Chapter 4066 - The Other Side 35

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Chapter 4066: The Other Side 35

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Gong Jie got into the driver’s seat and adjusted the rear view mirror. For a moment, it caught the reflection of the actor’s pale face. For some reason, he looked shell-shocked and stunned.

Oddly, Gong Jie suddenly wanted to laugh aloud at the blank look in Hua Jin’s eyes, but he clamped his lips together and snorted casually. The actor shuddered again. Gong Jie shot him a meaningful glance and secured his seat belt with mock nonchalance.

Gong Fan sat in the front passenger seat. After getting into the car, he crossed his arms and sat back calmly.

Hua Jin felt as if he were trapped in an icehouse of despair.Somebody, please help!

He gulped and asked, on tenterhooks, “Where are we going?”

Gong Jie countered expressionlessly, “Where do you want to go?”

“I…” Hua Jin replied weakly, “Actually, I have an event tonight?”

“Why are you so afraid of me? I’m not going to eat you.”

The actor frowned, but sighed inwardly. How infuriating!

It seemed strange to him too, that for some reason, Gong Jie left a deep and horrifying impression on him. He had always thought the man to be very scary and super-dangerous.

However, the actor knew in his heart that no matter how much Gong Jie disliked him, he would not do anything to him. The man wouldn’t kill him or eat him, but his fear of Gong Jie was instinctual. It was so instinctual it was scary.

Gong Jie said coldly, “I’m not going to eat you. You don’t have to be so afraid of me!”

He studied the man through the rear view mirror. Similarly, Hua Jin could see Gong Jie through the same mirror. Somehow, even though he was clearly smiling, Gong Jie looked as if a layer of frost had formed across his face.

He realized that Gong Fan and Gong Jie were indeed uncle and nephew.

No matter the mood they were in, when it came to outsiders, they always seemed to keep them at arm’s length. However, when they were obviously angry, no matter how furious they were, they would always be gentle towards Yun Shishi.

She was probably the only person in the world who enjoyed such privileges!

Initially, the atmosphere between the actor and Little Yichen was very harmonious. However, after getting into Gong Jie’s car, they did not utter a single word. Despite the fact that Little Yichen got along well with Gong Jie, in reality, the boy was relatively quiet in Gong Jie’s presence. He didn’t dare to speak freely, because Gong Jie would snap at him. The man had a sharp tongue, almost as sharp as Youyou’s. They spoke with great directness and bluntness.

He remembered one time, Little Yichen drew a picture and showed it to Yun Shishi as if it were a treasure. Gong Jie happened to be beside him and said in a quiet voice, “It looks like a talisman with all that scribbling.”

Little Yichen felt himself wilting!

The uncle and nephew both ganged up to bully him!

Gong Jie even said that Little Yichen must have had a genetic mutation. Otherwise, how could he be so stupid when Youyou was so smart?

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Fortunately, Mu Yazhe stood by Little Yichen and replied casually, “Why don’t you say instead that Youyou carries a genetic mutation? His level of intelligence is heaven-defying for a kid his age.”

Although the words did not carry much strength, but at the very least he had his daddy’s support!

Yun Shishi was in the middle.

At this point, they happened to drive past a street.

Little Yichen leaned into the window and looked around. “Uncle,” he said suddenly, “I want some milk tea.”