Chapter 2932 - Admit Defeat

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Chapter 2932: Admit Defeat

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Evil and terrifying powers had ruled the world for a long time. If they fully complied with the Forbidden Curse Convention, they could not get rid of the evil and heretic forces.

Moreover, the Holy Shadow Apostle had the right to cast a forbidden spell without reporting to the Forbidden Curse Association. This was the Holy Shadow’s privilege!

“Do you know what happened to this city before?” Mo Fan’s gaze was razor sharp.

“I don’t care. All I care about is to drag you back to the Holy City.” Clark pointed at Mo Fan.

The Forbidden Cage grew increasingly strong. Its imposing aura spread several kilometers away. If there were Demon Lords nearby, they would certainly charge at them with the intent to murder.

Mo Fan sucked in a deep breath. The forbidden spell was threatening. Mo Fan had to hold the spell back with his Black Dragon Armor.

What concerned Mo Fan was not his own survival but the survival of Magic City.

The fortress plan had been executed for only a year. They had gradually wiped out the Ocean Demons. Many people had paid a heavy price. Even though the Magic City was now in a dilapidated state no one wanted to give the place up.

However, all their efforts would probably be in vain all because of Clark!

“I’ll remember you for what you did today, Holy Shadow Apostle Clark. When I become a Forbidden Mage, I’ll cut your head off!” said Mo Fan.

“Hahaha! Do you really think…” Clark laughed disdainfully and then stopped. He noticed that Mo Fan was no longer in the Forbidden Cage.

A moment ago, Clark had heard Mo Fan’s voice. ‘How did he disappear in the blink of an eye?!’ Clark’s Forbidden Cage could trap a soul, even. So, how had Mo Fan escaped?

“D*mn it! You can’t escape from me!”

Clark flew into a fit of rage. He ran after Mo Fan by tracing his wisp of aura. The forbidden spell gradually diminished, as if an impending terrifying thunderstorm had vanished instantly. The aura slowly faded.

Clark ran after Mo Fan. When the two were around, the wild beasts had gone quiet. After they left, their roars were heard once again inside the dimly lit city.

Clark looked for Mo Fan but couldn’t find him.

The Forbidden Cage could absolutely entrap its target. Even though it could not restrict one’s movement, no matter where one was, one would be pulled back into the Forbidden Cage by a forbidden force, like an inescapable giant space quicksand.

Clark was not surprised that his opponent had escaped from him. After all, his opponent was a Forbidden Mage, too. Clark had to admit that his opponent had been quite strong. He could have been defeated if he hadn’t used his forbidden spell. Clark was relieved that Wei Guang’s forbidden spell had been sealed.

The darkness spread. Mo Fan’s figure gradually appeared in the area that had previously been covered by the Forbidden Cage.

He had not escaped very far. He had disappeared into the Dark Space. With his current spiritual realm and dark cultivation, the Dark Space allowed him to circumvent all the elemental destruction. It also enabled him to break free of the soul-trapping effect, including breaking free of the Forbidden Cage itself.

Fortunately, Clark was not a Great Forbidden Mage. Otherwise, Mo Fan probably could not escape from him even if he hid inside the Dark Space. Mo Fan was unsure if he could hold back Clark’s forbidden spell in his current state.

Mo Fan reasoned that if he combined Dark Element, Space Element, Rock Element, and Chaos Element powers with the Black Dragon Magic Armor containing the Black Dragon Soul, he could survive Clark’s attack.

Regardless, he should not have simply tried out his skill with a Forbidden Mage!

After practicing his cultivation behind closed doors for a long period of time, Mo Fan had grown overconfident. Little did he know that he would bump into a crazy Forbidden Mage who wanted to kill him. Why was Clark so annoying?

Mo Fan sighed. “My roast manatee is burned.” He returned to the place where he had been roasting. When he saw that his manatee meat had become charcoal black, he had no mood to cook anymore

“If I only knew I could reach this realm so soon, I would have kept the Earth Fire Crystal by all means. By now, I would have had the chance of becoming a Fire Element Forbidden Mage, instead of Wei Guang.”

Mo Fan recalled the name. “What did he do to get hunted by the Holy City, anyway? The Holy City doesn’t issue a wanted notice openly. I suppose it must be something hidden from the public.”

“Anyway, I have to go back to Ding City first and get a pen name from Hong Wu. Hopefully, he found an Earth Crystal that is suitable for me.”

Mo Fan had absorbed the Sacred Totem Beast’s energy. He had also digested the remaining Underground Holy Spring. He had basically completed the cultivation of seven elements. His Fire Element and Shadow Element had reached an ethereal realm. They were very different and powerful compared to their previous state.

Rumors about the Semi-Forbidden Curse were circulating in the Forbidden Curse Association

Semi-Forbidden Curse meant that one of the elements had exceeded the super-level and was moving toward the Forbidden Curse level. However, it had not reached that level yet.

The Semi-Forbidden Curse was much more powerful than the super-level. Basically, those with Semi-Forbidden Curse cultivation could defeat mages that had completed four elements. A Semi-Forbidden Mage usually owned a Heaven Seed. The Heaven Seed was an important symbol to determine if a mage could progress to the Forbidden Curse level.

Mo Fan’s Shadow Element had surpassed his Lightning Element and dabbled into this realm. He guessed this was related to his journey to the Dark Plane and Dark Source.

He lacked a Heaven Seed for the Lightning Element. Hence, it still had not broken through that barrier.

Mo Fan owned a Great Heaven Seed for the Fire Element. With the awakened mysterious feather of the Sacred Totem Beast, his Fire Element was ready to break through to the Forbidden Curse level. There was only one thing lacking, an Earth Crystal with fire attribute.

Even though his other elements had not reached the semi-forbidden level, Mo Fan’s power was far beyond super level. The increase in the level of his other elements had made his Fusion Magic more powerful.

Mo Fan’s spiritual realm for his Space Element had reached the peak of the ninth grade. With the cooperation of his dragon sense, he could cast a tenth-realm spell.

However, the problem was that the tenth grade did not exist in the spiritual realm. The ninth grade was the apex for everyone.

Mo Fan’s spiritual realm was completely different from the other Mages. He could strike Mages below Forbidden Curse level by using Space Element alone.

His Summoning Element had become even more terrifying! The types of summoned creatures were based on the level of cultivation and spirituality.

Mo Fan had achieved the tenth realm for his spirituality. He could fuse the Semi-Forbidden Curse with the Fire Element and Shadow Element.

Even Mo Fan had no idea what type of creature he could summon from the plane!

The Earth Element had quadruple side effects!

Yu Shishi had previously fooled Mo Fan. She had him exchange it with his Tianshan Snow Lotus. Mo Fan was reluctant. However, at that moment, Mo Fan felt the greatness of the power with quadruple side effects!

The Heaven Seed Domain, the Heaven Seed Side Effect, and the Heaven Seed Absolute Forbidden Realm…

Mo Fan could cast the spell of the Kingdom of Sand, Earth Heavy Armor, without transforming into demon form.

If not for his concerns for Magic City’s fortress plan, Mo Fan would have continued the fight with Clark.

He had many trump cards, so it would not be a one-sided match in fighting a young Forbidden Mage with a single element.

Of course, he had to be careful not to give his opponent a chance to cast a forbidden spell. The forbidden spell was truly terrifying!