Chapter 4054 - The Other Side 23

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There really were geniuses who would only need to cast their eyes over their textbook once, at the start of school, and they wouldn’t need to pay attention during class.

In addition, the topics in elementary school were relatively simple. Therefore, even if the boy did not pay attention in class, the teacher no longer made an issue out of it.

Qing’er wrote a line in response and slipped it back to Gong Fan when the teacher wasn’t looking. He read Qing’er’s reply: Why do you ask?

Looking nervous and a little shy, Qing’er fidgeted in her seat. She wondered what Gong Fan’s note meant. Could it be that Gong Fan liked her too?

She liked Gong Fan. This was an open secret among the girls in class. For this reason, Qing’er was isolated by them. They isolated her not because she liked Gong Fan. There were so many girls who liked Gong Fan, so it was not as though they would gang up and isolate Qing’er over that. It was just that Qing’er was Gong Fan’s deskmate, which made many people jealous.

Gong Fan was well-known in school. Many children in the neighboring classrooms would deliberately walk past his classroom to sneak looks at him, while pretending that they were just passing by.

Sometimes, during the afternoon break, Gong Fan would put his head down on the desk to rest. Many children would just hover around the windows to watch him throughout the entire afternoon break.

At other times, the school would hold spring and autumn tours and the students would line up according to their seats. The teachers would ask deskmates to hold hands. Therefore, as Gong Fan’s deskmate, Qing’er enjoyed the privileges that many children yearned for but did not have. For example, sitting in the same seat as Gong Fan on the bus, holding Gong Fan’s hand when they lined up, sitting next to him during class for almost the entire day and being able to admire his stunning looks up close.

Hence being isolated was no surprise.

There was another reason. Because Qing’er was the daughter of the dean, she also enjoyed many privileges. For example, the children’s seating plan would be rearranged every semester. Qing’er would always end up sitting next to Gong Fan. To be deskmates with Gong Fan for three years would have been impossible without special arrangements.

Therefore, Qing’er was badly isolated.

In fact, this seating arrangement was not requested by Qinger. It was specially arranged by Qing’er’s mother, who was the dean.

Gong Fan and Little Yichen’s family background was unknown. The school did a good job in maintaining confidentiality. Even at parent-teacher conferences, few parents would recognize Yun Shishi in disguise.

But the dean had the right to know. She knew Gong Fan’s background, so she specially arranged for her daughter to be by his side. It was naturally beneficial for the two children to have a good relationship. Therefore, almost every semester, Qing’er would have her “dream come true” and be seated next to Gong Fan.

Gong Fan’s height was constantly increasing, and his seat was gradually being moved to the back. Qing’er’s height, on the other hand, did not change much, however, she was also gradually moved to the back of the class with Gong Fan.

Such an illogical seating arrangement naturally displeased many children.

Although they were only elementary school students, children of his age were very precocious and knew many things.

Gong Fan received this note and replied casually before passing it back to Qing’er. His personality was relatively straightforward. He wrote: I don’t like it. It was merciless!

Qing’er initially felt uneasy trying to figure out the meaning of Gong Fan’s message. But when she saw his reply, her heart sank! She squeezed the note tightly. Her eyes reddened and tears immediately stained her eyelashes.