Chapter 1145 - We Have Backup Too

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Chapter 1145: We Have Backup Too

Jian Ai raised her eyebrows in understanding and said with a dark expression, “To be able to make six ability users work for him, this leader Hans must have something outstanding that we don’t know about. Perhaps he’s also an ability user!”

Yun Buyao was stunned. She did not see any information about Hans being an ability user in Gale’s memory.

Yu Wuyuan agreed with Jian Ai and said faintly, “We can’t rule out this possibility. You also said that he rarely goes out. Perhaps because he hasn’t used his ability in front of others all these years, so you didn’t see this information.”

Yun Buyao frowned and thought about it. She felt their words made sense. It was better to consider things in the most difficult direction than to underestimate the enemy.

Jian Ai sighed and looked at the two of them. “We have to plan this carefully. We can’t be too rash. After all, there are over a thousand people in this mercenary group. If we alert the enemy, we won’t be able to escape.”

Yu Wuyuan and Yun Buyao looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

At this moment, Jian Ai reached out to take out the envelope Chi Yang had left for her. Her expression softened as she said, “Fortunately, we also have backup.”

Seeing this, Yun Buyao couldn’t help but say, “In my opinion, we should let Bai Zhou gather the remaining twelve guards and all the ancient sect members.”

Jian Ai understood Yun Buyao’s feelings. If everyone in the ancient sect gathered, there was probably nothing in the world that she could not do. According to Bai Zhou, although there were less than a hundred people in the ancient sect, everyone had a mental cultivation technique and was very powerful.

“When the time is right, everyone will gather,” Jian Ai said with a smile.

Jian Ai knew that as long as she gave the order, these people would come to her side without hesitation. However, she was too weak now. She needed more space and time to grow.

Therefore, she would only allow Bai Zhou to increase the number of people around her when she had no choice.

Moreover, as more people gathered around her, Jian Ai’s sense of responsibility as the Sect Master became stronger. As a result, a more ambitious and lingering ideal gradually developed in her heart.

In the future, when she could have the real strength of a sect master, she would want to rebuild the ancient sect in this civilized society in the twenty-first century!

Jian Ai handed the envelope to Yu Wuyuan and chuckled in embarrassment. “You can contact him. I feel uncomfortable.”

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Every time she thought of meeting a new member of the ancient sect, Jian Ai would have an indescribably strange feeling, let alone contact them over the phone.

Yu Wuyuan reached out to take it and opened the envelope. Seeing this, Yun Buyao leaned over.

“Bai Zhou said that he’s in San Marino. San Marino and Italy are neighbors, so it’s not too late to contact him when we arrive,” Jian Ai said.

Yu Wuyuan nodded and picked up his phone to call.

The call went through, but there was no sound from the other end. It was as if they were waiting for Yu Wuyuan to speak first.

Yu Wuyuan paused for a moment and said calmly, “Hello, I’m one of the twelve guards, Yu Wuyuan!”

“I’m one of the twelve guards, Zhi Tong!” A clear voice came from the other end.

This voice did not sound like an adult’s. Just like his name, he sounded like a young child.

Yu Wuyuan was a little surprised and said, “Sect Master has already arrived in Italy. We need your help.”

Bai Zhou had already informed Zhi Tong, so he had been waiting for news from Jian Ai. When he heard this, he said, “Send me the hotel address. I’ll go and see the Sect Master later.”

“Alright!” Yu Wuyuan agreed and hung up.

“Male or female?” Yun Buyao asked anxiously.

Although the name was written on the letter, the words ‘Zhi Tong’ made it difficult to differentiate between men and women.

Yu Wuyuan typed a message and answered, “A male. His voice is extremely tender, like a child.”

“Ah? A child?” Yun Buyao was shocked.

Jian Ai was also stunned. Younger than Si Yue?

“He just sounds young. I’m just guessing. I won’t know until I see him.” Yu Wuyuan looked up. “He said he would be here later.”

Jian Ai didn’t ask if the other party was a child. To be ranked among the twelve guards and Bai Zhou sending him, his strength must be extraordinary.

After drinking the milk in her glass, Jian Ai said, “Bai Zhou said that Zhi Tong knows Italy well. With him around, we can save a lot of energy. Therefore, let’s rest well today and discuss everything further when Zhi Tong arrives.”

“Understood!” Yu Wuyuan and Yun Buyao answered in unison.

Qiao Yuan woke up early and went out to buy breakfast. When he returned, Wang Zimeng was coming down from upstairs.

“Morning, Uncle Qiao!”

Qiao Yuan smiled. “You slept so late yesterday. Why didn’t you sleep a little longer?”

“I’m used to getting up at this time. I can’t lie down.” Wang Zimeng touched her face and walked to Qiao Yuan’s side. “Uncle Qiao, look at my face. Is it still swollen?”

Qiao Yuan looked at it. It was not red anymore, but it was still a little swollen.

“Eat first. Uncle Qiao will get you an ice pack later,” Qiao Yuan said.

Wang Zimeng nodded. “As long as my mother doesn’t see it.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the door opened from upstairs. Then, he saw Wang Zichen coming downstairs with a head of hair.

Wang Zichen took the initiative to greet Qiao Yuan. From this, it could be seen that the change in his attitude towards him last night was not a whim.

Qiao Yuan smiled and called out to Wang Zichen, “I bought breakfast. Come and eat.”

At the dining table, Qiao Yuan looked at Wang Zichen’s dispirited expression and said worriedly, “Zichen didn’t sleep well? I see that you have dark circles under your eyes.”

Wang Zichen nodded truthfully. “I have insomnia and didn’t sleep well.”

“Then after breakfast, go up and take a nap. Zimeng’s face hasn’t completely recovered. If you look dispirited as well, your mother will be suspicious,” Qiao Yuan said.

Wang Zimeng couldn’t help but say, “Uncle Qiao, will we cause you trouble if we stay here?”

Qiao Yuan couldn’t help but smile when he heard that. Then, he casually comforted them. “Why are you standing on ceremony with Uncle Qiao? Besides, it’s the weekend today. Uncle Qiao doesn’t need to work. You can stay here for a day. I’ll send you back tonight.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qiao Yuan couldn’t help but look at Wang Zichen and smile. “Zichen, did you see Uncle Qiao’s original models?”

When he mentioned the models, Wang Zichen’s eyes instantly lit up. He quickly nodded. “I saw them. There’s so many, Uncle Qiao. You spent a lot of money, right?”

Qiao Yuan pursed his lips and nodded. “In total, it’s almost a million yuan. Just the Transformers at the door is almost one hundred and fifty thousand yuan!”