Chapter 1876 - Zither and Flute

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In midair above the abyss, there were many Earth Immortals scattered above Su Zimo’s head—there were at least a hundred of them!

Initially, the black fog in the abyss shrouded the surroundings and blocked one’s vision.

Su Zimo groped his way forward at the bottom of the abyss and did not notice that he had already arrived beneath many Earth Immortals!

Of course, when many Dharmic treasures appeared, even if the Earth Immortal experts in midair saw Su Zimo, no one would bother.

“That ancient bell is mine!”

An Earth Immortal reached out and grabbed an ancient bell that emitted a hazy immortal light.

“Hmph! Given your cultivation, you’re not worthy of using this ancient bell!”

Another Grade 7 Earth Immortal attacked and pointed at the Earth Immortal in front of him. A gigantic axe was formed and a surging tsunami appeared behind it, slashing down with a terrifying might!

Another Earth Immortal expert charged over and extended his palm, grabbing towards the descending axe in midair as he hollered, “Frost Immortal Hand!”

A chilling gigantic palm was formed!

The temperature in the abyss dipped and the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi seemed to be frozen!

Before the axe descended, the tide behind it froze instantly!

The Frost Immortal Hand grabbed forcefully and shattered the axe!

The battle royale was extremely tragic the moment it began. Some Earth Immortals died in the chaotic battle and fell from midair, filling the air with blood and a nauseating stench.

Down below, Su Zimo had a grim expression and did not dare to stay on the spot. In a flash, he retreated from the battlefield, afraid that he would be implicated by the power of the Earth Immortal battle.

Given his current cultivation, he would definitely die if he was embroiled in such a battle!

Thankfully, the attention of many Earth Immortals was focused on the fight for Dharmic treasures and no one cared about Su Zimo below.

The sound of a zither echoed endlessly from the abyss.

The sound of the zither seemed to be filled with a strange power. After it sounded, the many Earth Immortal experts who were initially fighting intensely in midair stopped one after another!

Many Earth Immortals widened their eyes in confusion.

Everyone seemed to be frozen in midair by the sound of the zither!

Amidst the faint sound of the zither, another series of sounds from a flute could be heard. It was sorrowful and sweet, lingering endlessly!

The Earth Immortal experts in midair fell from midair one after another as though they had lost their souls and smashed heavily onto the ground!

Be it Grade 1 or 9 Earth Immortals, none of them were spared. In the blink of an eye, a hundred Earth Immortal experts fell!

The Earth Immortal experts revealed strange smiles!

He could clearly sense that there was no longer any life in those Earth Immortal experts!

A hundred Earth Immortals died in the sound of the zither and flute!

Right then, Su Zimo’s vision blurred.

Su Zimo felt as though his Essence Spirit was about to collapse and his soul was dissipating when he heard the faint sound of the zither and flute!

Su Zimo growled and shook his head furiously, wanting to break free from the sound of the zither and flute.

However, the sound of the zither and flute was endless and surged into his ears.

An unfathomable power seeped into his consciousness and he could not fight or break free!

Su Zimo’s eyes were listless and a strange smile gradually appeared on his face—it was identical to the Earth Immortal experts who died!

A change happened in Su Zimo’s consciousness!

The sinister power seeped into his consciousness and made contact with the Bronze Square Tripod, causing it to tremble!

“Om… Ma… Ni… Pa…”

Initially, it was difficult for Su Zimo to escape death against the sound of the zither and flute.

But now, the vast Sanskrit sound suppressed the sound of the zither and flute completely and gradually expelled them from his consciousness!

Su Zimo gradually woke up and regained consciousness.

The one on the left was an ancient zither that was around 3 feet 6 inches long with a total of seven strings. It was made from Parasol Tree Wood and had a rich and beautiful design. The broken patterns were like dragons and it was filled with an ancient charm.

The faint sound of the zither earlier on was coming from this zither!

Although no one was playing the zither, the sound of the zither continued.

However, Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was enveloped by the vast and sacred Sanskrit and it was difficult for the eerie zither sound to seep in.

On the right was a pitch-black nine-jointed flute. A gentle breeze blew and a strange sound could be heard from the eight holes!

If he had not seen it personally, Su Zimo would not have believed that the hundred Earth Immortals earlier on had died to the zither and flute before him!

The zither and flute exuded an ancient aura.

More importantly, there were no spirit consciousness fluctuations on the ancient zither and flute!

In other words, those two Dharmic treasures did not have owners yet!

“Could they be sentient Dharmic treasures?!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Such a situation would only happen if Dharmic treasures were sentient!

Right then, the ancient zither and flute circled around Su Zimo a few times, as though they were scrutinizing him.

Thereafter, the ancient zither and flute approached Su Zimo gradually.

At that moment, Su Zimo could no longer sense any killing intent from the two Dharmic treasures!

Sentient Dharmic treasure like these were equivalent to possessing sentience. After losing their master, they could choose new masters on their own!

Right now, when the ancient zither and flute saw that Su Zimo could defend against their voices, they were puzzled and already had the intention to choose him as their master!

Su Zimo was secretly delighted when he realized that they were two sentient Dharmic treasures.

His spirit consciousness moved and he summoned the Bronze Square Tripod, prepared to feed the ancient zither and flute to it!

Unexpectedly, the moment the Bronze Square Tripod appeared, the ancient zither and flute paused, as though they had seen something extremely terrifying. Suddenly, the sound of the zither and flute disappeared!

The ancient zither and flute went completely silent!

The next moment, the ancient zither transformed into a streak of light and turned to flee, as though it was escaping for its life.

The ancient flute followed closely behind!

The two Dharmic treasures were extremely fast and disappeared before Su Zimo could react.

“Those two sentient Dharmic treasures were scared off?”

Su Zimo held the Bronze Square Tripod and froze on the spot, dumbfounded.