Chapter 4068 - The Other Side 37

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Chapter 4068: The Other Side 37

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Clutching the matcha milk tea, the actor slurped noisily through the straw, feeling most satisfied!

Gong Fan took a sip of his tea and frowned. He put it aside and stopped drinking.

Gong Jie was surprised to see this. “What’s the matter?”

“Too much sugar.” After a pause, the boy said, “It’s too sweet.”

Gong Jie did not expect to hear this, and his expression grew increasingly complex.

“I recently took on a patient with multiple personalities.”

Gong Jie sat on the sofa cross from Alice. As she poured tea for him, she said faintly, “This patient has six personalities and each is independent.”

“If it weren’t for your dear nephew, I wouldn’t have taken over this patient.” Alice sat down with a rather heavy sigh.

“There aren’t many patients with multiple personalities around. The incidence of occurrence of this condition is also very small. However, most of the more complicated conditions are handled by authoritative research institutes. In short, they’re test subjects. These patients have been tortured by multiple personalities for a long time and have been controlled. Generally, the underlying cause of multiple personalities is a loss of sense of self-unification due to self-identification disorders. Two or more distinct personalities develop as a result. When one personality appears, the others automatically exit. Generally, it’s the primary personality that dominates. As far as I know, the person with the most number of personalities in the world currently being investigated is Billy Milligan.”

“Well, his story was also made into a movie. Originally, he committed three cases of rape in Ohio State, but he was diagnosed as a rare multiple-personality schizophrenic and acquitted.”

Gong Jie nodded. “I’ve heard of him.”

This man was the only felon in the history of M nation to be exonerated for multiple personalities.

“After he committed the crime and was arrested, he had no idea what kind of crime he had committed. He underwent a psychological test assessment before he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.” Alice took a sip of tea and continued. “After he was exempted from punishment, he began a lengthy period of treatment. Two doctors separately found out that he had a total of 24 personalities. However, through treatment, the doctors discovered that the dissociation of these personalities was inseparable from his childhood.”

“Dorothy met Chalmer. This man was the cause of Billy’s schizophrenia.”

“Chalmer has two daughters, one of whom is the same age as Billy. After Dorothy and Chalmer got married, the man abused Billy for a long time, this included rape. Prior to that, his mother’s multiple marriages and his father’s suicide had already predisposed Billy to multiple split personality tendencies.”