Chapter 1994 - Enemies on a Narrow Road (7)

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Chapter 1994: Enemies on a Narrow Road (7)

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“You don’t know? Who are you lying to? We just saw that undead creature coming in this direction. How can you not know where it went?” Another student from the Royal Academy stepped forward and looked at the members of the Flaming Red Squad angrily.

“We just arrived here as well,” Zhanye patiently said.

The leader looked at the camp and met Zhanye’s eyes.

“Yes.” Zhanye answered.

“What are you doing here?” The teenager asked.

“This has nothing to do with you. We don’t know where that undead creature went. If there’s nothing else, please leave.” Zhanye did not intend to say much to this group of “proud sons of heaven”. They had rushed back here from the training camp, and after tidying up here, they had to continue to train.

The other party raised his eyebrows. He obviously did not expect Zhanye to chase him out.

“Fengling, there seems to be something wrong with that little kid.” A student from the Royal Academy noticed Taotie standing behind the Flaming Red Squad.

The teenager named Fengling slightly raised his eyes and looked in the direction of Taotie. Shile immediately moved his feet to block Taotie behind his body.

“What’s that?” Fengling looked coldly at Zhanye.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Zhanye coldly said.

There was a sneer on Fengling’s delicate face. He looked at Zhanye and said, “There are three levels of undead creatures: low, intermediate, and high. Low and intermediate-level undead creatures are beasts with low intelligence, but among high-level undead creatures, there are some powerful existences that have lived for countless years. They are smart and cunning, and they have the ability to incarnate as humans.”

Zhanye frowned and stared at the other party cautiously.

He had also heard that high-level undead creatures could transform, but that was only in legends. To reach that realm, the high-level undead creature had to have tens of thousands of years of lifespan and be born with good foundations.

At the very least, in the past thousands of years, there had never been an aberrant high-level undead creature like that in the Howling Abyss.

But at this time, Fengling suddenly brought up this legend. Did he recognize Taotie as one of those legendary undead creatures?

“Whether it has anything to do with me or not is not up to you to decide. That high undead creature is our target. Please hand it over.” Fengling’s words sounded modest, but there was no trace of modesty in his tone.

“He’s not.” Zhanye denied.

“Since it’s not, let us see it. Even if a high-level undead creature transforms, its aura will not change and can only be temporarily suppressed. As long as we take a closer look, we will know.” Fengling chuckled and felt that Zhanye’s denial was useless.

How huge was a high-level undead creature? How could it disappear for no reason?

The only possibility for its disappearance was that it had the ability to transform.

It must be hiding here right now!

Zhanye gritted his teeth. He could not give the little fellow to Fengling. Although the little fellow was not an undead creature, he was not an undead either!

He was a human. With the attitude of undeads had towards humans, Zhanye could imagine that if he brought the little fellow to the group of the Royal Academy, they would certainly discover the little fellow’s real identity!