Chapter 1877 - : Repairing the Ancient Tripod

Eternal Sacred King Snow-filled Bow Saber, 雪满弓刀 2022/9/13 15:59:43

The speed of the ancient zither and flute was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared, leaving only corpses on the ground.

Su Zimo looked at the hundreds of Earth Immortal corpses in the vicinity and pondered for a moment before heading forward to collect the storage bags of the Earth Immortal experts.

Although those Earth Immortals died, their storage bags still had their spirit consciousness imprints.

Su Zimo could not erase the imprints nor could he see what was in the storage bags of the Earth Immortals.

However, the storage bags of a hundred Earth Immortals were not a small gain!

Su Zimo continued forward along the abyss.

At that moment, the number of corpses in the abyss increased.

It was as though an extremely tragic battle had happened here many years ago!

Before long, the Bronze Square Tripod in Su Zimo’s consciousness trembled slightly.

“Could there be some sentient Dharmic treasure in the vicinity?”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he began searching around.

Before long, a sword hilt was indeed exposed between two corpses.

Su Zimo advanced and gripped the hilt of his sword, whipping it outwards!

A sword was pulled out from the dust and it let out a clear sword hum.

Unfortunately, the sword was filled with cracks. Even if it was a sentient Dharmic treasure, it no longer had sentience and was clearly crippled!

Su Zimo’s wrist trembled gently.

Unable to withstand the power, the sword shattered into many shards and scattered on the ground.

For most cultivators, those shard fragments were useless.

However, for the Bronze Square Tripod, even if it was a spirit treasure fragment, it could still refine and absorb it to repair the cracks on the tripod!

Waving his sleeves, Su Zimo put away the sword shards and threw them into the Bronze Square Tripod.

An extremely terrifying heat burst forth from the tripod and began to refine the sword shards, absorbing the power within to repair the cracks!

Of course, there were too many cracks on the tripod.

Even after devouring those shards, only two or three cracks were repaired. It would still be a long time before the second tripod wall could be repaired completely.

After devouring the spirit treasure fragments, a change happened on the first wall of the Bronze Square Tripod as well.

If Su Zimo had not been paying attention to the changes in the Bronze Square Tripod, he might not have noticed it either.

The first wall of the Bronze Square Tripod had long been repaired. But now, Su Zimo caught a trace of life on the wall!

There was no longer any activity on the wall of the tripod.

Now that he sensed such a change, a guess flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Although Su Zimo had obtained the Bronze Square Tripod for a long time, up till now, he knew very little about it.

Perhaps the secret of the ancient tripod could only be revealed after the Bronze Square Tripod was completely repaired.

Su Zimo took a deep breath and continued forward. He was not fast and was extremely cautious.

Before long, the Bronze Square Tripod vibrated once more.

“Hmm? Another sentient Dharmic treasure?”

Delighted, Su Zimo searched the vicinity hurriedly.

Before long, he found a damaged ancient bell beneath a corpse!

Without hesitation, Su Zimo threw the ancient bell into the Bronze Square Tripod to have it devoured.

A few more cracks on the second tripod wall were repaired.

As Su Zimo ventured deeper, he could find the sentient Dharmic treasures left behind from the battle among the corpses at intervals.

Of course, after countless years, the storage bags of Perfected Immortal experts turned into ashes and the many items and treasures within could not withstand the baptism of time and turned into dust.

Only the sentient Dharmic treasures that were scattered in the abyss could be preserved till now.

Of course, those sentient Dharmic treasures no longer had any sentience and were battered by time.

Even so, those sentient Dharmic treasures were great supplements for the Bronze Square Tripod!

Su Zimo was both surprised and delighted as he advanced.

He was delighted because the second wall of the Bronze Square Tripod was healing at a visible speed!

The lifeforce fluctuation on the first tripod wall intensified as well.

Along the way, Su Zimo gradually realized that this abyss was an ancient battlefield!

Back then, a massive battle must have happened for so many corpses and sentient Dharmic treasures to be scattered!

This meant that many Perfected Immortal experts died in this battle back then!

What shocked Su Zimo was that he saw so many corpses of Perfected Immortal experts before he even reached the end of the abyss.

If that was the case, what was at the end of the abyss?

Could an existence stronger than a Perfected Immortal have died here in the battle back then?

As time passed by, Su Zimo was getting closer to the end of the abyss.

In fact, he could sense a series of domineering energy fluctuations ahead!

A huge battle seemed to have broken out at the end of the abyss.

There was a high chance that many Heaven Immortal experts were fighting there!

The man he saw riding on the wyrm chariot earlier on, Heaven Immortal Luo Yang, as well as the coquettish woman that even he was wary of…

There was a high chance that all of those experts were gathered at the end of the abyss!

Su Zimo stopped in his tracks and frowned with a grim expression.

His gains from this trip to the abyss were already unimaginable!

Notwithstanding the storage bags of the Earth Immortals and Black Immortals, the spirit treasure fragments that were collected along the way and fed to the Bronze Square Tripod were priceless!

The second wall of the Bronze Square Tripod was almost half repaired!

Even if Su Zimo were to withdraw now and leave the abyss, it would not be a wasted trip.

If he continued deeper, his future would be uncertain and it would be way too dangerous!

Given his current capabilities, there was no way he could protect himself. Any Heaven Immortal expert could probably kill him with a single finger!

However, he was already here. If he were to retreat and not take a look at the end of the abyss, he would feel indignant.

Su Zimo did not know that the many Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals at the end of the abyss were experiencing an unimaginable calamity!

Not many people could leave this calamity alive!