Chapter 2790 - Fish Man Chief

Versatile Mage Chaos, 乱 2022/9/13 16:06:54

The Fish Men Generals roared. They were expecting delicious human flesh, all tender and juicy but had not anticipated that something would pull the falling person back to the building.

Jiang Yu was on the eighth floor of the building, so the Fish Men Generals climbed up to pull him to them with their scaly arms. For demons such as themselves, Jiang Yu was no more than a little mouse hiding in a hole waiting to be caught.

The sharp claws struck out at an impossible speed. The Fish Men Generals’ armor sprouted multiple scratches and blood oozed out of them.

A lightning bolt struck above the street. It hit the burly Fish Men Generals and tore them into pieces where the scratches were on their bodies. The flesh fell to the side of the building in a puddle of blood.

The other Fish Men Generals roared and stared at the black and agile figure standing on the tower-shaped streetlamp. They radiated a violent aura that caused the fierce rain on the street to move in the opposite direction.

The Fish Men Generals charged. Many of them were holding weapons like bone hammers. They were huge. When they smashed the bone hammers at the streetlamps, it destroyed all the surrounding shops.

Night Rakshasa was agile. When the Fish Men Generals swung their bone hammers, it dexterously jumped on top of one of the hammers.

The Fish Man General thought the hammer might send the little black cat flying, but when it heard a terrifying cat cry coming from its back, it raised its head to see that Night Rakshasa was perched on its hammer!

A black figure passed by so fast that the Fish Man General could not see the movement of its claw. Night Rakshasa chopped off the head of the Fish Man General, and blood poured like a fountain from the stump where the head had been.

The other Fish Men Generals roared in fury. Four or five of them surrounded the Night Rakshasa. They trapped it, forming something like a wall with their bodies. Together, they raised their demonic weapons and swung at Night Rakshasa.

The whole street shattered. Hundreds of cracks spread quickly from the area. The force lifted the cars, buses, and motorcycles abandoned at the side of the road and slammed many vehicles into the surrounding cement buildings.

The downpour stopped for a while. Several Fish Men Generals stared at the pit to check whether the nimble cat was dead or not.

When they looked, they did not see Night Rakshasa anywhere. They only saw a black, circular saw blade that spun and expanded continuously.

The Fish Men Generals were frightened and retreated. The black, circular saw blade expanded faster and faster. Soon, the circular saw blade drew all of them within its vicinity.

They were cut into pieces of flesh so thin that they were almost transparent. The Fish Men Generals were unable to escape from the spinning black circular saw blade. Night Rakshasa had cut them into sashimi. Its knife work was as meticulous as compared to that of a five-star chef.

A strange sound followed. On the other side of the street, a blue-armored giant, much taller than the building near it, suddenly stood up. It had appeared to be dozing off just a while ago. But now it roared as it saw that several Fish Men Generals were dead.

It was the Fish Man Chief. The armor on its body did not look like ordinary scales at all. They looked like rare metal smelted together to form scales. Even the luster of it was astonishing.

The Fish Man Chief crushed all the buildings near it. It stared at Night Rakshasa with contempt and arrogance while the cat stood on the street alone.

A mighty eagle chirped. A green figure slashed toward the city like lightning and hit the majestic Fish Man Chief. The green light lifted the Fish Man Chief into the air and appeared into the gray sky.

The other Fish Men Generals charged toward Night Rakshasa. They were following the Fish Man Chief, but it suddenly disappeared from amongst them.

A strange sound echoed, and the Fish Men Generals raised their heads. They saw that the Fish Man Chief was falling down from the clouds and mist of the torrential rain. When the Fish Man Chief hit the ground, its abdomen and chest were hollowed out.

The strengths of the Fish Men Generals and the Fish Man Chief were on another level. The Fish Men Generals wanted to rely on the Fish Man Chief to get rid of the enemy in front of them. But their leader was now dead. They did not even know what had killed the Fish Man Chief. There had been a cry in the sky and now their chief was dead.

When Night Rakshasa saw that the Fish Man Chief was dead, it jumped through the buildings and went to find Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu had lost his arms and legs, so he could not stand up. When he saw the black figure rushing to him, tears fell from his eyes. His vision was blurry.

Night Rakshasa jumped onto Jiang Yu’s body and licked him with its little tongue. When it saw Jiang Yu’s miserable state, its pupils dilated in anger.

“Squeak. Squeak.”

A Dirty Hunter with a red body crawled on the floor and approached Jiang Yu and Night Rakshasa. Night Rakshasa’s fur bristled.

A purple-haired female demon appeared behind Jiang Yu. Its vicious eyes stared at Night Rakshasa, and there were countless eels all over its body that would open their mouths and grind their teeth.

“You two have a good relationship. I knew your little black cat would come to you eventually. The whole thing will work out! I can even return to the Forbidden City as the only survivor of the entire team of Royal Mages.”Jiu Ying jumped down and slowly approached Jiang Yu and Night Rakshasa.

Night Rakshasa was enraged. It glared at Jiu Ying. This was the man who had tortured Jiang Yu. Night Rakshasa would never forgive this villain.

Its black fur moved, and it radiated a demonic energy. The demonic aura formed a vortex underneath it.