Chapter 4062 - The Other Side 31

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“Because… that’s what my classmates asked of me when they found out I knew you. They said they are all your fans.”

“I see…” The actor let that sink in for a moment. “An autographed photo is easy, but I don’t have much free time these days. Why don’t you wait until I have a few days off and I’ll bring you the autographed photos?”

“Yes, that’s fine.” Little Yichen was touched. “Thank you, Uncle Hua Jin!”

The actor was touched as well. After all, Little Yichen was not close to the actor.

The truth was, Hua Jin liked the twins. Unfortunately, they weren’t close to anyone but their mother. He’d been worried he wouldn’t get a chance to get into their good books. Wasn’t this a good opportunity to do what he could to please the boy? Unexpectedly, Little Yichen even sweetly thanked him!

The actor realized that his chance to “suck up” had finally come! However, as luck would have it, his schedule was rather full these days, so he gave Little Yichen his word to deliver the autographed pictures once he went on leave.

Naturally, the boy was in no hurry. Except that, when the boy had not come back with the autographed pictures for days, a few of his classmates thought he had forgotten about it, so they reminded him a couple of times. The boy explained to them that the actor’s schedule was too full, and that he would send over the pictures in a few days, when he had some time.

So they waited patiently again. However, after more time had passed, someone started complaining.

“Is this for real?”

“Didn’t Li Sicheng say that Little Yichen’s mother was a huge celebrity? Why does it seem so difficult just to get an autographed picture?”

“Could the autographed photos be a lie! After all, it seems odd that the boy would agree to more than twenty autographed pictures at once.”

“Actually, it’s not unusual for celebrities to be unfamiliar with each other. Maybe Little Yichen’s mother is not on such good terms with the actor?”

“Eh? Isn’t Little Yichen’s mother Yun Shishi? I know her. She was in a television series with Hua Jin. It was called ‘Lethal Beauty’. Have you guys seen it? Little Yichen’s mother played an evil woman in it. I hated her when I was following the show. I wished she would die quickly!”

“Hush! You mustn’t let the boy hear you!”

“I’m talking about the characters in the TV series! Not in person.”

“Still, we can’t let the boy hear us. He’ll be furious!”

“Yes. I think he’s always been very serious about matters relating to his family, so don’t even make jokes about it.”

The children waited for a few more days, after which the matter was starting to slip their minds. At this point, Hua Jin took his break!

He had been planning to give the twins a surprise! But the boys ended up getting more of a shock!

On that particular afternoon, the children were doing self-revision in class. Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “It’s Hua Jin!!”

“It’s really Hua Jin!”

Soon, there was a great commotion in the classroom!

Little Yichen, who was feeling drowsy, was jolted awake by these earth-shattering cries.

Was there an earthquake?

Little Yichen looked up with a shocked expression, only to see Gong Fan staring speechlessly out of the window. He followed the boy’s gaze and saw Hua Jin scanning the classroom through the window next to the corridor.