Chapter 4059 - The Other Side 28

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Chapter 4059: The Other Side 28

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Li Sicheng inevitably felt a little guilty and stammered, “I didn’t bully her! I just found it novel, so…”

“So you made a show of a love letter?” The boy’s expression grew frosty.

Li Sicheng kept silent and lowered his head guiltily.

Gong Fan suddenly extended his hand and said, “Give it to me.”

Li Sicheng was stunned for a moment. At first, he did not understand what Gong Fan meant until he saw the boy’s open palm. At that moment, he understood that he was asking him for the notebook, so he obediently handed it to him.

Gong Fan placed the notebook back on the table and walked to Qing’er’s side. He leaned over slightly and held her arm.

“Get up.” He spoke quietly, not loudly, but clearly enough for her to hear. However Qing’er was reluctant to get up and face him.

A love letter was a rather private matter. Now that everyone knew about it, it was embarrassing. It was now an open secret in the class that she liked Youyou. She found it increasingly difficult to face her classmates.

Gong Fan frowned slightly when he saw that she adamantly kept her head buried. He sighed and spoke, “It’s not embarrassing to like someone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the children around him looked surprised. It was obvious that Gong Fan was speaking up for Qing’er.

Qing’er was taken aback to hear this. She finally raised her head and looked at him pitifully with her tear-stained eyes. She was at a loss.

She did not want this matter to become a problem for the boy! She felt responsible for having gotten him involved in this mess.

“It’s almost lunch break. Stop squatting here.” Gong Fan’s voice softened. “Go back to your seat!”

“Alright…” Qing’er stood up obediently and allowed him to help her back to her seat.

The few girls who were standing by the side and watching the show with relish earlier on could not help feeling disappointed! They had originally wanted to watch the drama and enjoy Qing’er’s embarrassment. Now, Youyou had actually stood up for her, making them feel quite bitter! It felt like Qing’er had profited from a disaster and received special care from Youyou! They were jealous and envious at the same time.

Qinger returned to her seat and lay slumped over her desk, not daring to look up.

Gong Fan glanced around the room and said expressionlessly, “No one is allowed to mention this matter in the future. Everyone present should forget that this ever happened. Is that understood?”

“Yes! We’ll definitely keep it a secret!”

“Everyone, you must keep this a secret for Qing’er!” Everyone pretended to defend Qing’er and nodded.

Gong Fan sat back down and also lay his head down on the desk for an afternoon nap.

During the afternoon break, Little Yichen called Li Sicheng away. Before class started, The latter followed dejectedly behind Little Yichen as they made their way back to the classroom. He came up to Qing’er’s desk and lowered his head guiltily. “Qing’er, I’m sorry!” he said out of nowhere.

Qing’er eyed him suspiciously.

“Yichen gave me a piece of his mind earlier. I think the incident that happened at noon…”

He lowered his voice so that only Qing’er and himself could hear. “I went too far with what happened at noon. I apologize to you!”

Qing’er was surprised. “What…?”

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have made a joke about things like that!”