Chapter 1000 - Can't Allow Others to Bully You

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Ji Haoyu’s directness stunned Jian Ai for a moment. She blinked before opening her mouth in shock. “You… you went to investigate this?”

Ji Haoyu nodded slightly and raised his handsome eyebrows.

Jian Ai was obviously a little surprised. What surprised her was not that Ji Haoyu had found something, but that Ji Haoyu had helped her investigate this matter.

Ji Haoyu looked at Jian Ai’s expression with a smile, as if admiring her shock. His eyes were filled with interest.

After a while, Jian Ai looked at Ji Haoyu and asked, “Why did you help me investigate?”

“Is there a need to ask? Of course it’s because of you.” Ji Haoyu shrugged and leaned forward with a sly smile. “Are you moved?”

Jian Ai: “…”

Looking at Ji Haoyu’s face, Jian Ai pursed her lips and nodded in relief. “Alright, use this method to make me constantly owe you a favor.”

“Hey, I don’t have a goal this time.” Ji Haoyu quickly denied it.

“Then what are you after?” Jian Ai didn’t believe him. “There’s no purpose to doing such a thing?”

Ji Haoyu turned around and leaned against the sofa. His tone was relaxed, but no one could tell if he was telling the truth. “I just can’t tolerate others bullying you.”

These words caused a slight fluctuation in Jian Ai’s heart. Ji Haoyu looked casual, but Jian Ai could feel that he was serious.

She couldn’t help but think of what had happened a while ago. There were frequent accidents at East Sea Real Estate. She had just found out that it was Secretary Wang Yang of the Jian Group who did it. In the end, two newspaper agencies that reported the news closed at the same time the next day. Even the Jian Group suffered a setback. The entire company had suffered an unprecedented blow.

At that time, Jian Ai was still wondering who could deal with the Jian Group. Now, looking at Ji Haoyu in front of her, she suddenly understood.

“So, you secretly did something to the Jian Group before!” Jian Ai looked at Ji Haoyu and said. It was not a question, but a statement.

Ji Haoyu admitted it readily and nodded gently. “A small punishment.”

Jian Ai’s heart moved again. Ji Haoyu had done so much for her behind her back. Moreover, if she did not ask, he did not seem to have any intention of admitting it.

This kind of help was not something that could be helped easily. To hurt the Jian Group’s vitality, it could be seen that Ji Haoyu had used a very fierce method.

With this thought in mind, Jian Ai couldn’t help but secretly hold her forehead. She owed him such a huge favor! With East Sea Real Estate’s current strength, it was undoubtedly impossible to shake the Jian Group.

Exhaling a long breath, Jian Ai looked at Ji Haoyu and pursed her lips slightly. “It’s not easy for me to pay you back for doing this! After all, the Ji Group is so huge. I’m afraid it’s difficult for my small corporation to interfere.”

Ji Haoyu narrowed his eyes and revealed a charming smile. He said calmly, “Just treat me to a few more meals. I’m also willing to drink fake wine.”

As if not wanting Jian Ai to dwell on these things, Ji Haoyu went straight to the point and looked at Yuan Ye, who was sitting at the side.

Seeing this, Yuan Ye understood and pushed a blue document folder on the coffee table to Jian Ai.

Jian Ai was stunned and looked up at the two people opposite her.

Ji Haoyu gently raised his chin and said, “This matter is more troublesome. Yuan Ye spent a lot of time finding out. Take a look.”