Chapter 4061 - The Other Side 30

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Yun Shishi kept her eyes on the oven as she added, “Uncle Hua Jin’s career is in full swing at the moment!”

Although his current popularity could not be compared to Gu Xingze at his peak, it was not far off!

“No wonder.” So many of his classmates had asked for the actor’s autograph and photograph. “Uncle Hua Jin is really popular nowadays.”

Yun Shishi thought for a moment and said, “Maybe it has something to do with a recent TV show he’s in! The show he was working on last year, “Star Rise”, is one of the top-rated shows currently, isn’t it? I hear he’s been running from one program to another, making appearances these days.”

As she spoke, her curiosity was suddenly piqued. Little Yichen wouldn’t normally pay much attention to Hua Jin. Why was he suddenly asking about the actor?

“Many of my classmates are asking me for his autographed photo.”

Yun Shishi was surprised to hear this. “Why would they ask you for it?”

“Because one of my classmates seems to know that my dear mommy is a big star. Perhaps it was unintentional, but he spread the news to the class. Now, everyone in the class knows you’re my mommy, and that I know Uncle Hua Jin.”

Her lips twitched at that. Was Hua Jin that popular? Even among kids in elementary school.

“There are 40 students in the class. Now, almost half of them are asking me for autographed photos. Should I give that to them?”

“Oooh…” Yun Shishi thought for a moment, then pursed her lips. “If it’s just an autographed photo, that’s not a big problem.”

She felt that being a star was nothing more than an ordinary profession. Perhaps it was because they were observed by the masses that they became so special.

Hua Jin was indeed very popular. Almost everyone in the industry had concluded that his role as an idol had been set. It was general consensus that he could probably only take on roles in period dramas and not modern idol dramas.

However, in this year alone, Hua Jin had completely subverted everyone’s perception of him with two youth idol dramas, “Mid-Summer Blossoms” and “Star Rise”.

Even though he was in his twenties, he didn’t look awkward in school uniform, especially since “Mid-Summer Blossoms” was an idol drama that spanned from school campus to the business world. The male lead role, spanning from youth to middle-age years, was played by Hua Jin alone, and even then it didn’t come across odd.

It was unbelievable that the number one male lead of period dramas became even more popular after playing a male lead role in a youth drama.

“A total of 25 autographed photos.” Little Yichen counted on his fingers, then said to his mother, “Mommy, could you help me ask Uncle Hua Jin?”

“You can call him yourself. It’s not as if my classmate asked me for it.” Yun Shishi said.

The boy opened his mouth to retort, but there was nothing he could say.

“Alright!” He relented.

Sitting in the study, Little Yichen dialed Hua Jin’s cell phone number. It was a long time before he answered.

“Uncle Hua Jin, it’s me… ahem…” Little Yichen cleared his throat awkwardly and turned somewhat red.

Hua Jin was surprised to hear Little Yichen’s voice on the phone. “Huh? What made you call me?”

“Um… may I ask a favor?”

“Mmm? What’s the matter?”

“Will you … give me 25 of your autographed photos?”

The actor was stunned by the request. “Why do you want my autographed photo?”