Chapter 2018 - How Dare You!

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Chapter 2018: How Dare You!

Su Zimo returned to the main hall of the prince’s residence and looked around. Thereafter, his gaze landed on Prince Yuan Zuo and Tang Ziyi and he frowned slightly.

From the looks of it, Tang Ziyi had already attacked Prince Yuan Zuo.

This was a little rash and did not match Tang Ziyi’s character. However, he did not know what else had happened.

At that moment, Su Zimo was only at the Level 1 Earth Essence realm.

However, his Essence Spirit was already at the Level 3 Earth Essence realm and could detect Prince Yuan Zuo’s cultivation.

Level 7 Earth Essence realm!

The difference was too great.

Indeed, Su Zimo had the means to kill above his level. However, he had no chance of winning in a head-on fight with someone six levels above him!

Even if he released the Pancadhi Dao Fire, it would be useless.

“Your Highness, what’s going on?”

Su Zimo asked expressionlessly.

Prince Yuan Zuo was in a great mood and laughed. “You came at the right time. Let me reintroduce you. This sl*t’s surname is not Tang, but Feng!”

Su Zimo raised his brow slightly and already had a guess.

Prince Yuan Zuo continued, “The same Feng as Feng Cantian!”

Su Zimo pretended to be enlightened and asked, “So, between her and Feng Cantian…”

“That sl*t is Feng Cantian’s granddaughter. She’s hiding beside me with evil intentions and wants to assassinate me!”

Prince Yuan Zuo said smugly, “Unfortunately, not long after Feng Cantian escaped, I found out about her identity!”

Su Zimo sighed internally and looked at Feng Ziyi deeply.

He had long guessed that there might be a relationship between Feng Ziyi and the Thunder Emperor.

That was the reason why he attacked and helped Feng Ziyi many times later on.

However, he had not expected that Feng Ziyi was the granddaughter of the Thunder Emperor and was related by blood!

Prince Yuan Zuo continued, “In addition, it was also because of this sl*t that Feng Cantian broke free!”

When Prince Yuan Zuo saw that Su Zimo had returned and was about to obtain the jade talisman, he was in a good mood and explained to Su Zimo patiently.

At that moment, he could not wait any longer and urged, “Where’s the jade talisman? Hurry and hand it to me!”

Su Zimo agreed without hesitation.

He slapped his storage bag and took out the jade talisman, walking towards Prince Yuan Zuo respectfully.

Prince Yuan Zuo looked at Su Zimo who was gradually approaching and suddenly became wary.

Right then, Su Zimo stopped in his tracks as well. With a hesitant expression, he said in a low voice, “Your Highness, I’ve done a meritorious service this time round. Will I get any rewards?”

“What rewards do you want?”

Prince Yuan Zuo asked with a fake smile.

Su Zimo lowered his head slightly and said in a seemingly fearful manner, “If I may be so bold, Your Highness, please reward me with 10,000 Essence Spirit Stones. Also, also…”

“Previously, His Highness promised that the person who rendered meritorious services could choose from one of your maidservants. I wonder…”

When he heard that, Prince Yuan Zuo sneered internally and a look of disdain flashed through his eyes. The doubts that had just arisen in his heart vanished without a trace.

In his eyes, Su Zimo was a lowlife who had never seen the world.

He even asked for 10,000 Essence Spirit Stones right away?! What a joke!

The value of the jade talisman could not be replaced even with 1,000,000 or 10,000,000 Essence Spirit Stones, let alone 10,000.

“Oh, you fancy one of my maidservants?”

Prince Yuan Zuo chuckled.

Su Zimo coughed twice and blushed. “I took a liking to one.”

“No problem. After this matter is over, I’ll reward you with whoever you fancy!”

Prince Yuan Zuo waved his hand.

“Thank you, Your Highness,”

Su Zimo’s face was filled with joy as he hurried forward. Arriving before Prince Yuan Zuo, he pretended to kneel and held the jade talisman with both hands, sending it towards the latter.

Prince Yuan Zuo reached out for the jade talisman excitedly.

The moment he was about to touch the jade talisman, he suddenly felt a strong sense of danger!

Unknowingly, the smile on Su Zimo’s face had already vanished. His gaze was like lightning and his expression was cold and murderous. Suddenly, he bounced up from the ground at an extremely fast speed. With a push of his hands, his blood qi burst forth and the sound of a tsunami surged in his body, almost drowning Prince Yuan Zuo!

Su Zimo’s stance was the killing move of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Sanguine Ape Fruit Offering.

On the surface, he seemed like he was obedient. However, he was filled with killing intent!

Prince Yuan Zuo did not have time to react and could only raise his arm to block instinctively.

Su Zimo’s hands smashed heavily against Prince Yuan Zuo’s arm!

The sound of bones cracking was extremely jarring!

Prince Yuan Zuo’s arm was split into two by Su Zimo’s hands. His broken bones pierced his flesh and were exposed, dripping with blood in a shocking manner!

Although Prince Yuan Zuo was a Grade 7 Earth Immortal, he could not defend against the physique, bloodline and Thunder Bones of the Grade 10 Green Lotus True Body!

Prince Yuan Zuo shrieked.

It was only now that he realized that Su Zimo had already broken through to the Earth Immortal realm.

Su Zimo had just returned and his entire attention was on the jade talisman. Naturally, he would not check on Su Zimo’s cultivation realm.

Furthermore, there was no way he could break through in the Emperor’s Tomb.

What Prince Yuan Zuo truly did not expect was that Su Zimo would dare to attack him so decisively without any hesitation!

Prince Yuan Zuo roared and retreated without hesitation, wanting to distance himself from Su Zimo.

No matter what, his cultivation realm was six realms above Su Zimo.

Prince Yuan Zuo channeled his movement technique at an extremely fast speed. As he retreated, he prepared to tighten his robes and strangle Feng Ziyi to death.

Right then, golden light and lightning flashed before his eyes.

Immediately after, Su Zimo’s figure appeared before him!

Prince Yuan Zuo’s pupils constricted slightly.

There were three pairs of gigantic wings behind Su Zimo.

At the top was a pair of gigantic golden wings.

Second was a pair of Zephyr Thunder Wings that were surrounded by lightning and flapped wildly.

The smallest wings at the bottom were Ethereal Wings that were formed from Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

Three pairs of wings burst forth at the same time. Even Prince Yuan Zuo, a Grade 7 Earth Immortal, was caught up by Su Zimo in the blink of an eye!

“You must have a death wish!”

Prince Yuan Zuo’s gaze intensified as his fingers changed. He rapidly conjured hand seals and released an immortal art in front of him.

A torrential wave was formed instantly and surged towards Su Zimo with a terrifying might!

Su Zimo’s figure swayed slightly and suddenly disappeared from Prince Yuan Zuo’s sight.

The next moment, when he appeared, he had already descended behind Prince Yuan Zuo!

True Dragon Nine Flashes!