Chapter 2714 - No Need to Care too Much About Money

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Chapter 2714: No Need to Care too Much About Money

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“Don’t think I’m taking advantage of you. My stores make hundreds of thousands of yuan in a day. And the rebuilding needs at least ten days. I also calculated the loss according to the cost prices, otherwise the total number would be even higher! So, accept that you received a benefit,” said Gu Ning.

“What? 120 million yuan? That can’t be real!” Although Jing Jining had told them that the loss would be over a hundred million yuan, Jing Yunchan still couldn’t accept the exact number.

And she didn’t feel grateful for Gu Ning’s generosity at all. Instead, she thought it was a fake list.

“I have a surveillance video of it and I can give you a copy,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Jing Yunchan was struck dumb.

In fact, they didn’t really think that Gu Ning would make a fake list, but they couldn’t accept the huge amount.

“And I know it’s a lot of money for you, so I can give you all the damaged jade. You can make it into jewelry and sell it. You might get a few dozen million yuan,” said Gu Ning, then she took out a box from her telepathic eye space and placed it on the ground.

It was very generous of her.

When onlookers saw the box which appeared from nowhere, they were all shocked. Did Gu Ning have a Qiankun Bag?

In their eyes, only a Qiankun Bag could store things, so they didn’t have other ideas. Anyway, it was understandable if Gu Ning had a Qiankun Bag since she was Shangguan Yang’s disciple.

In regards to the damaged items; it was generous of Gu Ning to give them the damaged jade which they could sell.

“If you’re still not satisfied, I think I can only go to Tiandaozong for help,” said Gu Ning in the end.

Upon hearing that she would go to Tiandaozong, Jing Yunchan closed her mouth although she still felt aggrieved.

Since Gu Ning made it so clear, Liang Hongfeng didn’t think the list was fake. No matter how reluctant he was to pay the bill, he had to accept it. “Fine, but we can’t pay so much money right now. Can you give us a few more days?”

He could take out his money in a few days, but Jing Yunchan needed more time to sell her dowries.

“Hongfeng…” Jing Yunchan was slightly anxious when Liang Hongfeng accepted the amount so quickly, but she also knew that it was impossible for them to deny it. As a result, she didn’t know what to say.

“How many days do you need?” asked Gu Ning. She wouldn’t force them to pay her the money right away, because it was indeed a lot.

“How about a month? I can transfer seventy million yuan to your account this week. As for the remaining fifty million yuan, I need to sell some properties, so I need more time,” said Liang Hongfeng.

“Sure.” Gu Ning said, “Then we need to sign an agreement. You can check the damaged jewelry as well.”

Jing Yunchan immediately went to open the box. Anyway, she had to accept the result, and the damaged jewelry.

In the box, each piece of jewelry was wrapped in a gift package with a list of the original price and cost.

Jing Yunchan understood that jade was very profitable, but she was still surprised by the profit it could make.

It was true that they would need to pay a lot more if Gu Ning asked them for compensation according to the selling price.

Jewelry from Jade Beauty Jewelry had beautiful designs and women could never say no to jewelry. Therefore, once Jing Yunchan opened the box, the Liang family’s female members came over.

After looking at a few pieces of jewelry, they all agreed that it was a great loss that the jewelry was damaged.

Luckily, only some parts of the jewelry were damaged, and they could be worn after repair.

“This pendant is beautiful. Let me see it…” Senior Mrs. Liang was attracted to a pendant by a glance and she squatted to pick it up.

Seeing that, Jing Yunchan was unhappy, but said nothing. Anyway, they were just appreciating the jewelry.

However, when Senior Mrs. Liang saw the price, she gasped in astonishment. The cost of this jade pendant was 140 thousand yuan.

Although a corner of the jade pendant was broken, it still looked beautiful, so Senior Mrs. Liang wanted to buy it.

“Yunchan, this jade pendant lost a corner. Can you sell it to me at the price of fifty thousand yuan?” said Senior Mrs. Liang. When she offered that price, she felt a little guilty, because even she knew that the price was low.

Actually, she had wanted to offer a price of twenty thousand yuan, but it was too little, so she said fifty thousand yuan instead.

Jing Yunchan was mad and grabbed the jade pendant from Senior Mrs. Liang’s hand. “You’re really good at bargaining. The cost of this jade pendant is 140 thousand yuan. Even though there is a broken corner, it can be sold at the price of a hundred thousand yuan at least. How could you think about buying it with just fifty thousand yuan? It’s ridiculous!”

Although Jing Yunchan was right, Senior Mrs. Liang disliked her tone. “Yunchan, don’t be so mean. I just want to help you so that you can get some money back. How could you judge me like that?”

“If you know I need money to pay the bill, how can you offer such a low price? You merely want to take advantage of us. If I sell it to other people, I can get fifty thousand yuan more!” said Jing Yunchan.

“Yunchan, we’re family. No need to care too much about money,” said Junior Mrs. Liang. She also wanted to buy a piece of jade, but she was unwilling to pay such a high price for it.

“If you take us as family, shouldn’t you help us with the compensation?” Jing Yunchan said mockingly.

When she was in trouble, she never thought about burdening them, but they tried to take advantage of her instead.

Both Senior Mrs. Liang and Junior Mrs. Liang were embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

It was impossible for them to share the compensation with Jing Yunchan, because they couldn’t make money easily.

Old Mrs. Liang actually had the same intention of getting a few pieces of jewelry at the lowest price, but now she felt that she couldn’t say anything.

Liang Hongfeng was signing the agreement with Gu Ning at the side, but he still heard their conversation. Nevertheless, he didn’t say anything, feeling that Senior Mrs. Liang and Junior Mrs. Liang were shameless.