Chapter 998 - Come to My Company to Look for Me

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Jian Ai went to Century Mansion in the afternoon and looked at her new home that was under renovation. Then, she went to the gym that had just started construction downstairs.

“CEO, why are you here?” Xiao He was also around, and she was surprised to see Jian Ai suddenly coming over.

“Our new house is also in this neighborhood. I happened to pass by, so I came by to look.” As she spoke, Jian Ai casually looked around and asked, “How’s the progress? Can you handle it alone?”

Xiao He nodded. “I can handle it. We will demolish the excess walls in the next few days. I’ll quickly come up with the design blueprint. When the time comes, I’ll communicate with the renovation master. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Jian Ai knew little about this, so she couldn’t give any opinions. She only said, “Alright, as long as the renovation company is reliable. Don’t end up not having achieved the effect you want.”

“I’ll keep an eye on this. CEO, don’t worry,” Xiao He said. “A friend recommended this Guozhong Renovation Company. I’ve also compared it. The reputation is indeed good. It’s relatively reliable among small and medium-sized companies. The masters are all experienced workers with many years of experience. They know a lot and are careful with their work.”

Guozhong Renovation Company?

Jian Ai was stunned for a moment before laughing and shaking her head helplessly.

Xiao He was confused. She looked at Jian Ai and asked, “What’s wrong, CEO?”

Jian Ai smiled and sighed. “This renovation company belongs to my uncle, that is, if there isn’t a second Guozhong Renovation Company in Baiyun City.”

“Ah?” Xiao He was shocked and quickly said, “This… CEO, I didn’t know about this at all.”

Jian Ai waved her hand, showing that she didn’t have to be so nervous. “It’s fine. As long as the price is reasonable, there’s no problem. Don’t mention my relationship with my uncle to the other party. It’s better to pretend not to know about this.”

She didn’t want Wang Yunzhong to give her a discount if he knew. She didn’t want to take advantage of others, especially Wang Yunzhong.

She knew this too late. If she had known that Xiao He looked for her uncle’s company, she would not have agreed. In short, she wanted to minimize contact with him. She could not get over the hurdle in her previous life.

Speaking of which, she seemed to hold a grudge, but she was indeed holding a grudge and could not get over it.

Xiao He naturally didn’t know about these things, but she nodded in understanding. “I understand, CEO. I won’t say anything.”

Jian Ai only stayed for a while before leaving. She walked to the roadside, but it was unknown if she was going back to North City or to the company.

Just as she was hesitating, Ji Haoyu called.

“What is it?” Jian Ai picked it up.

“Are you busy? If you’re not, come to my company.” Ji Haoyu’s tone was rare and serious.

This stunned Jian Ai. She asked in surprise, “What happened?”

“Let’s talk when we meet. It’s serious,” Ji Haoyu said.

Jian Ai was not sure if he was playing a prank again, but this was the first time he had asked her to look for him at the Ji Group’s headquarters. Perhaps he had serious business.

Jian Ai thought for a moment and agreed. “I’ll be right there.”

The Ji Group’s headquarters was located in the most prosperous area of Baiyun City. The company building was majestic, solemn, and modern. It was filled with the image of the number one financial group in Asia.