Chapter 999 - I've Found Out!

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Entering the glorious and bright lobby of the corporation, Jian Ai looked around. She was wondering if she should go to the front desk or call Ji Haoyu to tell him she had arrived. Unexpectedly, a handsome man in a black suit and glasses suddenly walked up to her.

“Is this Miss Jian Ai?”

Jian Ai nodded. “I am.”

Yuan Ye looked at Jian Ai expressionlessly. In fact, the moment she appeared, he had already sized up this person whom the CEO always took seriously. Although he had seen photos before, she looked prettier in person and was not as childish as her peers.

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“Please follow me,” Yuan Ye said and turned around to lead the way.

Jian Ai followed Yuan Ye into Ji Haoyu’s special elevator and reached the top floor of the Ji Group.

The moment the elevator door opened, the renovation style on the top floor instantly formed a sharp contrast to the bright hall. It was all gray and white with a dark tone. Coupled with the gentle light, it made one’s heart sink. There was a high-class carpet under their feet, and a faint fragrance floated in the air.

“Go make a cup of coffee and come in,” Yuan Ye instructed without looking back when he passed by the secretary’s office. The secretary quickly stood up.

Jian Ai raised her eyebrows slightly and thought to herself that the Ji Group was indeed efficient.

Yuan Ye pushed the office door open. “Miss Jian Ai, please come in.”

Jian Ai hid her expression and nodded. “Thank you.”

When she stepped into the CEO’s office, she saw Ji Haoyu sitting behind the desk and looking at her with a silly smile.

With just a look, the string that had been tightened since Jian Ai entered the Ji Group broke. When she saw him, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief and subconsciously roll her eyes.

Ji Haoyu stood up and walked out from behind the desk. He was wearing a well-ironed suit, a spotless white shirt, and… a pair of slippers!

As if she was already used to Ji Haoyu’s style of doing things without tricks, Jian Ai walked straight to the sofa and sat down. She looked at Ji Haoyu and said, “What is it that you need me to come to the Ji Group to look for you?”

As he spoke, the secretary came in with the coffee. After the secretary left, Yuan Ye closed the door, but he did not go out.

Ji Haoyu did not answer Jian Ai directly. Instead, he introduced, “Let me introduce you to Yuan Ye, my good friend and assistant.”

Jian Ai was stunned. She couldn’t figure out why Ji Haoyu suddenly introduced his assistant to her. Or was he introducing his good friend to her?

No matter what, Jian Ai still shook hands with the other party generously and greeted, “Hello, I’m Jian Ai.”

Yuan Ye nodded slightly and blurted out, “I’ve heard a lot about you!”

Jian Ai raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Ji Haoyu. It was obvious that Yuan Ye’s words had a deeper meaning…

Ji Haoyu shrugged gently. “Sit down and talk. I have serious business.”

Jian Ai revealed an expression that said, ‘You better have serious business.’ Then, she obediently sat down on the sofa.

“A while ago, your company’s warehouse in the western suburbs caught fire?” Ji Haoyu looked at Jian Ai and asked.

Jian Ai’s expression froze. She did not expect Ji Haoyu to mention this matter. However, it was no secret since this matter was on the news. Jian Ai nodded.

“You didn’t think it was a fire for no reason, did you?” Ji Haoyu continued.

Jian Ai pursed her lips. “I’ve checked too. I didn’t find any useful clues.”

Ji Haoyu: “I’ve figured it out!”