Chapter 1871 - Change on the Dragon Abyss Star

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When everyone saw Su Zimo’s resolute attitude, they could not persuade him further.

Yue Hao thought for a moment and looked at Xia Qingying opposite him. “Since that’s the case, Qingying should be the Territorial Lord. After all, this is your territory and you’re the most familiar with it.”

“I can’t do it,”

Xia Qingying shook her head gently and smiled. “My cultivation realm is too low and isn’t enough to convince the masses.”

Not everyone on the Dragon Abyss Star cultivated at such a terrifying speed like Su Zimo.

After 60 years, Xia Qingying’s cultivation was still at the Level 4 Black Essence realm.

Xia Qingying pondered for a moment. “Brother Yue is a Grade 7 Black Immortal. The strength of Sun Vanquishing Stronghold is stronger than Snow Wind Ridge to begin with. Right now, they’re fused into Snow Wind Ridge.”

“Apart from Fellow Daoist Su, Brother Yue is probably the only one qualified to be the Territorial Lord.”

Yue Hao waved it off hurriedly and was about to decline.

At the side, Shen Fei could not help but say, “Alright, alright! Why are the two of you declining? It’s the same no matter who it is. Sooner or later… cough, cough.”

Shen Fei did not continue, clearly implying something as he looked at Yue Hao and Xia Qingying mockingly.

Yue Hao and Xia Qingying exchanged glances and averted their gazes hurriedly.

Xia Qingying blushed slightly and was relatively calm.

However, Yue Hao blushed and rubbed his hands, not knowing what to do.

Gu Wenjun could not help but cover her mouth and chuckle when she saw her brother like that.

A look of realization flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes when he saw that.

To think that Yue Hao and Xia Qingying would have such an affinity. It was rare.

Xia Qingying was kind-hearted and had just experienced the pain of losing her father. It was rare for her to find someone who could stay by her side.

During this period of time, Yue Hao was also proven to be an upright and righteous man. The two of them were rather compatible.

Su Zimo smiled gently. “Since that’s the case, Yue Hao will be the Territorial Lord of Snow Wind Ridge. If you have any questions, ask Xia Qingying.”

Shen Fei and the others agreed immediately.

When Yue Hao heard Su Zimo’s words, he did not decline further. He stood up and cupped his fists towards Xia Qingying, bowing. “Fellow… Fellow Daoist Qingying, if there’s anything wrong in the future, feel free to tell me. I’ll definitely change!”

Xia Qingying nodded and lowered her head.

It was clear that the relationship between them was not yet official and was in an ambiguous state that was the most beautiful.

Su Zimo smiled and left without lingering in the hall.

Shen Fei and the others realized something as well and left with smiles, leaving Yue Hao and Xia Qingying in the hall.

For the next period of time, Su Zimo did not continue cultivating. Instead, he took out the turtle shell he obtained from Dragon Abyss City and comprehended it.

There was an array formation recorded on the turtle shell.

The complicated patterns on it were actually formation patterns.

As time passed by, Snow Wind Ridge was rebuilt and grew stronger.

There were even some small factions in the surroundings who chose to join Snow Wind Ridge to obtain protection.

However, Su Zimo, Yue Hao and the others knew that the crisis of Snow Wind Ridge had not truly passed.

Snow Wind Ridge was still facing at least two immense threats!

The Evil Wolf Army and the Goshawk Gang!

Back then, these two bandit groups were the ones who destroyed the three major factions, Sky Pillar Stronghold, Wind Cloud Gang and Honor Villa.

Now that Snow Wind Ridge was rebuilt and Blood Sun Valley was destroyed, the two bandit groups had an extremely close relationship with Blood Sun Valley and would definitely not let things go!

For the next year, Snow Wind Ridge was extremely guarded and did not dare to relax at all.

Perhaps out of fear of Su Zimo’s reputation, the two bandit groups had not made any moves for the past year.

However, everyone from Snow Wind Ridge knew that the two bandit groups must be waiting for an opportunity.

As long as they seized this opportunity, the two bandit groups would definitely make a move and take revenge on Snow Wind Ridge!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten years had passed since Blood Sun Valley was destroyed.

After ten years of development, Snow Wind Ridge grew rapidly.

Right now, there were more than 10,000 guards in Snow Wind Ridge alone!

Although it could not compare to Blood Sun Valley back then, because of the reputation of the battle 10 years ago, many cultivators had already listed Snow Wind Ridge as one of the eight major factions of the Dragon Abyss Star!

For the past ten years.

Su Zimo spent most of his time cultivating in seclusion.

After breaking through to the Level 6 Black Essence realm, he could clearly sense that the absorption of Heaven and Earth Essence Qi by the Green Lotus True Body was increasing!

If he wanted to raise a realm, the number of Essence Condensation Pills he required would increase exponentially and the time he would require would increase as well.

Although he had consumed a large number of Essence Condensation Pills during his ten years of cultivation, the increase in his cultivation was not obvious.

Although the Green Lotus True Body was strong, the cultivation resources required were extremely terrifying as well!

The Creation Green Lotus was unique and there was only one in the world.

Throughout history, not many people had seen a Grade 12 Creation Green Lotus.

That was because the conditions for the Creation Green Lotus to grow became increasingly stringent towards the end!

This day, Su Zimo sensed something and jolted awake from his seclusion.

Su Zimo walked out of his cave abode and looked in the direction of the desolate lands, frowning slightly.

“Boss, you’re out of seclusion,”

All these years, Duan Tianliang had been guarding the entrance of Su Zimo’s cave abode and did not allow anyone to approach.

It was not because he was loyal, but because the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi at the entrance of the cave abode was extremely rich and his cultivation speed had advanced by leaps and bounds!

“What happened?”

Duan Tianliang asked carefully when he saw Su Zimo’s strange expression.

Su Zimo shook his head and did not explain.

Earlier on, he could vaguely sense an unusual energy fluctuation in the depths of the desolate lands that was extremely terrifying!

The energy fluctuation had even surpassed the Black Essence realm!

Logically speaking, a power of this level should not have appeared on the Dragon Abyss Star.

This time round, most of the cultivators and living beings on the Dragon Abyss Star witnessed such a shocking scene, let alone Su Zimo.

“What treasure has appeared?!”

“From the looks of it, it seems to be from the desolate lands.”

“Let’s go take a look!”

For many cultivators, this was an opportunity!

If they could grasp it, they might be able advance by leaps and bounds and eventually leave the Dragon Abyss Star!

Right then, Yue Hao, Xia Qingying and the others rushed over.

“Brother Su, what’s going on?”

Su Zimo shook his head. “I’m not sure either. You guys guard Snow Wind Ridge. I’ll go take a look.”

“Fellow Daoist Su, you have to be careful!”

“I reckon that even the native Exalted Immortals of Dragon Abyss City might want to check it out. You must be careful not to get into a conflict with them.”