Chapter 1991 - Enemies on a Narrow Road (4)

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Chapter 1991: Enemies on a Narrow Road (4)

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The members of the Flaming Red Squad, who were ready to fight, were immediately relieved when they noticed that the huge beast had turned around and changed directions.

“I thought we were going to have a bloody battle, but that big guy was kind enough to not come.” Shile scratched his head. They had no experience in fighting undead creatures. He was not sure if they could fight a high-level undead creature so suddenly.

“That scared me.” The group of teenagers breathed a sigh of relief. They dared to fight, but everything happened so suddenly that they were not mentally prepared at all.

Zhanye stared at the direction where the high-level undead creature was running towards, and his expression became extremely ugly.

“Zhanye, why are you so nervous? It’s gone.” Shile laughed and patted Zhanye on the shoulder. Why was this guy’s face so ugly?

Zhanye looked at Shile with a pale face.

“It… ran towards our camp.”

“Camp? It’s okay. At worst, we can go back and set up camp again…” Halfway through Shile’s words, he suddenly stopped. In an instant, his face became as ugly as Zhanye’s.

The group of teenagers seemed to have realized something. They looked in the direction of the camp and roared in unison.

In the camp, Taotie lay in the tent, curled himself into a ball, and rolled around.

He had finished the food that Zhanye and the others had left behind and the snacks that Shen Yanxiao had given him. Right now, he could only lie here in boredom.

He wanted to follow Shen Yanxiao into the forest, but he was afraid that Zhanye and the others would sneak back. It would be bad if they could not see him, so he decided to just stay here.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! I’m starving! I’m starving!” Taotie curled up into a ball and rolled out of the tent. His pair of pitiful eyes looked around at what might be edible.

He could not eat it. Master said that it was for them to sleep.

It could not be eaten. It would be used to build a bonfire.

He could not eat it. He would be discovered if she did.

Sobs, was he going to dig up soil to eat?

Taotie felt sad that he had nothing to eat and hesitantly squatted on the ground to draw circles.

Suddenly, a violent tremor caused the circle drawn by Taotie to be crooked. He looked up in doubt and suddenly saw a huge creature running in his direction.

A string of question marks floated in Taotie’s mind.

The high-level undead creature fled desperately. It could feel that the undeads who attacked it were still chasing after it, so it had to escape quickly.

At this moment, it felt very unlucky. It just came out to find some food to eat. How could it be targeted by such a group of cruel undeads? Undeads were usually its rations. How could it expect to be directly injured by them?

Just as the high-level undead creature was grieving for its bad luck, it suddenly found an undead camp on its escape path. Thinking of its grief and indignation after being chased by those undeads, it decided to take revenge!

Even if it could not kill them, it would destroy their camp!

All of a sudden, the high-level undead found a small, round figure in the camp, looking up at it in confusion, his big eyes full of curiosity and doubt.

Oddly enough, it did not sense any undead aura from this little fellow.

The aura of the little fellow opposite him was very strange. It was faint, like death energy, but also a little different.

Moreover, the other party did not show any signs of fear after seeing it.