Chapter 1874 - Terrifying Black Mist

Eternal Sacred King Snow-filled Bow Saber, 雪满弓刀 2022/9/13 15:59:41

The number of cultivators outside the abyss decreased and most of them had already leaped into it.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment and did not leave.

When he arrived at the edge of the abyss, the Bronze Square Tripod trembled slightly, as though it was extremely excited.

This had never happened before!

Even when he obtained the spirit treasure fragment at the Night Marketplace in Dragon Abyss City, the Bronze Square Tripod merely shuddered and did not have much of a reaction.

To Su Zimo, the Bronze Square Tripod had long gained sentience.

There was definitely a reason for the Bronze Square Tripod’s reaction!

At that thought, Su Zimo arrived at the edge of the abyss and looked down. He controlled his body and descended carefully.

Before long, a strange feeling rose in Su Zimo’s heart.

It was as though he had passed through a barrier that was like water and arrived at a dimension that was completely different from the Dragon Abyss Star!

Su Zimo paused for a moment and continued sinking.

A long time later, he arrived at the bottom of the abyss!

There was a sinister aura at the bottom of the abyss. It was barren and lifeless with some white bones scattered around.

Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings and did not discover anything unusual.

However, for some reason, he felt his heart skip a beat after descending, as though a calamity was about to descend!

Along the way, he saw many Black Immortals with different cultivation realms.

Unlike Su Zimo, the Black Immortals were excited.

However, most of the Black Immortals were unwilling to leave just like that and wanted to continue forward to search for other opportunities!

After walking for a while more, Su Zimo suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“What’s going on?!”

“Could someone have already obtained that utmost treasure?”

“Even if someone obtains it, there will definitely be a bloody battle. The ultimate ownership of the treasure is still unknown!”

A cultivator not far away whispered.

“There’s truly something strange about this abyss,”

A Grade 7 Black Immortal said, “Logically speaking, given our cultivation, our vision won’t be affected even in the darkness. However, my vision and spirit consciousness are greatly restricted after entering the abyss!”

“Me too,”

The person who spoke was a Grade 8 Black Immortal.

The Black Immortals continued forward in the darkness.

However, Su Zimo had a grim expression as he glared ahead motionlessly!

He was the Green Lotus True Body. Although his vision was greatly restricted in the abyss, it was much stronger than other Black Immortals!

He could clearly see a large black fog surging over from the front of the abyss like a tide!

Some Black Immortals not far away had yet to notice this!

It was said that there was a mysterious black fog in this abyss all year round and no living being on the Dragon Abyss Star could approach it!

Just as Su Zimo was about to remind them, a tragic cry sounded from the black fog ahead!

Su Zimo’s pupil constricted instantly.

A Grade 7 Black Immortal fell into the black fog and fell stiffly without any life within two breaths!

“Ah, what’s that?!”

“This is bad! The black fog is here!”

“Hurry and escape!”

The Black Immortals in the abyss were in chaos and wanted to escape from the range of the mysterious black fog, but they could not!

Black fog surged above the heads of many Black Immortals as well.

Some Black Immortals had just soared into the air when they smashed into the black fog and fell as corpses.

That was the difference in cultivation.

The mysterious black fog could kill Black Immortals with ease but it could not injure Earth Immortals.

An Earth Immortal expert swept past the heads of many Black Immortals and sneered, “How dare a bunch of ants come here with such a low cultivation realm. They truly don’t know what’s good for them!”

Su Zimo retreated rapidly with a wary expression.

Although the Green Lotus True Body was strong, he did not dare to take the risk to come into contact with the black fog.

However, he was forced to stop after taking a few steps.

Behind him, a large amount of mysterious black fog shrouded over as well!

There was nowhere to run!

Initially, there were many Black Immortals shouting around him.

However, in that short period of time, the surroundings were dead silent!

All the Black Immortals in the vicinity died in the mysterious black fog!

Su Zimo did not dare to hesitate when he saw the black fog surging over. He channeled his blood qi and green rays of light shone around him!

However, the green glow merely caused the surrounding black fog to pause for a moment.

The mysterious black fog enveloped him rapidly once more.

The green glow dimmed rapidly in the black fog as well!

The mysterious black fog exuded a rotting aura of death and was extremely terrifying!

Su Zimo channeled his Essence Spirit and conjured the Samadhi Dao Fire that circled around him!

The Samadhi Dao Fire burned and refined evil without fail.

However, the three balls of flames were extinguished the moment they were touched by the black fog!

However, those trump cards merely delayed things slightly.

Before long, the black fog enveloped him once more!

Su Zimo waved his sleeves and released the Nine Heavens Living Soil. Yellow sand surged and shone with a golden light, forming a barrier around him.

The Nine Heavens Living Soil was indeed extraordinary!

The black fog enveloped him but could not corrode the golden light on the yellow sand.

However, much of the black fog seeped in through the gaps in the yellow sand and coiled towards Su Zimo!

Su Zimo lamented internally.

He had not expected that he would be forced into a corner by the mysterious black fog before he even encountered any opportunities or treasures!

Although he had already released all his trump cards, he could not defend against the terrifying corrosive power of the mysterious black fog!

“Am I really going to die here today?”

Su Zimo gripped his fist gently.

This would truly be a wrongful death in his opinion.

It was like a dragon roar and phoenix cry that contained a supreme will!

As though they sensed something, the mysterious black fog in the surroundings paused in front of Su Zimo before dissipating!