Chapter 1146 - Hand of the Evil Spirit—Zhi Tong!

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Chapter 1146: Hand of the Evil Spirit—Zhi Tong!

“Ah?” When Wang Zimeng heard these models cost a million yuan, she immediately widened her eyes in shock. “So expensive? Uncle Qiao, why did you spend so much money to buy this? Isn’t it just a pile of models?”

Wang Zimeng rarely watched anime, so she knew very little about these things. However, she had heard that the original versions were expensive, but she didn’t expect them to be that expensive.

Uncle Qiao was already thirty-five years old. How much did he buy? He spent a million yuan!

On the other hand, Wang Zichen looked at his sister in disdain when he heard that. He looked like he knew very well. “You don’t understand! Do you think they carved authentic models using machines in an assembly line? These are all handmade. The smaller ones cost a few hundred yuan, and the bigger ones cost a few thousand yuan. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Dad be willing to buy them for me? It’s because they’re too expensive!”

Qiao Yuan nodded with deep emotions. “Zichen is right. Only those who really like models will spend a lot of money to buy the original. Moreover, some of the out-of-print models have to be bought from others, and the price will increase by a few times. Look, I spent a million yuan to buy these models, but if I sell all of them now, I might earn three to five million yuan and that is because many of them are out-of-print!”

When Wang Zimeng heard this, her mouth was half-open in a daze. It was obvious that she had not recovered.

However, Wang Zichen felt a little closer to Qiao Yuan. He couldn’t help but look at Qiao Yuan and ask, “Uncle Qiao, are you really my mother’s boyfriend? How did you two meet?”

Qiao Yuan was slightly stunned, as if he didn’t expect Wang Zichen to ask him this question himself.

He paused for a moment before smiling and answering truthfully, “I’m your mother’s superior. We’re colleagues.”

“Ah? You work in Jian Ai’s company too?” Wang Zichen was shocked. “So you two are in an office romance?”

The words ‘office romance’ made Qiao Yuan chuckle, but he nodded and admitted honestly, “Yes, office romance. I’m the vice president of the company. I was the one who wooed your mother back then.”

Wang Zichen couldn’t help but nod gently. Qiao Yuan telling him the truth made him feel better.

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Especially after this night, Qiao Yuan’s image in Wang Zichen’s heart became even higher.

Wang Zichen couldn’t help but ask Qiao Yuan the question he minded. “Uncle Qiao, can I ask how old you are this year?”

“Me?” Qiao Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled at Wang Zichen. “How old do you think I look?”

When Wang Zichen heard this, he couldn’t help but purse his lips. “I think at most thirty years old!”

When Qiao Yuan heard this, he couldn’t help but chuckle smugly. No matter what, being praised for being young was something to be happy about.

Moreover, Qiao Yuan was indeed talented. Be it his skin or figure, coupled with his natural yuppie aura, he did not look like a middle-aged man.

Seeing Qiao Yuan smile, Wang Zichen thought he had said it wrong. He wondered if he was only in his twenties like Xu Qianqian.

On the other hand, Wang Zimeng couldn’t help but say, “Brother, Uncle Qiao is thirty-five years old. He’s four years younger than Mom!”

Thirty-five years old!

Wang Zichen widened his eyes in surprise. “Really? Uncle Qiao, you’re thirty-five years old?”

Qiao Yuan nodded with a smile. “That’s right. I’ll be thirty-six next month. I’m a Capricorn!”

Wang Zichen was obviously a little surprised. A thirty-five-year-old middle-aged uncle who liked anime and spent a million yuan to buy the original?

Why did he sound a little… handsome?!

This was how people were. They had a psychological expectation for everything. As long as the answer they received was higher than their expectations, they would be very satisfied.

For example, when he heard that Qiao Yuan was thirty-five years old, Wang Zichen subconsciously felt much better.

At least his mother was not like his father and found a man who was over ten years older than her!

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Jian Ai and the rest rested in their rooms in the morning. After lunch, they sat on the sofa and drank tea.

If nothing went wrong, Zhi Tong should arrive at the hotel in the afternoon to meet them, so no one went out.

“It’s already winter in Italy. I looked at the weather forecast. It might snow in two days.” Yun Buyao was wearing a bathrobe. She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in the living room and looked at the scenery outside.

Jian Ai stopped drinking her tea. In her rebirth, she had never seen snow.

At this moment, Yu Wuyuan spun the notebook in his hand and pushed it to Jian Ai. “Sect Master, this is what you asked me to check.”

“So soon?” Jian Ai was stunned. She put down the teacup in her hand and placed the notebook on her knee.

Seeing this, Yun Buyao quickly leaned over. “This is the information on the Qiusi royal family?”

Jian Ai nodded. “Bai Zhou never wanted to suspect that his brothers were the murderers behind the scenes, so I couldn’t keep interrogating him. However, I privately learned from Chi Yang that before coming to China, Bai Zhou had always lived in Qiusi and had no assassination attempts.”

“It’s only been half a year since he left Qiusi and came to China, but he has already encountered three assassinations. I don’t want to suspect that they’re from the Qiusi royal family, but I have no choice. Other than the Qiusi royal family, I can’t think of anyone else who is suspicious.”

As soon as Jian Ai finished speaking, the doorbell of the guest room suddenly rang.

The three of them looked up at the same time. Yu Wuyuan stood up first. “I’ll open the door!”

Jian Ai and Yun Buyao also stood up and followed.

The door opened, and a huge black cloak appeared.

The cloak completely covered the person, but the person was almost as tall as Yu Wuyuan. He was not a child like Yu Wuyuan had guessed.

The other party’s face was hidden in the cloak, and one could only vaguely see his outline.

“You are… Zhi Tong?” Yu Wuyuan asked.

Hearing this, the person in the cloak slowly raised his hand and took off the hat on his head. A pale face was revealed in front of them. There was no trace of human blood from his face, and he looked weak.

“I’m ranked tenth among the twelve guards of the ancient sect. I’m the Hand of the Evil Spirit—Zhi Tong. Greetings, Sect Master!”