Chapter 4063 - The Other Side 32

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Chapter 4063: The Other Side 32

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The classroom was crowded with children. Through the window, the actor scanned the room for the twins. When he finally spotted them, he smiled and waved. Gong Fan turned around with a cold expression and acted like he had not seen the man. Little Yichen, on the other hand, was taken aback!

The boy was dozing off just then when he suddenly heard people shouting and shrieking in the classroom, as if there was an earthquake. He vaguely heard someone shouting Hua Jin’s name, and the next thing he knew, Hua Jin was actually there!

He came to school, in-person?! Was he crazy?! Little Yichen looked incredulous. He was not so much shocked as horrified. Was Hua Jin mad?

The actor, however, was oblivious to the horror that the boy felt. Instead, he waved the autographed pictures in the air as if it were a tribute. He smiled at the boy through the window. “I brought the autographed photos!”

The boy put his hand to his forehead in exasperation! He actually came to school to deliver a few autographed pictures! This… this was crazy!

Little Yichen stood up with an air of resignation and walked out of the classroom. The actor immediately greeted him and handed him a huge stack of autographed pictures.

It was a thick stack because Hua Jin did not just give him some autographed pictures, but photograph albums!

“What happened to the photos I asked for?”

The actor looked terribly pleased with himself as he explained, “These are all limited-edition photo albums. You can’t usually buy them. I hoarded them myself as gifts for my fans. Aren’t you glad that I’m giving them to you now?” He rambled on. After a pause, the actor lowered his voice in annoyance. “Besides, how shabby is it to give photos? Won’t people lament about you being petty?”

Little Yichen rolled his eyes. “I already think it’s too much trouble to help them. Why would they ask for more? They can just have the autographed pictures.”

The actor shook his head and sighed. “Since you’re all my little fans, just take it that I’m giving my fans a bonus!”

The boy raised his eyebrows. “All right! By the way, how did you get in? No one stopped you?” As he spoke, another thought struck him. “And what do you think you’re doing, invading my school like that!?”

“Giving you a surprise!”

“Hehe, more like a shock.” The boy shot him a look. “Our school is heavily guarded. No outsiders allowed. How did you get in?”

The actor was surprised to hear this. “Really? Actually, I didn’t want to come in. I thought I’d call you from the school gate and get my assistant to deliver the photos. But as soon as I got to the gate, the security guard recognized me and the principal, who was on duty at the school gate, ushered me in!” Hua Jin pointed over his shoulder.

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The boy looked in the direction he was pointing and saw the teacher-on-duty, the heads of departments, the vice-principal, and the security guard standing behind the actor, smiling politely.

What happened to moral integrity?

Was that really the disciplinary mistress who was forever preaching the virtues of law and order, staring at Hua Jin now with a star-struck smile?

The actor noticed Little Yichen staring at one of the teachers and immediately said, “This teacher seems to be a fan of mine, too. Unfortunately, I only brought this many autographed albums and I don’t have a set for her, so she asked me for a group photo.”

The boy looked as if he’d seen a ghost. “She’s a fan of yours?”