Chapter 2142 - Beauties (2)

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Chapter 2142: Beauties (2)

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“Four-star?” Shen Yanxiao was confused. She knew nothing about how dwarves classified strength.

Xiu’s voice sounded at the right time.

“Mechanical puppets with stars are called soul bodies. They are an independent species and are also called humanoid machines. The fighting strength of a one-star mechanical puppet is comparable to an advanced human professional. A two-star mechanical puppet is similar to a Second-Class Expert. The fighting strength of a three-star mechanical puppet can defeat a mythical-level magical beast. A four-star mechanical puppet is a powerful existence that even holy beasts can’t defeat. Humanoid machines can reach up to seven stars. The fighting strength of a seven-star humanoid machine can be compared to that of a superior god. During the war between gods and devils, the dwarves dispatched three seven-star humanoid machines, and their fighting strength is pretty good.”

“…” Shen Yanxiao was frightened by everything she had heard. Dwarves could actually create mechanical creatures with the same fighting strength as the superior gods!

No wonder dwarves were born alchemists!

Looking at the two four-star humanoid machines that could compete with Taotie, Shen Yanxiao was quite shocked.

She believed in the wisdom of the dwarves and understood what such wisdom meant to Ouyang Huanyu.

“I’ll accept it.” Shen Yanxiao had nothing to refuse.

Momo One and Two immediately stood behind Shen Yanxiao like two guardian gods.

Shen Yanxiao was curious about how many humanoid machines with such explosive fighting strength there were in the Momo Tribe.

According to Momo Ke and Momo An, in the entire Momo Tribe, there were only two four-star humanoid machines, No.1 and No.2. These two humanoid machines were older than all of them, as they were created before the war between gods and devils. They had experienced that tragic war and were fortunately preserved.

In addition to Momo One and Two, the Momo Tribe also had ten one-star humanoid machines, five two-star humanoid machines, and three three-star humanoid machines.

However, since the war between gods and devils, no one in the Momo Tribe had been able to create a four-star humanoid machine again. Momo An and Momo Ke had been working hard on the creation of four-star humanoid machines, but even after spending more than ten years, they still had not been able to create a third four-star humanoid machine.

These two four-star humanoid machines were extremely precious treasures for the Momo Tribe.

Momo An and Momo Ke were the most skilled alchemists in the Momo Tribe. Although they often fought for the chieftain position, they were really good partners in alchemy.

After accepting Momo One and Two, the celebration officially began. The dwarves drank and chatted happily, enthusiastically celebrating the appointment of the new chieftain.

“Momo Li, do you know of a human being who came to the Storm Continent not long ago?” Shen Yanxiao did not forget Tang Nazhi, who had arrived at the Storm Continent not long ago. She wondered where that idiot was now in the Storm Continent.

Momo Li drank a lot, and his little face was flushed.

“It has been a long time since outsiders entered the Storm Continent, except for the invaders… Hiccup…”

“That human entered with the dwarves. He is not an invader.” Shen Yanxiao felt that with Tang Nazhi’s IQ, it was good enough not to be abducted by the dwarves.

No, hadn’t he already been abducted?

“If you have permission, there should be… there should be a record on my king’s side. Chieftain, are you looking for that human?” Momo Li asked.

“It doesn’t matter. Before long, my king will summon the chieftains of every single tribe to the capital city. The Chieftain can ask my king then,” Momo Li said.