Chapter 1872 - Gathering of Experts

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Arriving at the desolate lands, Su Zimo found the Silver Giant and obtained some information.

The abyss was shrouded by black fog all year round and possessed an extremely terrifying power. Once Black Immortals entered the black fog, their Essence Qi would be devoured and they would turn into dried corpses.

Therefore, although the abyss had existed for a long time, no one explored it.

All the living beings could guess that there were definitely treasures and opportunities in this abyss. Now that the black fog had dispersed, it was a rare opportunity!

For the past three days, the living beings in the desolate lands had become restless as well.

The three ferocious beasts, the gigantic bee, nine-headed bird and Ying Zhao, headed to the abyss to investigate as well.

“Why didn’t you go?”

Su Zimo looked at the Silver Giant and asked.

The Silver Giant was honest as well. “Given the huge commotion this time round, I reckon that experts must be gathered in that abyss.”

“Perhaps even experts from outside the Dragon Abyss Star will arrive. An opportunity as such will definitely not be mine.”

The moment he said that, Su Zimo sensed something and looked up.

Outside the Dragon Abyss Star, a dark golden light was approaching rapidly!

Before long, the dark golden light appeared and sped through the Dragon Abyss Star towards the depths of the desolate lands.

Su Zimo could clearly see that the dark golden light was a gigantic ship. It was dozens of feet long and seven levels tall. Just from its appearance, it was extremely exquisite and ethereal.

On the Dragon Abyss Star, due to the suppression of the laws of the upper world, even a Grade 9 Black Immortal could only soar 90 feet into the air.

As for the ship, it sailed hundreds of feet in the air and swept past the heads of Su Zimo and the other demons with a huge shadow!

More than ten figures stood on the spirit vessel.

The gazes of those cultivators swept past Su Zimo and the others below with indifferent expressions, as though they were looking at a group of ants!

Su Zimo was secretly alarmed.

Given the grandeur of the ship, the people standing on it were probably all experts of the Earth Essence realm!

Although the ship seemed to be moving slowly, it disappeared from Su Zimo’s line of sight before long.

Su Zimo went deep into thought.

He had heard from others that even Earth Essence realm experts could not travel through the starry skies.

They could only do that after cultivating to the Heaven Essence realm.

As for the ship he saw earlier on, there were many mysterious patterns etched on it, forming a barrier that seemed to be able to protect the cultivators on the ship and allow them to travel through the starry skies freely.

Even experts outside the Dragon Abyss Star were alarmed. Even if there were any treasures in the abyss, it would not be easy to obtain them.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo decided to explore the abyss still.

Suddenly, he thought of something.

It was probably not a coincidence that he escaped death from the black hole dozens of years ago and fell onto this star!

Coincidentally, this star was also known as the Dragon Abyss Star!

Su Zimo continued heading deeper into the desolate lands.

He had just arrived at the outer perimeter of the abyss and stopped in his tracks with a grim expression.

Over the past few days, countless experts outside the Dragon Abyss Star had descended here.

Some of them rode on flying ships and every single cultivator emitted an extremely powerful aura. Compared to those experts, the Black Immortals on the Dragon Abyss Star were as weak as ants!

Some cultivators were even more terrifying.

Su Zimo witnessed a long-haired man in bloodstained armor speeding over from the depths of the starry skies in a war chariot led by a nine-headed wyrm!

The nine-headed wyrm was dozens of feet long and roared with a menacing expression. The aura released by each head was even more terrifying than most cultivators who came down from the ships!

One could imagine the strength of the man on the war chariot. He rode on the war chariot and almost crushed the starry skies in an unstoppable manner!

Anyone who could travel through the starry skies freely was a Heaven Immortal expert!

Gulping, Su Zimo retracted his gaze and did not dare to look for too long.

Although his spirit consciousness far surpassed his peers, he did not dare to scan those cultivators.

That was because he personally witnessed the man on the war chariot killing a cultivator who came down from a ship because the latter wanted to check the man’s cultivation realm with his spirit consciousness out of curiosity!

“How dare a puny Earth Immortal probe my background. You must have a death wish!”

The man on the war chariot sneered.

“Heaven Immortal Luo Yang, you sure are impressive. What’s so great about killing an Earth Immortal?”

Not far away, a coquettish and charming woman rode on a colorful auspicious cloud and floated over. She looked at the man on the war chariot and chuckled.

He was indeed a Heaven Immortal!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

With that said, Heaven Immortal Luo Yang rode his war chariot into the abyss.

“Hehe, coward,”

The coquettish woman laughed. “We’re going to meet again in the Heaven Ranking competition. You won’t be able to avoid it.”

As she said that, she rode on her auspicious cloud and entered the abyss as well.

Su Zimo stood far away in the abyss, frowning.

The commotion this time round was way too great.

Any of the cultivators that were flying in the air could kill him!

There were many other Black Immortals like him in the surroundings. All of them had grim expressions and did not dare to act rashly or advance as they watched from afar.

Su Zimo caught sight of cultivators of the eight factions in the nearby crowd.

Although opportunities were tempting, it would not be worth it if they lost their lives.

Before they could see any true treasures, many cultivators had already died in the abyss.

Su Zimo waited patiently outside the abyss for a long time.

He was only prepared to move after almost all the foreign experts had entered the abyss.

The abyss shone brightly!

A jade green light was charging in Su Zimo’s direction.

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

The green light was a jade dagger that was extremely exquisite and had not worn out even after countless years!