Chapter 4065 - The Other Side 34

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Chapter 4065: The Other Side 34

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“True. He’s a big star. Why would he come to an elementary school?”

The people pricked up their ears.

Hence, they thought nothing further of it.

The actor stood silently among the parents until the twins came out of the classroom and left with him. When the other children came out and told their parents in excitement that it was Hua Jin who had been waiting at the door, all the parents were shocked!

So it really was Hua Jin!

However, a few teachers immediately hurried over and instructed these parents not to spread the news of Hua Jin coming to the school, for if the media and reporters found out, they would definitely fabricate reports and spread some unsubstantiated stories.

When Hua Jin and the twins came up to the school gate, they found themselves staring at the monster of a Raptor parked at the entrance. The vehicle was so big that it almost became the most eye-catching car at the school gate.

As the actor swept his gaze over it, his eyes caught sight of Gong Jie leaning against the side of the car. His eyes widened in shock.

Damn it! What was he doing here!?

Little Yichen was surprised to see his uncle, but instantly recalled. “Oh, I remember now. Uncle said he was picking us up from school today.”

The actor frowned. “Huh? I thought you guys were chauffeured to and from school?”

“Something happened in Uncle Driver’s family today. Apparently, his wife has been hospitalized following an accident. He had to go to the hospital to take care of her. Because it all happened so suddenly, he asked Uncle for help to pick us up.”

The actor broke out in a cold sweat upon hearing this. He quickly said, “We’ll pretend we didn’t see him. Let’s go.”

Little Yichen winced at that suggestion. Feeling awkward, he said, “Really? Uncle would be furious if he didn’t manage to pick us up.”

Gong Fan raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.

Little Yichen could not help feeling worried. “Uncle can be very scary when he’s angry.”

The actor was dumbfounded. He contemplated for a moment, then said quietly, “Tell you what, I’ll leave first then. You guys go home with him, huh?”

Little Yichen was about to nod, but then suddenly looked blankly past the actor before his expression turned into one of horror.

Hua Jin saw the horror on the boy’s face and didn’t react initially… Until he whirled around and nearly ran headlong into Gong Jie’s chest.

The actor was stunned. He slowly raised his eyes and saw Gong Jie looking down at him with an icy smile.

The actor, standing at six-foot-two, was a considerably tall man, but Gong Jie stood a good eight or nine centimeters taller than him. The eight or nine centimeters weren’t much, but enough for Hua Jin to have to look up to meet the other man’s eyes.

Damn it, did he have to be that tall?

The embarrassed actor greeted him awkwardly. “What a… coincidence. Ha, ha.” He gave a dry laugh that sounded somewhat distressed, and rubbed his hands together, obviously guilty.

Gong Jie returned with a neutral smile and asked, “Who was about to sneak off?”

Hua Jin shook his head in horror. “No… no…”

As Gong Jie’s smile widened, the actor looked increasingly horrified.

Why must the guy glare at him in such a terrifying manner!

“Well, I have things to do. I’ll get going.” The actor shrank back and was about to make his escape when Gong Jie reached out and grabbed him by the collar at his nape.

Three minutes later, Hua Jin was sitting frozen in the backseat of the Raptor, exchanging looks with Little Yichen.