Chapter 2019 - Blind

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Arriving behind Prince Yuan Zuo, Su Zimo conjured the Great Chaos Essence Palm and slapped the latter on the head!

If that attack could hit, even if it could not break Prince Yuan Zuo’s head, it could penetrate his bones and severely injure his Essence Spirit.

Furthermore, Prince Yuan Zuo’s physique and bloodline could not compare to the Green Lotus True Body.

At that time, Prince Yuan Zuo would not be able to escape unscathed if Su Zimo closed in and released a ferocious attack!

He utilized a strange footwork and dodged the range of the Great Chaos Essence Palm in a few steps!

Be it in terms of experience or methods, a prince who could lead a region far surpassed cultivators of the same cultivation realm.

Even though he had never seen the True Dragon Nine Flashes before, he still dodged Su Zimo’s killing move with his mysterious movement technique!

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified. With a long howl, his figure flashed once more and vanished.

He must not let Prince Yuan Zuo have any breathing room!

The difference in their cultivation realms was still too great.

Relying on that mysterious footwork, Prince Yuan Zuo had just escaped from Su Zimo’s Great Chaos Essence Palm and was about to retaliate when Su Zimo’s figure appeared beside him out of thin air once more!

“It’s not over yet?!”

Prince Yuan Zuo had a furious expression and channeled his Essence Spirit to its limits. With every step he took, his feet sounded and cold sabers burst forth from his feet!

That movement technique was King Tianxing’s secret skill, the Execution Steps!

Not only was the Execution Steps unfathomable, as long as one circulated a secret skill, they could condense a cold saber beam with every step and counterattack—it was extremely powerful.

Initially, Prince Yuan Zuo wanted to fight Su Zimo head-on.

However, he had not expected Su Zimo to vanish once more!

The third of the True Dragon Nine Flashes!

This time round, Su Zimo circled behind Prince Yuan Zuo.

At that moment, it was the moment Prince Yuan Zuo released his saber!

Under normal circumstances, if Prince Yuan Zuo relied on the Execution Steps, Su Zimo might not be able to injure him even if he used the True Dragon Flash three times.

However, in his rage, he wanted to retaliate and kill Su Zimo.

The moment he released the saber, his movement technique paused for a moment.

That pause was almost negligible and had almost no effect.

However, in a fight between experts, a single moment was all that mattered!

Prince Yuan Zuo released his saber while Su Zimo used the True Dragon Nine Flashes to appear behind him, slapping in reverse towards the former.

Prince Yuan Zuo had lost the initiative and could no longer dodge the palm strike. He could only try his best to avoid fatal damage.

Su Zimo slapped Prince Yuan Zuo heavily on the shoulder.

The moment his palm landed, a gray fog surged out of his palm and changed rapidly, as though it was condensing something that entered Prince Yuan Zuo’s body!

Prince Yuan Zuo cried out in pain. His shoulder was almost shattered by Su Zimo and he could not control his body as he lunged forward.

On the other side, Feng Ziyi felt the sleeves on her neck loosen slightly. Without hesitation, her spirit consciousness moved and the two dark daggers on the ground jumped into her palms.

A cold light flashed!

Feng Ziyi crossed her arms and cut off the sleeves of the robe around her neck, escaping.

Prince Yuan Zuo’s expression darkened.

The moment Su Zimo attacked him, he wanted to strangle Feng Ziyi to death.

However, Su Zimo continued attacking and did not give him any chance.

If he was slightly distracted, he might have been severely injured by Su Zimo earlier on, let alone strangle Feng Ziyi to death!

Prince Yuan Zuo could no longer care about Feng Ziyi.

Comparatively, Su Zimo was way too much of a threat to him!

As long as Su Zimo was dealt with, Feng Ziyi would be nothing to fear!

Prince Yuan Zuo was struck by Su Zimo’s palm and fell forward, increasing the distance between them.

On the other side, Su Zimo flapped his three pairs of wings. His body shone with a golden light and lightning surrounded him as he charged towards Prince Yuan Zuo once more!

Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his mouth and let out a dignified and terrifying roar from the depths of his throat. It contained a supreme will, as though he was looking down at all living beings and wanted to trample the world beneath his feet!

Dragon Roar secret skill!

Prince Yuan Zuo’s cultivation realm was already at the Level 7 Earth Essence realm and this sound domain secret skill could not hurt him.

However, at such a close distance, he shuddered when he was struck by Su Zimo’s Dragon Roar secret skill and was stunned on the spot.

However, he regained his consciousness before long!

His vision was shrouded by an incomparably blinding light and he could not even open his eyes!

The next moment, a beam of light shot into his socket!

Visual technique, Illumination Eye!

Prince Yuan Zuo shrieked tragically with a tragic expression. His features were contorted in pain.

His left eye was already blinded by the Illumination Eye and his eyeball was completely shattered. However, no blood flowed out.

The blood in his eye socket had long been burned and evaporated by the power of the Illumination Eye, leaving only charred marks.

This was the Level 7 Earth Essence realm.

If it was any other Earth Immortal, the Illumination Eye would most likely pierce their heads and even kill their Essence Spirits on the spot!

But now, the Illumination Eye merely blinded one of Prince Yuan Zuo’s eyes.

Prince Yuan Zuo roared. While he was severely injured, his remaining eye released a visual technique.

An ancient blade shot out from his pupils at an astonishing speed. As though it had broken through the restraints of space, it arrived at Su Zimo’s left eye instantly!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes slightly and did not dodge or avoid the Dao visual technique. He attacked once more and slapped Prince Yuan Zuo on the chest.

Prince Yuan Zuo’s sternum was snapped by Su Zimo into multiple parts.

A few broken ribs even pierced Prince Yuan Zuo’s heart, causing his blood qi to drain wildly.

However, he grit his teeth and did not seem to care. He merely glared at Su Zimo coldly and said, “You have to pay with your life for blinding one of my eyes!”

Prince Yuan Zuo was a Grade 7 Earth Immortal.

He was confident that Su Zimo would not be able to defend against his visual technique.

The ancient saber condensed from the power of the visual technique was enough to pierce Su Zimo’s left eye and enter his consciousness, destroying his Essence Spirit!

As Prince Yuan Zuo had expected, his visual technique ancient saber had indeed entered Su Zimo’s left eye.

However, it was as though a clay ox had fallen into the sea and vanished without a trace. In fact, there were no ripples at all.

Su Zimo was perfectly fine!