Chapter 1004 - Do You Want to Come to the Wedding Banquet?

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“Put the flowers in the backseat first,” Qiao Yuan said as he took the enormous bouquet of roses from Jiang Chunfen’s hand and carefully placed it in the backseat.

Seeing this, Jiang Chunfen couldn’t help but say apologetically, “You should have told me in advance. I didn’t prepare anything for you.”

“This is a surprise for you. If I tell you, it will lose its meaning,” Qiao Yuan said.

He was four years younger than her, but in front of Qiao Yuan, Jiang Chunfen seemed to have found the feelings of a young girl that had been lost for many years. With him, there were gentle and ambiguous bubbles everywhere, making her enjoy it.

“Help me put on the necklace.” Jiang Chunfen looked at Qiao Yuan and said, “I’ll always wear it.”

Qiao Yuan couldn’t help but look delighted. “Alright.”

To him, happiness had always been so simple. Jiang Chunfen’s every frown and smile, or even her words, could satisfy him.

Qiao Yuan also booked a very romantic French restaurant for dinner. There was red wine, steak, candlelight, and music. It was very romantic.

After dinner, the two of them went to the cinema in Baiyun Commercial Building to watch a movie.

“There’s a disaster movie and a romance movie. Which do you want to see?” Qiao Yuan looked at Jiang Chunfen and asked.

When Jiang Chunfen heard this, she looked at Qiao Yuan in embarrassment and said, “If I say that I want to watch a disaster movie, wouldn’t it ruin the atmosphere today?”

“Of course not. It doesn’t matter what movie we’re watching. What’s important is who you’re watching it with,” Qiao Yuan said seriously. “Even disasters can turn into love when I’m watching it with you.”

Jiang Chunfen couldn’t help but shake her head helplessly and laugh. “How did you stay single for so many years?”

“With strength!” Qiao Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Just as the two of them were walking towards the elevator and talking sweetly, a voice suddenly interrupted, “Chunfen?”

Jiang Chunfen stopped in her tracks and turned around. She saw Wang Yunzhong standing beside the jewelry counter, looking at her.

The jewelry counter was only a few steps away from her. However, she was only focused on talking to Qiao Yuan just now that she did not look at anything else. She did not expect to meet Wang Yunzhong twice in the same mall.

Xu Qianqian was naturally beside Wang Yunzhong.

Xu Qianqian was holding two kinds of rings in her hand. It was obvious that she was choosing a wedding ring. When she saw Jiang Chunfen, she instinctively revealed a trace of provocation. She stood up and looked up, as if declaring her sovereignty.

Wang Yunzhong’s gaze landed on Jiang Chunfen and Qiao Yuan’s hands.

After pausing for a moment, Wang Yunzhong’s gaze followed and looked at Qiao Yuan’s face.

It was a handsome and young face. Wang Yunzhong didn’t know Qiao Yuan, but his first instinct was that Qiao Yuan was only in his thirties.

He was handsome and tall. Any man would pale in comparison to Qiao Yuan, let alone Wang Yunzhong!

It was unknown if Qiao Yuan had agitated him or if he was unhappy that Jiang Chunfen’s new lover was a ‘little white lotus,’ but Wang Yunzhong’s expression was not good.

Jiang Chunfen took the initiative to say, “Are you picking a wedding ring?”

Wang Yunzhong’s eyes flickered, and he nodded gently. Looking at Jiang Chunfen and Qiao Yuan’s hands, which they still didn’t let go, Wang Yunzhong’s mind heated. He said to Jiang Chunfen, “Do you want to come to the wedding banquet on the eighth of next month?”