Chapter 4280 - The Other Side 249

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Chapter 4280: The Other Side 249

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Gong Jie raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. As he dried his hair, he said to the actor as if he were trying to prove something, “Turn around.”

“What?!” The actor felt as though he were being teased. “You wanted me to bring you the bathrobe, didn’t you? I’ve done that. Take it. I’m leaving!”

Gong Jie, however, made no move to take the bathrobe from the actor. Instead, he calmly folded his arms and stared at him.

The actor stood with his back to Gong Jie, as still as a statue.

The latter started to look interested. “Turn around.”

“Why?!” Hua Jin frowned, suddenly wary. “Are you a pervert?” This guy was clearly naked. Why was he asking him to turn around to look at his naked body? Was he a pervert?

“I’m asking you to turn around. Didn’t you hear me?” His tone was dangerous now.

Reluctantly, the actor turned around, but he deliberately narrowed his eyes and carefully studied the other man through the slits. Gong Jie was standing in the mist and could not be seen clearly for a moment, but Hua Jin knew that he was naked, so he did not look downwards. Instead, he looked straight into the man’s face. “Here! Take it!”

As the vapor cleared, the actor’s face grew even hotter. He was about to turn and look away when his peripheral vision caught sight of the towel wrapped around Gong Jie’s groin. He let out an embarrassed sigh of relief.

He thought the man was stark naked! It turned out that he had a towel around him! Damn the man for making him so nervous!

He held the bathrobe out to Gong Jie with both hands. “Take this. Your bathrobe!”

As if reading his discomfort, a teasing look came into Gong Jie’s eyes. Instead of taking the bathrobe from the actor, he asked casually, “Where do I sleep tonight?”

“I’ll get a room ready for you later.”

“It’s late. I’ll sleep in this room!”

Hua Jin clenched his jaw, realizing that the man was out to give him a hard time. “Fine,” he grunted. “If you want to sleep here, you may have this room! I’ll prepare another one for myself.”

Having lost his patience waiting for Gong Jie to take the bathrobe from him, he shoved it into the man’s arms. He started to turn away, but Gong Jie suddenly grabbed his arm and yanked him back.

Not expecting this, the actor was caught off guard and stumbled backwards! He had expected to fall hard on the cold marble floor of the bathroom. But when he finally regained his balance, he realized that he had fallen against someone’s chest.

Gong Jie glanced coolly at the increasingly uncomfortable person in his arms and snorted. “And is it necessary to prepare another room? The bed is huge. We can share it.”

“…” Maybe it was because of the heat in the bathroom, or it could have been something else, but Hua Jin’s face turned even redder, as if he was deflating!

“You don’t have to make do. Don’t you always sleep alone? You really don’t have to suffer sharing a bed with me.”

“I used to sleep with two bodyguards when I was in Africa.” Gong Jie paused and continued, “Besides, the bed in this room is huge even for two.”

Curiously, Hua Jin asked, “Why do you insist on sleeping with me?”

Gong Jie laughed at that, but didn’t answer. Lowering his head, he inched closer to the actor and lowered his voice. With a teasing look, he replied, “I’m curious too… Why do you deliberately avoid me?”

Gong Jie raised his eyebrows and said quietly, “What exactly are you running away from?”