Chapter 2708 - You're Bold!

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However, some people believed that the woman must have smashed Gu Ning’s stores so badly for a reason.

“There must be a reason for that. Gu Ning must have done something terrible to her, for her to damage Gu Ning’s stores so badly.”

“If so, there must be a strong hatred between them. What did Gu Ning do to her?”

“Although you all have a good impression of Gu Ning, she might be different from her appearance. Do you know what she’s doing behind your back? I don’t think a kind person can become the chairman of such a large business group within such a short time.”

“Who the hell knows how many illegal things she has done!”

Many people criticized Gu Ning on the Internet. Although they were quickly attacked by Gu Ning’s fans, they still left negative comments because they disliked Gu Ning.

Once Gu Ning’s fans saw negative comments, they went to attack those haters.

“How do you know it’s Gu Ning’s fault? Do you have any evidence?”

“It’s possible that the woman is jealous of Gu Ning and damaged her stuff on purpose. It has happened many times before.”

“We only see her deliberately damaging Gu Ning’s stores. We didn’t see Gu Ning do anything illegal.”

Some haters had to quit, but some were still insisting.

Among the people who were aware of the news, half believed Gu Ning, about a fourth stayed neutral before the truth came out, and the other fourth believed that Gu Ning must have done something unacceptable to make the woman go crazy.

When Jing Yuelan arrived at the Colaine branch in the southern district, it was already closed. As soon as Chen Cangyi received the message that Jing Yuelan was coming, he ordered the branch to close at once.

Jing Yuelan understood why they closed, but she was totally out of control right now. Even though the branch was closed, she still went ahead to damage it.

At the front of the store, she took out her sword and swung it down.

Ordinary people might not be able to cut the door open, but Jing Yuelan wasn’t weak. With the help of her magical energy, she easily cut through the burglar bars.

Everyone was amazed by her strength and how sharp her sword was.

Jing Yuelan didn’t stop until the door was opened, then she went inside and damaged everything in her sight.

Nobody dared to stop her and they could only watch outside.

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A few minutes later, everything in the store was a total mess and she finally went out.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning came and blocked Jing Yuelan’s way.

The onlookers didn’t recognize Gu Ning, so they were worried that she might be injured. However, no one dared to go forward to pull her back, so they shouted to her at once.

“Miss, it’s dangerous. Come back now!”

“Miss, the woman is unbelievably strong and seems crazy.”

Everyone believed that Jing Yuelan was crazy, otherwise she wouldn’t come out and damage everything with a sword.

However, Gu Ning didn’t reply to them, because she was furious at the moment.

When Jing Yuelan saw Gu Ning, she wasn’t afraid of her, although she knew Gu Ning was Shangguan Yang’s disciple and was at a high level. She was too angry to stay reasonable at the moment.

“Gu Ning, go to hell!” Jing Yuelan shouted, then attacked Gu Ning without delay.

Gu Ning had no weapons in hand so everyone was nervously witnessing the scene. They believed that Gu Ning was going to be injured.

However, unexpectedly, even though Gu Ning had no weapon and Jing Yuelan had a long sword, Jing Yuelan still couldn’t hurt Gu Ning.

Within moments, Gu Ning had knocked away Jing Yuelan’s long sword, surprising the crowd.

“Jesus, this girl is amazing! I thought she was going to be injured.”

“It seems that she’s confident that she’ll win.”

Afterwards, someone recognized Gu Ning.

“Isn’t she the owner of this pharmacy, Gu Ning?”

“What? She’s the chairman of the Shengning Organization, Gu Ning?”

Everyone was aware that Colaine was owned by the Shengning Organization, so Gu Ning should also be the boss of Colaine.

“Wow, she’s even stronger than everyone said! I felt that the crazy woman is already unbelievably strong, but Gu Ning still beat her within seconds.”

“No wonder so many people call her a goddess. She’s a real goddess and is perfect.”

They started to compliment Gu Ning.

Without the sword, Jing Yuelan became weaker so Gu Ning easily beat her to the ground.

However, Jing Yuelan wasn’t scared at all. Instead, she glared at Gu Ning as if Gu Ning had done something bad to her.

She was angry, but Gu Ning was even angrier.

“Jing Yuelan, you’re bold! How dare you come to damage my stores?” Gu Ning was surprised by Jing Yuelan’s actions. Although she knew it had to be related to what had happened to the Jing family, she hadn’t been involved after all. She just had a close relationship with Jing Yunyao and yet Jing Yuelan was venting her anger on her for that.

If it was the reason, Gu Ning wouldn’t be mad at Jing Yunyao, only at Jing Yuelan.

“You teamed up with Jing Yunyao. Jing Yunyao disabled my grandfather and caused my grandmother’s death. We lost the Jing family’s support. I obviously have to pay you back!” said Jing Yuelan. She was unable to find Jing Yunyao, so she came to damage Gu Ning’s business.

Hearing that, everyone realized that Gu Ning had been dragged into trouble.

However, Jing Yunyao sounded very cruel for disabling the woman’s grandfather and causing her grandmother’s death!

Before the crowd knew more details, no one knew what the truth was.

“So what? There is no grudge between you and me. You shouldn’t have damaged my stuff.” Gu Ning argued. “And, please be clear, Jing Yunyao didn’t cause your grandmother’s death. Your grandmother was seriously injured by your grandfather and died afterwards. Everyone in the Jing family witnessed that. As for your grandfather, he deserved it. He unsuccessfully tried to kill Jing Yunyao and her son many times. If he wasn’t disabled, he wouldn’t stop. Does everyone have to sacrifice for you?”