Chapter 1878 - Soul Summoning Banner

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Su Zimo stood on the spot and pondered for a long time before deciding to continue forward.

The main reason why he came this time round was to search for some opportunities. However, he also wanted to see what secrets were hidden in the abyss.

At that moment, the Bronze Square Tripod heated up in his consciousness and emitted an excitement!

Su Zimo followed the edge of the abyss carefully and continued forward.

He was tense and was prepared to escape immediately if he saw that the situation was amiss!

At the end of the abyss, Heaven and Earth Essence Qi fluctuated violently, as though the battle was intense. The surrounding black fog became extremely thin in the aftershock.

“This sentient Dharmic treasure belongs to me. Anyone who dares harbor designs on it will be going against me, Luo Yang, and they will be killed without mercy!”

A murderous roar sounded from the end of the abyss.

Before he saw that person, Su Zimo’s mind flashed with the image of the arrogant Heaven Immortal expert riding on the wyrm chariot!

At that time, an Earth Immortal merely scanned him with his spirit consciousness and was killed.

Right then, a chuckle sounded from the end of the abyss.

A charming and gentle female voice sounded, “Heaven Immortal Luo Yang, you’ve just snatched a Seven Tribulations Spirit Treasure. You won’t be able to handle this Soul Summoning Banner as well. It’s better to hand it over to me!”

Seven Tribulations Spirit Treasure?

When Su Zimo heard that, a doubt flashed through his mind.

A spirit treasure was a sentient Dharmic treasure.

However, what was the meaning of the seven tribulations attributed to it?

That was not impossible.

After all, a sentient Dharmic treasure meant that it had gained sentience—that was a qualitative leap!

No matter what, one thing was certain—the so-called Soul Summoning Banner was definitely a treasure that was not weaker than the Seven Tribulations Spirit Treasure!

Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a fight between Heaven Immortal Luo Yang and Mei Ji.

“Fellow Daoists,”

Another voice sounded, “There aren’t many intact spirit treasures in this ancient battlefield to begin with. Almost all of them were obtained by the two of you. Aren’t you guys way too greedy?!”

“That’s right!”

“We can’t return empty-handed either!”

An indignant commotion broke out.

“Why? You guys aren’t convinced?”

Heaven Immortal Luo Yang asked instead.

Mei Ji chuckled. “At most, we’ll just continue fighting and see who can obtain this Soul Summoning Banner in the end.”

In that short period of time, Su Zimo had already arrived at the end of the abyss. Narrowing his gaze, he looked through the faint black fog.

Dozens of figures stood in midair ahead. Every single figure was filled with an extremely terrifying aura and the surrounding Essence Qi surged!

Although the strength of the dozens of figures varied, they were all Heaven Immortal experts!

Heaven Immortal Luo Yang and Mei Ji were among them as well!

At that moment, Heaven Immortal Luo Yang was holding a pitch-black wooden banner that was about three feet long. It was unknown what material the banner was made of but there seemed to be a pattern etched on it that could not be seen clearly.

That pitch-black wooden banner should be the Soul Summoning Banner that Heaven Immortal Luo Yang mentioned earlier on.

At that moment, Heaven Immortal Luo Yang was surrounded by dozens of Heaven Immortal experts. Mei Ji stood not far away and glared at him with a smile, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The battle was about to begin!

There were more than a thousand people scattered on the ground!

Those thousand cultivators were not Black Immortals, but Earth Immortal experts!

That was because the battlefield in midair was already occupied by dozens of Heaven Immortals. In order to avoid being implicated, the thousand Earth Immortals could only descend to the ground.

Most of the Earth Immortal experts had the same thoughts.

They wanted to see if they could obtain more opportunities and treasures at the end of the abyss.

Any cultivator who could arrive here had already gained more or less.

There were hundreds of corpses piled on the ground dripping with blood—it was clear that a huge battle had just broken out!

Su Zimo took a rough look.

Among the Earth Immortal experts, he saw a familiar face—it was the skinny Earth Immortal who snatched his jade dagger.

However, he did not see the immortal couple. He did not know if they had already left or died in the abyss.

At that moment, many Earth Immortals were focused on the dozens of Heaven Immortals in midair and no one noticed Su Zimo’s existence.

Or rather, even if anyone saw Su Zimo, they would not take him seriously.

Even the thousand Earth Immortals would die at the end of this abyss if they were careless, let alone a mere Black Immortal!

Suddenly, a loud shout sounded in midair!

The battle of the Heaven Immortals broke out once more!

“Incinerating Firmament Boiling Sea!”


“Heavenly Slash!”

Raging flames surged in midair and the entire firmaments were burned red!

The tsunami surged and bubbled continuously—it was completely boiling!

Ancient stars descended from the skies one after another!

A Heaven Immortal was struck by the ancient stars and could not withstand the terrifying power contained within. His body exploded instantly and fresh blood spread!

However, before long, the Heaven Immortal released Blood Rebirth to reconstruct his body!

Some of the Earth Immortal experts did not have such methods and could not dodge in time. They were struck by the stars and died on the spot!

When those stars fell to the ground, they created gigantic pits!

In the blink of an eye, the abyss was riddled with holes!

The thousand Earth Immortals below dispersed and hid everywhere, afraid that they would be implicated by the aftershock of the Heaven Immortal expert.

Su Zimo’s face was a little pale as well as he retreated far away.

On the battlefield in midair, Heaven Immortal Luo Yang indeed had the right to be arrogant. Even against the encirclement of dozens of Heaven Immortal experts, he could maintain his undefeated state and fight in all directions!

Heaven Immortal Luo Yang would only be cautious if Mei Ji who was lurking around the outer perimeter attacked.

Mei Ji was very smart.

She did not fight Heaven Immortal Luo Yang head-on and merely wandered around the outer perimeter. Occasionally, she would attack and Luo Yangxian would defend with all his might in a flustered manner.

At this rate, it would be difficult for Heaven Immortal Luo Yang to protect the Soul Summoning Banner in his hands!

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly felt a sense of trepidation!

A change happened on the battlefield!

The pitch-black wooden banner in Heaven Immortal Luo Yang’s hands suddenly trembled and released pitch-black lights that surged into the clouds!

Heaven Immortal Luo Yang was the first to be struck and was caught off guard. With a dull grunt, his palm exploded into a blood mist against the pitch-black lights!