Chapter 1089

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Chapter 1089: Crawling In Humiliation

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When Trevor heard what Lucas said, he immediately felt as if a bucket of iced water had doused him!

He had still been thinking of using the power of the Steeles to threaten Lucas, but he didn’t expect that Lucas had already developed the desire to kill him!

This bastard was simply like an absolutely fearless devil!

Ironically, Trevor would have definitely used the method Lucas mentioned!

Thus, there wouldn’t be anyone left to hinder Alexander, and he would be the only candidate left for his family. He would definitely enjoy greater authority in the family, so he might really succeed in protecting Lucas!

Alexander wasn’t a completely ruthless person. After hearing what Lucas said, he was stunned for a while. A trace of conflict appeared in his eyes, but he ultimately said, “Mr. Gray, please spare his life on my account!”

Trevor hurriedly said, “Lucas Gray, you… you’d better think through this carefully! Previously, Godfrey tried to kill you but ended up getting killed by you instead. So it’s true he brought it upon himself, and the Steeles might let you off. But if you kill me too, you’ll be completely offending the Steeles, and we won’t spare you!”

Lucas snorted coldly, “Do you think I’d be afraid of the Steeles?”

Trevor instantly choked.

Yes, this young man in front of him was really bold. If he was really afraid of the Steeles, he wouldn’t have killed Godfrey in front of everyone.

Lucas was simply fearless. If he said he would kill someone immediately, he would probably do it without even batting an eyelid!

Trevor didn’t dare to threaten Lucas anymore and instead turned to Alexander and threatened, “Alexander, if I die here as well, you should know very well what you will face after you return to the family!”

“Shut up!” Alexander yelled furiously.

He had already found a way to plead with Lucas, yet Trevor actually threatened him with the family, which was really foolish and selfish!

If it wasn’t because he was soft-hearted and didn’t want to see his cousin die, he would have already agreed to Lucas’s suggestion to kill Trevor here.

Lucas glanced at Trevor and suddenly said, “I can spare your life.”

Overjoyed, Trevor hurriedly said, “Okay! As long as you’re willing to spare me, I will put in a few good words for you in the Steeles so that the family won’t make things difficult for you.”

Lucas laughed disdainfully. “A few good words from you? I don’t care what the Steeles want to do. I only want you to crawl out of here immediately, then I’ll let you off for now.”

“Okay, I’ll leave right now!” Trevor said begrudgingly.

“Did I tell you to just leave? I asked you to crawl out from here on all fours. Do you understand?” Lucas looked at Trevor coldly.

Although he could agree to Alexander’s plea to spare Trevor’s life, he still wanted to punish him.

It was for teaching Trevor a lesson.

Trevor’s face instantly became extremely gloomy.

As a scion of the Steeles, he was actually ordered to crawl out on all fours like a dog!

If this spread, Trevor would immediately become the laughingstock of the city!

It would be especially humiliating since it was Club Illuma’s annual championship tournament tonight, and there were at least several thousand spectators in the fighting hall, including people from wealthy families from all over the country.

If he really crawled out of here on all fours, how could he face anyone in the future?

Moreover, if he disgraced the family that badly, how could he possibly become the future helmsman of the family?

Alexander froze when he first heard Lucas’s condition. Then he realized that the reason for this was to humiliate Trevor and make him lose in the competition for the position of the Steeles’ successor.

At the thought of this, Alexander looked at Lucas with gratitude in his eyes.

Lucas had already helped him so much and had even agreed not to kill Trevor. So if he continued to help Trevor plead for mercy, it would really be too much.

Trevor clenched his fists tightly and bellowed furiously, “You can kill me, but you can’t humiliate me. If you really want me to crawl out of here, I would rather…!”

Before he finished, he clenched his jaw, unable to go on.

“You’d rather what? You’d rather die?” Lucas chuckled nonchalantly. “You have five seconds to make a choice. You either crawl out or die here. The time starts now!”

Trevor’s heart trembled fiercely.

By now, he didn’t doubt that Lucas would really kill him.

Seeing Lucas say he only had five seconds and had already started the countdown, Trevor could no longer care about anything else and immediately said, “Okay, I’ll crawl!”

At this point, crawling out of here in humiliation was better than dying here!

Gritting his teeth, Trevor plopped down on the floor in embarrassment and crawled on all fours toward the exit of the fighting hall.

“Hey! Look, what is that scion of the Steeles over there doing? Why is he lying on the floor?”

“Oh my god, his face is so red! Wh-what is he doing?”

“It looks like that young man just said something to Trevor Steele and forced him to get out of here.”

“But that’s not walking. He’s clearly crawling on all fours. Gosh, I can’t believe my eyes!”

In an instant, the surrounding audience was riled up again.

Trevor was overwhelmed with humiliation, and even his eyes were already red.

The feeling of crawling on the floor on all fours was very unpleasant, especially because humans had legs that were much longer than their arms. So Trevor’s action of crawling out was extremely awkward and unsightly.

If people found out that the graceful and handsome eldest scion of the Steeles was crawling out of the crowded fighting hall step by step in such a disgraceful manner, his image in the hearts of many young girls in DC would be ruined.

The voices of shock and the burning gazes surrounding him made Trevor feel humiliated.

But there was nothing he could do now except crawl embarrassingly to the entrance of the fighting hall like a clumsy animal.

The person he hated the most now was Lucas. Yet Lucas was too powerful and fearless. He had even killed Godfrey so casually. He knew that if he dared to disobey Lucas now, he would definitely end up worse than Godfrey.

Lucas Gray, Alexander Steele, just you wait!

I will definitely get back at you for all the shame I received today!