Chapter 1870 - Reconstruction of Snow Wind Ridge

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The moment they saw Su Zimo walk out of the collapsed palace, the cultivators of Blood Sun Valley realized that their Valley Master was most likely doomed!

Blood Sun Valley was finished!

This faction that had stood for many years on the Dragon Abyss Star had failed countless calamities.

Nobody expected such a massive power to be severely injured in succession in just a few decades and end up in such a state.

Blood Sun Valley was not destroyed in a fight between factions, but in the hands of a single person!

If they had not experienced everything personally, no one would have imagined that this person was only a Grade 6 Black Immortal who had ascended for less than a hundred years!

The remaining cultivators in Blood Sun Valley broke down mentally and did not dare to fight Su Zimo at all. They fled in panic, hating themselves for not having more legs.

Right then, Yue Hao and the others arrived at Blood Sun Valley with more than a thousand cultivators from Sun Vanquishing Stronghold.

When enemies meet, their eyes turn red!

With Yue Hao’s order, the army of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold roared and charged towards the defeated soldiers of Blood Sun Valley murderously.

In reality, there were still thousands of cultivators that escaped from Blood Sun Valley.

However, those people were completely afraid of Su Zimo and no longer dared to fight against the cultivators of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold. They dispersed in utter defeat!

There was no doubt about this battle.

Yue Hao and the others were worried about Su Zimo and did not follow the army to chase after everyone else. Instead, they charged into Blood Sun Valley.

Flames surged into the skies of Blood Sun Valley.

This former powerhouse of the Dragon Abyss Star was almost burned into ruins by the Caturadhi Dao Fire and corpses were strewn everywhere!

Although it was only some remnant flames, Yue Hao and the others could feel a burning pain on their skin.

Everyone looked up and saw a green-robed cultivator walking in the air not far away. The surrounding flames avoided him.

“Brother Su, are you alright?”

Yue Hao and the others hurried forward.

Su Zimo nodded gently.

“Where’s the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley?”

At the mention of that person, Shen Fei clenched his fists with a hateful expression.

Su Zimo said indifferently.

Yue Hao and the other two had already vaguely guessed this outcome.

However, the three of them still felt relieved when they heard that answer from Su Zimo.

The three of them carried hatred in their hearts and led the people of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold to wander around the Dragon Abyss Star without a permanent residence—all of that was so that they could destroy Blood Sun Valley and kill their enemies.

However, over the years, the difference between them and Blood Sun Valley was still insurmountable.

The three of them felt that the news was surreal.

Yue Hao lamented, “Blood Sun Valley is destroyed! Everyone from Sky Pillar Stronghold, Wind Cloud Gang and Honor Villa, if you guys know about it, you’ll have no regrets…”

All the hatred and responsibility was placed on this man. All these years, he could barely breathe.

In fact, he did not even dare to have a peaceful sleep, afraid that he would encounter danger and let the people of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold suffer!

But now, he felt relieved!

Su Zimo looked at Blood Sun Valley with a conflicted expression.

Even though he killed the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley and destroyed it, he was not delighted at all.

The people of Snow Wind Ridge were still dead in the end.

Old Yan would not revive either.

The Human Emperor and Die Yue were not wrong—the upper world was even more cruel and cold-blooded than the lower world!

This was only the most remote Dragon Abyss Star. What would happen if they entered the center of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom and came into contact with the true cultivation world of the upper world?

In ten days, the news of Blood Sun Valley’s destruction had already spread completely and countless factions were shocked!

Blood Sun Valley was one of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star.

Even the three major factions of the past, Sky Pillar Stronghold, Wind Cloud Gang and Honor Villa, persisted for many years and were severely injured before being destroyed.

Who would have thought that Blood Sun Valley would be removed from the Dragon Abyss Star in a single day!

“What’s going on?”

“I heard that Chen Xuanyang led an army to attack Snow Wind Ridge and was about to take it down. Unexpectedly, Su Zimo arrived with an army and defeated Chen Xuanyang.”

“Su Zimo, it’s him again!”

“However, even if Chen Xuanyang was defeated, the Valley Master of Blood Sun Valley is a Grade 8 Black Immortal and has been famous for many years. How did he lose so badly?”

“I heard from a cultivator who escaped from Blood Sun Valley that Su Zimo was the one who charged into Blood Sun Valley alone to fight against the Valley Master.”

“However, no one saw the exact situation of that battle. What exactly happened will probably remain a mystery forever.”

“This Su Zimo is truly terrifying. Every time he appears, he stirs up a storm. Given his strength and reputation, he’s probably qualified to establish a new faction and replace Blood Sun Valley!”

For the past few days, almost everyone on the Dragon Abyss Star was discussing this matter.

Ten days later, Snow Wind Ridge.

Blood Sun Valley contained a large number of cultivation resources and treasures.

With the destruction of Blood Sun Valley, all the cultivation resources and treasures were shifted to Snow Wind Ridge!

Snow Wind Ridge had also entered the stage of reconstruction.

Under Xia Qingying’s persuasion, Yue Hao and the others chose to stay in Snow Wind Ridge.

The existence of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold was for revenge to begin with.

But now that Blood Sun Valley was destroyed, no one resisted the integration of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold into Snow Wind Ridge.

Snow Wind Ridge suffered immense losses and countless casualties in this battle.

However, with the addition of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold and the massive resources of Blood Sun Valley, Snow Wind Ridge’s strength increased significantly!

Furthermore, over the past few days, many cultivators in the vicinity chose to join Snow Wind Ridge because of its reputation.

The main hall of Snow Wind Ridge.

Su Zimo, Yue Hao, Shen Fei, Gu Wenjun, Xia Qingying, Duan Tianliang and the others sat on both sides of the hall.

At the top of the hall, the Territorial Lord seat was still empty.

For the past few days, many cultivators were busy rebuilding Snow Wind Ridge, accommodating cultivators, comforting spirit farmers and receiving resources from Blood Sun Valley.

Now that Snow Wind Ridge was gradually on the right track, the position of Territorial Lord could not remain empty.

Actually, everyone already had a candidate in mind.

In everyone’s opinion, this was the only person who was qualified and had the strength to become the Territorial Lord of Snow Wind Ridge and command a region to intimidate everyone!

Xia Qingying coughed gently and stood up slowly. “I called everyone here today because I want to confirm a candidate for the Territorial Lord position.”

The moment she said that, everyone’s gaze landed on Su Zimo.

Even Xia Qingying was the same.

Xia Qingying smiled gently. “Fellow Daoist Su, the position of the Territorial Lord belongs to you.”

“I can’t do it,”

Su Zimo shook his head indifferently.

“Brother Su, you’re the only one who can convince the masses as the Territorial Lord. None of us have any objections!” Yue Hao added hurriedly.

Gu Wenjun nodded. “That’s right, Brother Su. Almost all the cultivators who joined Snow Wind Ridge these days were because of your reputation.”

“There’s no need to mention this again,”

Su Zimo said, “I’ll stay in Snow Wind Ridge for a period of time. However, you’ll have to choose someone else as the Territorial Lord.”

Given his cultivation speed, he would leave the Dragon Abyss Star before long.

Su Zimo did not want to leave too much karma on the Dragon Abyss Star and did not want to bring unnecessary trouble to everyone from Snow Wind Ridge because of him.