Chapter 1001 - This Old Man Was Very Bad

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Jian Ai picked up the document and opened it. As she spoke, she said, “I sent someone to check the scene. Other than a chemical item called potassium propionate, I found nothing else.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jian Ai couldn’t help but look up at Ji Haoyu. “You went to my company’s warehouse in the western suburbs?”

Ji Haoyu shook his head. “No, Yuan Ye investigated everything. The angle of his investigation is more tricky. Look at the contents of the document yourself. There will be a surprise.”

Jian Ai couldn’t help but look at Yuan Ye when she heard this. She saw he was also looking at her expressionlessly. His eyes behind the glasses were expressionless, as if someone had hit his acupoints.

Jian Ai shook her head slightly in her heart. She thought to herself that people with ability were indeed strange.

She lowered her head and read the document seriously. The more she read, the deeper Jian Ai’s frown became.

Most of the documents were pictures, and some of these pictures were screenshots of information, while others were photos. Moreover, there was a text explanation under every picture. It looked like a formal case file.

The first photo was a call record. It seemed to have been obtained from a communication company. There was only the call time and phone number on it. The caption explained that the caller’s number was the Jian residence’s landline and Old Master Jian’s phone number. The person who picked up the call was a man called Hu Dezhi.

The second photo was Hu Dezhi’s photo and personal information. This person was forty-four years old and was an acquaintance that Old Master Jian had known for decades. This person had been to prison several times and had committed all kinds of crimes. However, most of the incidents involved Jin Province and even major real estate companies in the capital.

Then, they listed the real estate companies that had a competitive relationship with the Jian Group and the accidents that had happened to these real estate companies. Most of the accidents ended because of insufficient evidence, but there was only one criminal who had been arrested, and that was Hu Dezhi!

Looking further, a screenshot of Hu Dezhi appeared on the surveillance screen. The caption was Xinghe Road in the western suburbs. Jian Ai remembered it was only two kilometers away from the warehouse in the western suburbs.

Seeing this, Jian Ai understood something. Old Master Jian had instructed Hu Dezhi, who had worked for him for many years, to do all of this.

Because of his experience, Hu Dezhi did not leave any beneficial clues this time.

In the end, Jian Ai looked up at Yuan Ye and asked, “How did you suspect Old Master Jian?”

After all, Old Master Jian had retired for many years, and Jian Changsheng had always been in charge of the Jian Group. Even if they suspected the Jian Group, shouldn’t they investigate Jian Changsheng?

Yuan Ye gently pushed his glasses and said slowly, “The first person I suspected was Jian Changsheng. After all, he is the current controller of the Jian Group. However, after I investigated this person, I realized that although Jian Changsheng is very capable, he has only competed in the business world. Over the years, there have been no negative scandals, and he did nothing despicable to his opponent.”

“In that case, I considered what happened at East Sea Real Estate before. The instigator of that incident was Secretary Wang, and Secretary Wang is a senior member of the Jian Group. He was Old Master Jian’s trusted aide many years ago. Compared to his son, there were many things to investigate regarding him.”

“Therefore, as I investigated, I found this Hu Dezhi, who had known Old Master Jian for many years and had been to jail many times. Over the years, Old Master Jian had done many dirty things in the business world. He did not do these dirty things. It was all done by this person called Hu Dezhi!”