Chapter 2791 - Ghostly Energy Sword

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The Red Hunter Dirty Demon’s moved fast. It charged at Jiang Yu’s back. The cunning creature seemed to know that Night Rakshasa would protect its human at any cost, so it took advantage of it to find Night Rakshasa’s weakness.

Night Rakshasa’s demonic energy changed. It was in attack mode when it was fighting multiple enemies but now it went into defense. The Purple-Haired Female Demon moved forward. It spread its seaweed hair wildly, covering everything like a swarm of foliage.

The Red Hunter Dirty Demon launched its attack and aimed at Night Rakshasa’s eyes. The sharp claws could even become a thin needle that was almost invisible. The needle-like claws extended at an impossible speed.

A few black furs fell. Night Rakshasa tilted its head slightly. A small hole appeared on the building and dozens of other buildings on the street.

Jiang Yu was shocked. This Red Hunter Dirty Demon was probably the most dangerous among the other Hunter Dirty Demons. Its power was frightening.

The Purple-Haired Female Demon was still approaching. The seaweed hair turned into vicious water snakes and tried to entangle the Night Rakshasa.

Those Tooth Eels on the Purple-Haired Female Demon could open its maw to reveal rows of fangs. These fangs were sharp and hideous.

Night Rakshasa could not step away from Jiang Yu even for a minute. The continuous attacks from the front and back were making it tired.

“It’s so touching. You two can die together.” Jiu Ying grinned.

Wisps of ghostly energy slowly emerged from the palm of his hand. The ghostly energies turned into a moon-shaped sword. The Ghostly Energy Moon Sword was already hanging above Jiang Yu’s head. Night Rakshasa did not notice it.

However, Jiu Ying did not intend to kill a defunct Summoner. The most important thing for him was to get rid of Night Rakshasa.

If Jiang Yu died, Night Rakshasa might escape. Even if he failed to take over the Forbidden City, asNan Shou, he would be able to occupy the top three highest positions in the Forbidden City if the other masters dropped dead.

There was something strange about the Ghostly Energy Moon Sword. It moved only in one direction. It appeared near the target without warning. When the target finally realized the sword was moving in its direction, it was often too late to react.

The Night Rakshasa was already dealing with two powerful Ocean Demons. Jiu Ying was familiar with Night Rakshasa. Even if its destructive power was remarkable, it usually fled to safety when it smelled an aura more powerful than it was.

The Night Rakshasa wasn’t very strong physically. But it was extremely difficult to launch a sneak attack on it because of its alert nature. The only way that can be used to restrain and defeat Night Rakshasa was by using Jiang Yu as bait. When it was exhausted, Jiu Ying would kill it slowly.

Jiu Ying was Nan Shou of the Forbidden City and ranked second in strength among the four guards. However, he could not win against Bei Shou if he did not use the sorcery of the Black Vatican. If he fought seriously, the other three guards might not survive the fight.

The Red Cardinals usually liked to accept disciples from a wide range, but Jiu Ying preferred to improve himself and pursue a higher realm.

The Ghostly Energy Moon Sword moved without a trace. It was right above the Night Rakshasa now.

The reason Night Rakshasa had moved here was to avoid the venom of the Seaweed-Haired Female Demon, so it could not take a step back and figure out a way. If the Night Rakshasa continued to avoid the venom, the Ghostly Energy Moon Sword would chop off its head.

Night Rakshasa’s fur bristled. It moved too fast and passed the sword! It did not launch a counterattack against the Seaweed-Haired Female Demon. The Seaweed-Haired Female Demon had already revealed its weakness when it sprayed the venom. Night Rakshasa could severely injure it if it attacked now.

However, the Night Rakshasa did not attack. It was infuriated at Jiu Ying. It speeded up and charged at him. Jiu Ying sneered. The cat had lost its rationale. It could kill the powerful Seaweed-Haired Female Demon, but it wanted to kill Jiu Ying first.

It was not easy to kill the Red Cardinal. Jiu Ying’s palm condensed dark green ghostly energy. The ghostly energy filled the surroundings.

Night Rakshasa moved around in the place full of malevolent energy. Occasionally, the Ghostly Energy Moon Sword would attack, and Night Rakshasa was barely able to dodge it.

As Night Rakshasa approached Jiu Ying, the Ghostly Energy Moon Sword attacked frequently. It was a huge sword formation that waited patiently for Night Rakshasa to fall into its trap.

Night Rakshasa had many wounds on its body. Although none of the injuries were serious, the ghostly energy would still seep through and spread in the body. It was more terrifying than poison as it consumed all the vital organs in the body until it became a dry corpse.

Night Rakshasa rushed toward Jiu Ying. When it got close to Jiu Ying, his smile became more dangerous.

Suddenly, hundreds of Ghostly Energy Moon Swords appeared within ten meters around Jiu Ying and slashed wildly.

Night Rakshasa had a powerful ability to escape moving objects. Most objects that moved too fast were still slow in its eyes. But the Ghostly Energy Moon Swords were so dense that Night Rakshasa could find even a small gap between them. It was a deadly sword formation!