Chapter 2931 - The Forbidden Magic Bell

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Chapter 2931: The Forbidden Magic Bell

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The Holy Wheel spun. The black sacred runes were ablaze in flames. They resembled poetry lines that had been imprinted on the air barrier and contained some sort of ancient evil power.

It was similar to the complete connection between the Star Son and the Star Pattern. When the flaming words and sentences were read out, a terrifying power was unleashed like the blazing sun. It engulfed each and every dark corner!

The Holy Wheel itself was the power of light. After Mo Fan transformed it into darkness and flames, its poetry flaming power was reduced to nothing. It covered the sky and the earth.

The Holy Shadow Apostle, Clark, was trapped in the world of black flames. He tried hard to break free of Mo Fan’s destructive and suppressive force. However, no matter how far Clark fled from Mo Fan, he always saw Mo Fan’s cruel smile behind him, as if he was just a puppet to Mo Fan.

Clark was shocked. His opponent’s Fire Element power exceeded his expectations. Clark wondered if this was Wei Guang’s Forbidden God’s gift.

If Wei Guang’s Forbidden Curse had not been sealed and he had managed to cast a forbidden spell, Clark stood no chance to fight back!

Clark tried to keep his cool. He looked around. The surrounding areas had been engulfed by the black flames and Holy Wheel’s destructive poetry. He recalled that those poems came from the Holy Wheel’s sacred runes. His opponent used one of the Holy Wheel’s abilities. However, the power unleashed through the black flames was different. Clark even felt as if he was the one who had stolen the Holy Wheel spell, while his opponent was the true master of the Holy Wheel.

“Action Precognition!”

Clark’s eyes changed into an incandescent light. His pupils turned blindingly white.

He stared at Mo Fan with his incandescent pupils. He found Mo Fan’s figure in the middle of the endless black flames.

Through his incandescent pupils, he noticed Mo Fan was not demonized. He noticed a Fire Holy Spirit that lived within Mo Fan. The Holy Spirit granted Mo Fan the supernatural flaming power.

Mo Fan’s black flames were bizarre, as if it was a fusion of two different elements.

Mo Fan had mastered Fire of Heaven Seed, which was a Great Heaven Seed. The Absolute Forbidden Realm came from the Great Heaven Seed, that was how Clark was dragged into the flaming hell.

“Is this the Fusion Magic? Hasn’t it already disappeared from this world?” Clark cried out in surprise.

“Sh*t!” Clark screamed and retreated.

He withdrew at least one kilometer away from Mo Fan. A silver lightning struck the earth. The moment the silver chain touched an object, more silver lightning spread to the surroundings. On top of that, the lightning could cross space. Even though the lightning blasted one kilometer away from Clark, it reached him within the blink of an eye!

‘What sort of strange power is this?!’ he wondered. ‘Lightning that spreads within an instant!’

The movement of lightning itself was fast. After it had been given the ability to spread in an instant, it was even more difficult to avoid it.

Moreover, the cracks of lightning that had spread to other directions seemed to become aware and moved toward Clark.

The propagation of lightning followed a pattern. It moved along certain substances, the vapor in the air, or areas with dense Lightning Element. However, the silver lightning moved like a living being. It ran after its target!

When the lightning in the sky struck the earth, silver lightning roses bloomed all over the land. The lightning roses bloomed and unleashed dense lightning flower thorns. The lightning flower and rain thorns pierced, leapt, and twisted before swarming toward Clark.

If it had not been for the fact that Clark had cast the Action Precognition, he could not have possibly escaped the silver lightning rose area!

“Space Element and Lightning Element!” Clark identified the elements from the magic spell.

His heart sank. His opponent’s ability was somewhat odd but very versatile. Without casting a forbidden spell, it would be hard to take his opponent down.

‘I can’t waste time any longer!’ Clark thought to himself. It looked like he had to cast a forbidden spell to subdue his opponent.

Mo Fan launched a raging attack. Clark avoided his attacks with his God’s gift.

Clark’s Forbidden God’s gift was Precognition. He could foresee his opponent’s next move and the trajectory of the element’s movement. He could predict the substances that could threaten him. His precognition power allowed him to avoid his opponent’s attacks and restrictions.

His ability was much more powerful than the Dangerous Precognition. Most of the time, the Dangerous Precognition was a temporary reaction. However, Clark’s Precognition allowed him to foresee events that followed continuously.

Although his opponent was very powerful, he had not reached the Forbidden Curse level. Clark was still able to dodge his opponent’s attack with the use of Precognition.

With the help of Action Precognition, Clark began to cast a forbidden spell.

A heavy, ancient magic bell rang above Mo Fan’s head suddenly.

Mo Fan felt as if he was trapped inside an ancient bell. He could not break free of the magic bell’s power regardless of his speed and strength.

“Is this the Forbidden Cage?”

The cage was used only before the execution of death. It was a terrifying, soul-trapping power during the execution of a forbidden spell.

Mo Fan did not expect Clark to truly be a Forbidden Mage that could cast a forbidden spell independently. Mo Fan also had not expected him to simply cast a forbidden spell on this land swarmed by the Ocean Demons!

“You’re in Magic City! Have you thought of the consequences of casting a forbidden spell in this place?” Mo Fan glared at Clark.

Casting a forbidden spell would not only lead to an unrecoverable damage to the land in the Magic City, but it would also awaken the emperor-level Demon Lords from their deep slumber. Even though the great battle in the Magic City was over, the Demon Lords had not left the city. They hid in the underground sewage in the Magic City and Pudong sea area to manipulate the Ocean Demon hordes and Ocean Demon empire.

It seemed to have formed a certain kind of balance in the past one year. If a Forbidden Mage did not appear in the land, the Demon Lords would not reveal themselves.

The appearance of the Demon Lords would mean another battle in the Magic City. The Demon Lords would gather. Similarly, the Forbidden Mages would have no choice but to gather and fight them!

However, the Magic City could no longer withstand another wave of great destruction. The earth, air, water, and sky needed time to recover. If they continued to destroy the city, everything on the land would become lifeless. Both humans and the Ocean Demons could not survive another war!

Humans and the Ocean Demons were living beings. The true destruction was when a resource-rich land turned into a wasteland!

The battle between the Forbidden Mages and the emperor-level Ocean Demons must not be triggered once more!

Even though Clark came from the Holy City and was a foreigner, he must be aware of it!

“Are you trying to tell me about the Forbidden Curse Convention? We’re the one who set the convention.” Clark laughed wickedly.