

Without disciples, he could not exert significant influence over the people. It would be difficult to execute his horrific plans.

Over the years, Jiu Ying had been hiding his true self. He had never shown any traces of it. He had assimilated into normal society and joined higher ranks in the country.Otherwise, he would have long been eliminated by various strict screenings. He might not have been able to join the important departments of the government.

Forbidden City had stringent requirements. It represented China’s most powerful force and was closely connected with the country, the government, the army, and the Magic Association. It was not an easy feat to hold a position as the Guard of the South.

However, in order to achieve his goal, Jiu Ying had almost erased his true identity. If it had not been for this chance, he would have continued living as Nan Shou Baixu or taken over the entire Forbidden City.

With the support from the Supreme Pontiff, he stood a great chance of becoming the Chief of Forbidden City.

Unfortunately, what was the point of becoming a Chief of Forbidden City in this era where the East Coastline was on the verge of collapse? The moment the Ocean Demons launched an attack, humans would be exterminated sooner or later, like a bunch of sheeps waiting to be slaughtered.

What was the ideology of Black Vatican? It was to exterminate humans!

Colluding with the Ocean Demons was the best decision the Black Vatican had ever made. They would require many Red Cardinal and Supreme Pontiff to make the Church Feast a success. However, with the help of the Ocean Demons, the Church Feast could be a reality!

“Do you really think that Hua Zhanhong can leave Hawaii alive? The moment he dies, the Ocean Godly Horde army will launch a mass attack. You will then realize how powerful they are! Puny humans on the dry lands can never fight them,” Jiu Ying walked to the edge once again.

The Fish Men Generals roared. Jiu Ying returned to Jiang Yu’s side. He pulled at the hook and dragged Jinag Yu to the edge of the building.

Jiang Yu’s blood dripped to the ground. He was at his weakest. He had suffered excessive blood loss and began to lose consciousness.

“Look down there,” Jiu Ying said.

Jiang Yu looked. The street was filled with corpses. Their team didn’t have many Royal Mages. The residents who had not been able to leave the place had been brutally eaten by the Ocean Demons.

“I’ve given you so many chances. Unfortunately, it seems like you don’t care. Don’t worry about Night Rakshasa, it can’t possibly escape very far. Soon, I’ll grab its neck and toss it down this building, too. My only concern is I’m not sure if the Fish Men Generals enjoy cat flesh,” Jiu Ying had lost his patience.

Jiang Yu could not even struggle. He closed his eyes. He felt dizzy. He felt that this was a blessing in disguise. At the very least, he did not have to experience the pain of being torn apart and chewed by the Fish Men Generals if he fainted.

Jiang Yu sighed. He heard the voice that he was most familiar with. He had been with Night Rakshasa for a very long time. Its soft purr occasionally rang in his mind even if it wasn’t close…

When Jiang Yu was twelve, he had lost his family. None of his kin were willing to take him in. He had headed to the police station with his parents’ death certificate in his hands and been assigned to an orphanage three thousand kilometers away from his house.

After a long journey by train, car, motorcycle, and on foot, Jiang Yu had finally arrived at the isolated and neglected orphanage.The orphanage was abandoned. There were no management officers, nor any orphans to be seen. The dilapidated mansion looked like a haunted house. It was eerie and creepy.

Jiang Yu had nowhere else to go. He was exhausted. Thus, he cleaned up a tiny space and slept there. He covered under a dirty blanket and went to sleep.

The next morning before sunrise, he heard a faint sound outside the door. When he opened the door, there was a tiny kitten. It had just come into this world.

The kitten was inside a cardboard box. Someone had left it at the orphanage while he slept. But the orphanage was deserted, and Jiang Yu was the only person who was there.

“No one wants me. But you’re very lucky to have me here.” That was what he had said to Night Rakshasa.

“Meow!” Night Rakshasa had purred weakly.

He had never forgotten that miserable sound. He often heard it meowing in his mind. Whenever Jiang Yu was lost or alone, its meowing gave him the courage to go on.

Jiang Yu was afraid. But remembering his cat made him feel better.

He wondered about Pang Lai. He hoped his master was safe and sound. After all, Pang Lai was the reason he had become a respectable mage. After Jiang Yu spent a year in the orphanage, Pang Lai had passed by and adopted him.

As long as they were fine, he had achieved his purpose.

Strong breeze blew the rainwater onto his face. Jiang Yu knew he would be flung down. Jiang Yu felt a soft energy beside him.

Night Rakshasa’s meow rang out. It did not sound soft. Instead, it sounded enraged.

Jiang Yu had first heard such an infuriated meow from Night Rakshasa when several gangsters had attempted to occupy the orphanage and pushed him to the ground.