Chapter 2710 - It's Blackmail!

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If he guessed correctly, Jing Yuelan should have gone out and tried to cause Gu Ning trouble. Otherwise, Gu Ning wouldn’t have injured her and brought her to the cultivation world.

Therefore, Jing Jining felt a little guilty, because he didn’t restrict their actions, allowing Jing Yuelan to sneak out to make things difficult for Gu Ning.

“Ningning, what happened?” asked Jing Jining. Then he turned to look at Jing Yuelan. Jing Yuelan didn’t panic until then.

“Jing Yuelan smashed several of my stores, including a jewelry store, two pharmacies, and a make-up store. It’s a great loss. She has to pay me at least a hundred million yuan for the damages. Seven employees were also injured,” said Gu Ning.

“What? She damaged your stores and even injured your people?” Jing Jining angrily glared at Jing Yuelan, but she didn’t dare to meet his eyes.

He thought that Jing Yuelan only went to cause Gu Ning trouble and was therefore injured by Gu Ning, but unexpectedly, she went to damage Gu Ning’s stores and caused damage of over a hundred million yuan. Most importantly, she injured many people.

When Jing Yuelan heard the amount of money she needed to pay, she was surprised. She wanted to argue about it, but she had indeed damaged a lot of things, so she became anxious.

After giving Jing Yuelan a glare, Jing Jining said to Gu Ning, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”

“Great, I haven’t received a list of all the damaged stuff yet, so I don’t know the exact amount. Uncle Jing, I’ll leave it to you. We can talk about the price in a few days,” said Gu Ning.

“Of course,” said Jing Jining.

Gu Ning took out a phone and handed it to Jing Jining. “There is a video to prove that Jing Yuelan has damaged my stores. She can’t deny it.”

“Alright, I need to go back now,” said Gu Ning. She had no intention of getting involved in this trouble any further, and she believed Jing Jining would compensate her loss.

Jing Jining didn’t ask her to stay, so Gu Ning left.

When Gu Ning was gone, Jing Jining took Jing Yuelan to visit Jing Yunchan’s husband’s family.

Although Jing Yunchan’s husband married into the Jing family, they sometimes lived with the husband’s family. Especially after Jing Yaorong’s family was chased out of the Jing family, Jing Yunchan and her husband had moved back to her husband’s home.

Jing Yunchan’s husband married into the Jing family, but her husband’s family wasn’t weak.

After Jing Yunchan’s husband married into the Jing family, the Jing family had helped his family a lot, so now her husband’s family also had a lot of influence. Therefore, Jing Yunchan would rather live with her husband’s family than in the side house.

In her husband’s family…

Jing Yunchan and the others were scared when they saw the seriously injured Jing Yuelan. They thought that it was done by Jing Jining, so they glared at him.

“Jing Jining, what do you mean? What did Yuelan do wrong? How could you injure her so seriously?” Jing Yunchan questioned angrily.

Saying that, she directly walked over to help Jing Yuelan get up.

Even though she knew Jing Yuelan was seriously injured for a reason, she didn’t think it was a good reason.

“Yuelan indeed did something bad, but I didn’t punish her,” said Jing Jining.

“Who is it?” asked Jing Yunchan.

“Jing Yunchan, didn’t you listen to me? I told you not to leave the cultivation world, but Jing Yuelan still did. She went out and smashed Gu Ning’s stores. She caused a lot of damage. After Gu Ning has an exact amount, you’re going to pay her compensation,” said Jing Jining.

Knowing that Jing Yuelan went to smash Gu Ning’s store, everyone was very surprised, because they had no idea.

The next moment, they turned to stare at Jing Yuelan who lowered her head with a guilty conscience.

“Do you mean Gu Ning seriously injured Yuelan? It’s so serious. How could she ask for compensation?” Jing Yunchan angrily said. She didn’t feel embarrassed at all after knowing that Jing Yuelan smashed Gu Ning’s stores. Instead, she didn’t think that Jing Yuelan should have been punished.

Jing Jining found it extremely funny so he mocked. “Do you mean it’s reasonable that Jing Yuelan smashed Gu Ning’s stores? Why did she do that?”

“I…” Jing Yunchan was struck dumb for a moment. Although she believed it wasn’t wrong because Gu Ning teamed up with Jing Yunyao, she couldn’t say that.

It wasn’t a big deal in their opinion, but it was unacceptable so they knew they would have to pay a price for that. After all, Gu Ning was strong and they couldn’t defeat her.

“Isn’t it enough that Gu Ning injured Yuelan so seriously?” said Jing Yunchan. She didn’t care how much Gu Ning lost. Jing Yuelan was injured badly, so that was already a heavy enough price.

“Yeah, Yuelan has already been seriously injured,” said Jing Yuelan’s father. Even though he knew Jing Yuelan’s behavior was wrong, Jing Yuelan already paid the price.

“Of course it’s not enough. Gu Ning suffered a loss of over a hundred million yuan. Do you think her injuries are enough? And that’s just an approximate number. If there is more stuff damaged, the price might be higher,” said Jing Jining. How could they be so simple-minded?

Most importantly, Jing Yuelan smashed Gu Ning’s jewelry store. If she only damaged pharmacies and make-up stores, the loss wouldn’t be over a hundred million yuan. It could just be a few million yuan, but a jewelry store was very different.

Jade Beauty Jewelry sold high-end jade jewelry, and each piece of jewelry cost a few million yuan. If there was a lot of damage, the price could be very high.

Everyone was shocked by the amount.

“How could it be over a hundred million yuan after only a few stores were damaged? That’s blackmail!” Jing Yunchan was furious. She thought it would just be a few hundreds of thousands of yuan, but didn’t expect the number could exceed a hundred million.

The others also had that idea, so they became even angrier.

“Don’t be naive! Among the damaged stores, there is a jewelry store. You should know the price of jewelry, right?” Jing Jining sneered.

Hearing that, Jing Yunchan suddenly didn’t know what to say. She knew jewelry was extremely expensive. If a lot of it was damaged, a hundred million yuan wasn’t much.

“Who knows how much has been damaged? What if she exaggerates the loss?” Jing Yunchan argued.