Chapter 4057 - The Other Side 26

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“Give it back!” The girl was livid. She walked over and tried to take the notebook from him in a huff. “Give it back!”

“Eh?! I’m not giving it to you!” Li Sicheng held the notebook tightly in his hand and snorted coldly. “Serves you right for being a tattletale and for taking down my name all the time! Now, I’ve discovered you’re in a relationship at such a young age! Class cadre, you actually took the lead in a relationship. What will your mother, the director of education, think if word gets out?”

“You… give it back!” Qing’er was crying and screaming in anger.

However, Li Sicheng was not done teasing her. “I won’t give it back to you. What are you going to do about it? Come and get it then!”

Li Sicheng jumped onto the podium and held the notebook high. Qing’er couldn’t reach it. She was not as tall as he was to begin with. Now, of course it was way out of reach.

“Do you know about Youyou’s family background? Why should he be attracted to someone like you, who’s not even pretty enough? His father is the chairman of the Shengyu Group and is worth billions. His mother is the current best actress, Yun Shishi. Are you worthy?”

“What?” As soon as Li Sicheng finished speaking, the other children exclaimed, “Youyou’s mother is a huge celebrity?”

If Li Sicheng had not said it, many people would not have known.

“Yes! My father said so, because he saw Youyou standing with his parents at a reception at the Shengyu Group. Many celebrities attended the reception. I saw Hua Jin carrying Youyou!”

“Wow! Hua Jin! I love Hua Jin!”

“Is everything you’re saying true?”

“If you don’t believe me, come back and ask Youyou!” Li Sicheng was rather pleased with himself, as if he was the only one in the class who knew about the boy’s family background. He looked smug.

Qing’er was a little stunned as well. She didn’t know about his family background, so she was surprised to hear about it.

The boy’s mother was the superstar Yun Shishi?!

Why hadn’t Youyou mentioned this?’

Quickly coming back to her senses, Qing’er immediately realized that this was not the time to think about such things. She glared at Li Sicheng, suppressing her anger, and said to him, “Come down quickly! It’s dangerous to stand so high! What if you fall!? Also, what’s in this notebook is my privacy. You’re not allowed to read it! Return the notebook to me immediately! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise? Otherwise what are you going to do? You’ll tell that mother of yours, the dean?” The boy snorted. “What do you know besides snitching? Also, don’t pretend to care about me. Why should I listen to you! Let me tell you, many people in the class don’t like you as class cadre! You’re think too highly of yourself! You have no right to order me to do anything. My parents had never once ordered me around at home. What right do you have to be fierce towards me?!”

Qing’er finally broke down in anger. She bit her lip hard, tear drops rolled down her cheeks non-stop, but she was at a loss. She sank to the floor in grief, covering her face and sobbing. For a moment, everyone was stunned. They did not expect this to happen. Seeing Qing’er cry, they did not know what to do.

The twins had just walked into the classroom at this point and saw this scene before them. Little Yichen noticed Li Sicheng standing at the lectern with a notebook in his hand while Qing’er was crouching to one side, crying her heart out. He didn’t know what was going on.

The boy frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”