Chapter 4056 - The Other Side 25

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“Then why is she crying so hard?”

Gong Fan shook his head with an indifferent expression. Little Yichen felt helpless, even though he sympathized with Qing’er. Still, he didn’t know where to begin to comfort a crying girl.

For the entire day, Qing’er was in a daze and looked listless. Gong Fan went about his own business. However, in the afternoon, something happened.

“Look! A love letter written by Qing’er! Let me see who it’s for!” During the lunch break, a mischievous boy had gotten hold of a notebook from Qing’er’s desk and discovered a few pages of a love letter that she had written in it. Hence, he took the opportunity to publicize it when Qing’er was not in the classroom.

The boy took a look at it and showed it to the crowd. “Wow, so it’s addressed to Youyou! Let me recite it with feelings to you!”

Hence, the boy read out the content of the love letter to everyone.

“You know, Youyou, I’ve liked you since the first moment I saw you…”

“Although you don’t talk much and ignore me all the time, it doesn’t affect my liking for you. In the beginning, the attention I paid to you came from curiosity. I never understood how you could be so inattentive in class, yet no questions ever stump you. You are just like Superman…”

The boy read it with great emotion. The others gathered around to watch. From time to time, they would scramble to try and see what was written on the love letter itself.

At this point, Qing’er walked into the classroom with a stack of homework. She had just returned from the teacher’s office. Because she was the class representative, she had to go to the teacher’s office every afternoon to collect the marked homework.

She was not in a good mood. As soon as she entered the classroom, she saw many people gathered around the podium and did not pay much attention to them. It wasn’t until she heard some familiar words while distributing the workbooks, that she turned towards the podium in surprise.

She saw everyone grinning and looking at her. There was a teasing look on some of the faces, a few snickers as they sized her up. There were looks of contempt. Their piercing eyes seemed to be mocking her wishful thinking.

The boy who was reciting the letter laughed and said, “Qing’er, as expected of the Chinese class representative. You write love letters really well!” Then he smugly waved the love letter in the air and stuck out his tongue in a mischievous manner.

Qing’er shivered and her face flushed red with embarrassment! “You… you stole my notebook!”

“A notebook? Are these notes?” The boy was not on very good terms with Qing’er. In the past, during self-revision classes, Qing’er who also held the post of disciplinary committee member, was a serious girl and was very strict about the rules.

However, there were always some naughty children in the class who would not follow the rules of self-revision. This boy was one of them.

More than once, she had taken down his name, so the boy had made sarcastic remarks about her being a tattletale and going against her at every turn. Taking advantage of Qing’er’s absence, the boy rummaged through her desk. Unexpectedly, he had found the love letter she had secretly written to Youyou and publicized it.

Feeling humiliated, Qinger flew into a rage and cried, “Li Sicheng! What are you doing!?”

“I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect that as a class cadre and a language class representative, instead of studying hard, you get involved in relationships like adults, and you actually wanted to confess our feelings to Youyou. Look at yourself. Youyou is so outstanding. Why would he fancy you?”

Qing’er turned red at his taunting.