Chapter 997 - Afraid that Vice President Qiao Would Be Jealous

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“The props department lost the invoice for the purchase of props. They didn’t dare to look for you, so they wanted me to help intercede,” Ye Tong said embarrassedly.

After all, the company had rules and regulations. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t break this rule for anyone, especially when it involved money. It was a rule to reimburse with invoices, and this involved the company’s accounts and future audits.

Of course, it was also to prevent employees from spending less but reporting more and profiting from it.

Jiang Chunfen had been in the finance department for many years, so she naturally knew that such a thing was not allowed according to the rules. She immediately revealed a difficult expression. “How can they lose the invoice? Without the invoice, I can’t report it!”

Ye Tong also had a bitter expression on her face. “Sister Chunfen, do you think there’s a way to replace it? After all, this batch of props is quite expensive. We can’t let the props team fork out the money themselves, right?”

Jiang Chunfen frowned and thought for a moment. Then, she said, “How about this? Get them to make a detailed list. Write the items purchased, the price, the quantity, and the total price. Find Vice President Qiao or CEO Jian to sign it and send it to me.”

When Ye Tong heard this, she immediately smiled. “Is this okay, Sister?”

“If not, there’s no other way!” Jiang Chunfen smiled and said, “Go on. It’s just that it’ll be more troublesome when we do the accounts in the future. It’s not a big deal.”

Ye Tong nodded gratefully. “Thank you, Sister. I’ll get the props team to treat you to a meal later.”

Jiang Chunfen shook her head and laughed. “Forget it. Just eat on my behalf. They’re all young men. A middle-aged auntie like me can’t hang out with them.”

“Sister is afraid that Vice President Qiao will be jealous, right?” Ye Tong said meaningfully.

Jiang Chunfen couldn’t help but glare at her and pretend to be angry. “Don’t talk nonsense. Go busy yourself!”

Ye Tong knew when to stop. She thanked her again and turned to leave the office. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Qiao Yuan as soon as she went out.

“Vice President Qiao.” Ye Tong’s smile disappeared, and she quickly returned to normal.

Qiao Yuan was wearing a black suit. When he saw Ye Tong greet him, he nodded slightly. “Is Manager Jiang in the office?”

“She is. Go in,” Ye Tong said as she turned to the side. Seeing this, Qiao Yuan walked in without knocking.

Jiang Chunfen looked up and smiled when she saw Qiao Yuan. “What is it?”

Qiao Yuan walked to the desk and leaned forward towards Jiang Chunfen with his arm. He said gently, “Shall we go to the movies after work?”

“Today?” Jiang Chunfen was stunned.

Qiao Yuan nodded. “Yes.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chunfen patted the document on her desk. “I think I have to work overtime today. There are so many things to do.”

“It’s fine. I’ll work overtime with you. We’ll go after work. It’s an excellent opportunity to relax.” As he spoke, Qiao Yuan couldn’t help but frown and look at Jiang Chunfen aggrievedly. “It’s been a long time since we last went on a date, right?”

Seeing this, Jiang Chunfen couldn’t help but smile and nod. “Alright, I’ll try my best to finish my work as soon as possible.”

The relationship between the two of them was no longer a secret in the company. It was mainly because Jiang Chunfen wanted to keep a low profile, but Qiao Yuan had no intention of hiding it. This relationship had indeed caused quite a commotion in the company at first, especially when Qiao Yuan, a bachelor who had been single for over thirty years, suddenly fell in love. Moreover, he was very serious, which surprised everyone.